Telemarketers Stop Harassing the Dead for a Dollar

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So you're home for your dad's funeral. Your mother is a zombie, your brothers and sisters are freaked out, and you're not feeling so swell yourself. The phone rings. Your mom goes to answer it; you figure it's yet another condolence call from a concerned friend, or maybe a neighbor offering a casserole.

But without saying a word beyond "hello," your mom bursts into tears and slams down the phone.

Surprise! You've just been contacted by a telemarketer asking for the deceased by name, hoping to sell him affordable, high-quality aluminum siding.

Well, never fear, my friend. The Direct Marketing Association is looking out for you.

Yes, for only $1.00, you can place your dead relative's name on the "Deceased Do-Not-Call List." This will inform the always considerate and compassionate marketers not to bother calling, e-mailing, and sending junk mail to these no-longer-potential customers.

The Direct Marketing Association says that it's charging a dollar for the service to make sure that people don't, for instance, add their still-living friends to the list for a joke.

What I want to know is, what exactly would be the downside of being on this list by mistake? No more free Victoria's Secret catalogs? Who would NOT be willing to pay a dollar to be taken off the junk mail lists? Do they start sending your relatives condolances cards or ads for burial plots or something? Do they cancel your credit cards? Otherwise it sounds like a sweet deal for the living.



Arizona Swampland
Posted by Pile on 2005-07-27 12:43:21
If you think being on that list will make a difference with telemarketing calls, I have some Arizona swampland to sell you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-13 14:02:43
I think it's a good idea but, don't we already have the chance to register on a do not call list. And that's free


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