Child's First Tattoo Machine

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The mad rush to get your children the crap they've always wanted for Christmas (this week) is on! Start them down the right path with one of these:

Open up your very own pretend play tattoo parlor. This easy-to-use tattoo maker kit includes an electronic tattoo pen and funky stencils. Using soft, safe pulsating action, the tattoo pen creates realistic, washable designs with dramatic effects. AA Batteries, Easy Bake Autoclave, and Fisher Price Gauze not included.



Posted by mantisgal on 2006-12-07 15:22:42
just what kids need - another toy that lies to them.

tattoos are SLIGHTLY MORE painful and SLIGHTLY LESS washable than the toy implies... boy howdy, are those kids ever gonna be in for a surprise!
What the hell where they thinking?!
Posted by Ani on 2007-04-09 20:38:26
Are you serious?? Another toy for kids to be frauded by?? Tattoos are painful, they're not soft pulsating action. Also these kids are most likely going to "tattoo" everything in site. Baby sisters foreheads, gramma's back while she's sleeping, even the cat or dog will no longer be safe.

What's wrong with the stick on's?
Posted by briga rowantree on 2007-05-18 17:35:15
i purchased this toy for my children. so far they and i have had a blast with it. not only havent they tattooed anything but skin, they absolutely love it. if you feel your child/ren will be "frauded" by this toy, you need to remember your job to teach them about life, you are the parent. its your job to teach them, its the toys job to let them have fun.
tattoo gun vs cashpoint
Posted by yoso on 2007-06-15 11:54:28
well, well, well, tattoo guns hey :) and for kids :)
another invention that will challenge our perceptions :)

if you don't like tattoo guns for kids, it might be that you don't like tattoos. My god daughter received a cahshpoint with fake money, the ding ding, fake prodycts, fake credit card and everything...

well I didn't like that! I'll rather get her to learn about art than running a cash till.
you guys suck
Posted by bret on 2007-06-24 15:53:41
as a practicing tattoo artist having a child i think that this is a great way for me and my child to not only "bond" but also get him interested in what i do. the problem is with the parents not bringing to topic that tattoos are perminant.
A Parent's Job NOT a Toy's!
Posted by Elizabeth on 2007-08-01 15:36:10
I am a mother and married to a tattoo artist. This was one of my 6 year olds (then 5)favorite toys when he got it at Christmas and still is. I think this is a great toy not only for him and his father but it teaches as well. Patience, sharing, etc...if your issue with this toy is that it is misleading then you need to backtrack and figure out what you did and where you went wrong. I actually found this site while looking to see where I can purchase ANOTHER one for one of his friends as a birthday gift.
Are You Serious?
Posted by Raven on 2007-09-09 20:09:08
I am the mother of a wonderful 6 year old little boy. I am also a body piercer and a tattoo model. My son has accompanied me to the studio in which I work when I only had to run in to check inventory or something of that nature. My son shows great interest in drawing, painting and tattoos. It is an artform. I purchased the exact toy shown above for him last Christmas and explained to him that this is a toy and not a real tattoo machine. He understands that tattoos are permanant and are uncomfortable to have done. There is nothing wrong with a child having such a toy and I feel it not only breeds creatvity, but also acceptance of people from all walks of life. I am sick of people sheltering their children from those of us who are "modified" because they won't take the time to talk to one of us and understand that we are not bad people. We are indeed, like everyone else...just a little more colorful! Quit living in your cookie-cutter world and sheltering your children from the people who are not white, upper middle-class, stiff collar and conformist. This is not what America really is. Sheltering your child will only lead to a lack of proper social skills later in life.
Posted by JENN on 2007-09-24 11:26:29
Posted by YOUR MOM on 2007-09-27 14:31:01
My sons loves this
Posted by Carrie on 2007-10-04 00:39:33
My 7 year old has this and LOVES it. At night sometimes he "tattoos" his father. Cant kids have toys without people getting on their soap box about how unreal it is. Obviously real tattoo's hurt but who cares it is a toy. It is like not giving them match box cars or even the riding battery powered cars because it isnt the same as driving a real car.
Posted by Crystal on 2007-11-14 11:26:07
I think this is a great toy! I have to agree that the people who find this toy offensive; are probably people who don't like tattoos. By the time my child is old enough to decide if he or she wants a tattoo I hope to GOD that he or she is smart enough to know that a tattoo is painful and permanent. I have a tattoo, my husband has a tattoo and we want another one each but its taken us 10 years to decide on what we want. We will teach our kids its not something to do on a whim. For those that think tattoos are wrong deal with it their here to stay! Pun intended!
lighten up
Posted by fred on 2007-11-16 10:46:55
people who think this toy is a 'fraud' probably believe that we should give kids toy guns that shoot real bullets. after all, being shot by a real colt-45 is going to hurt a lot more than getting shot by a Nerf ball.
Where can I get one of these?
Posted by kay72 on 2007-11-23 08:33:32
Where can I get one of these? I've been looking everywhere and can't find it.
best toy ever
Posted by terri on 2008-02-19 13:00:25
this is awesome where can i get on for a person who has tats and have friends with them who have kids this would be the perfect gift
closed minded people
Posted by chead on 2008-04-25 01:58:15
should not have opinions.
Some people should not buy this though.. only the stupid parents who never explain things to their children shouldn't.
Christ. My 3 year old understands that real tattoo's hurt and they don't go away. and she doesn't want real ones. She likes the fake ones that come off and then she can get new ones.

