Administration Unveils Latest Iraq Buzz-Phrase: New Way Forward

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Who needs a plan when you have a new slogan! Because YOU, the A.D.D. American public can't be bothered to understand the details of anything, you get a new slogan! Aren't you excited?

The Bush administration and the same folks who gave you: Operation Enduring Freedom, Cut and run, Stay The Course, You're-Either-With-Us-Or-With-The-Terrorists, You Forgot Poland, USA Patriot Act, Support Our Troops, Activist Judges, People Who "Hate Our Freedom," Islamo-Facists, Surrender Monkey, Iraq Is The Central Front On The War On Terror, Politics of Hate, Compassionate Conservatism, Weak On National Security and more have a new slogan... it's not a real plan. Instead it's a buzzword about the idea of a plan. It's called A New Way Forward. Feeling warm and fuzzy yet?

The Baker-Hamilton report may not change Bush's military or diplomatic strategy in Iraq. But the report has had one noticeable effect: it marks a point of no return in the way Bush talks about the war and deals with his critics. He may not always be as accommodating as he seemed to be last week. But from here on in, the president can no longer plausibly dismiss Democrats as wanting to "cut and run" or blame the media for overplaying the violence and ignoring the "good news" from Baghdad. The change in Bush's approach had its beginnings well before the Baker group put pen to paper. It came about in part because of a slow, careful effort by Bush's closest aides—-under the direction of chief of staff Josh Bolten—-to convince the president that he had to listen to different voices on Iraq, and ultimately change direction. The results of that effort will be unveiled next week, when Bush is expected to announce what he calls "The New Way Forward," a plan that, if he follows any previous M.O., will involve him repeatedly saying New Way Forward over and over, and over and over and over again until we forget that he has no plan.




Not so much next week...
Posted by wizeGurl on 2006-12-13 00:05:21
As it turns out, Bush won't be ready to tell us what our "New Way Forward" will be until January at the earliest. So much for that early Christmas present of a trip home for any of our troops...better send 'em some body armor, or at least some magnetic yellow ribbons, instead.
No way forward, or?
Posted by turk_182 on 2006-12-14 10:16:51
You got poo on your shoe.


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