And to the first comment..
real guns are slightly louder, slightly more painful and slightly more lethal than the toy versions. Nobody complains about that.
I think this is a great idea
Posted by Tamara on 2008-09-01 13:34:19
My husband does tattoos and my kids always pretend they are tattooing me or each other with pens but this would make it more realistic for them. Hell it may be a good practice item for apprentices
best toy everr!!
Posted by niki on 2008-09-18 15:01:38
My daughters father is an artist.. shes only 16 months and has been around it her entire life. she loves our tattoos and maybe(cuz its in her blood) can make a career outta it when she grows up! =)
i got a better idea
Posted by alex e on 2009-03-02 01:59:14
i am a wooden toy maker and i had a hit at a tattoo con. with a fun custom toy, it was a tattoo gun shaped baby raddled, check it out @ to get one, just email me and we can talk $$$. this toy is all naturally treated with mineral oil and hand made.
dont look
Posted by nicole on 2009-05-11 15:24:46
i think its a great idea- and 4 those who always have something negative to say- then stay off the site!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-12 16:07:52
where can we buy one
need this!
Posted by Eve on 2009-10-04 17:42:13
im being a tattoo artist for halloween and this would be a great little thing to use with my costume!! but can't find it anywhere?! do they even make this toy anymore??
Posted by called on 2009-10-26 19:15:53
I called spin master and they have TEMPORARILY discontinued making this toy.
Very smart
Posted by Jordan on 2010-01-18 17:38:40
this is the most coolest machine ever my son is a real artist we have so much tattoos.I would buy every single one in stock
hate it
Posted by Jake stacker on 2010-01-18 17:40:17
this is a piece of crap machine
Posted by Casey Brown on 2010-03-04 09:31:38
Parents it's our job to teach our kids about the world, not just shelter them til they grow up yeah tattoos hurt, are painful and are permanent. My husband is a tattoo artist i know!!!! Trust me!
But part of childhood development is role playing and whether my kids are playing doctor or tattoo artist it's still healthy for developement. We make lots of legal money everyday from tattoos! It's his passion it's not like your teaching kids to boost cars. I know all people don't preticularly like tattoos but it's up to each parent to determine whether they feel it is appropriate for there child or not! Personally, My kids can pretend to be their DAD any day! He's a great husband, father, and tattoo ARTIST!
Posted by d on 2010-07-04 12:26:52
where can i get one of these kid tattoo guns
cant find one
Posted by mom69 on 2010-10-18 22:28:33
i look every where for one and its driving me nuts cause iam tired of buying the stick on
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-24 21:21:01
i have tattooed arms and back and neck they do not hurt that bad
Posted by Eagle on 2011-01-20 11:52:57
This blog mentions the Easy Bake Autoclave and Fisher Price gauze. I've researched the he*l out of this and can't find these items. Are you referring to the Easy Bake Oven to use as an Autoclave? Hasbro doesn't make the Autoclave. Fisher Price doesn't reference a gauze product either. Cool concept for the kids and I agree you need to work with the kids and explain things to them. There are principles behind everything we learn in life. Same as handling and operating a gun! Get the point?
Open your Mind
Posted by chippy fresh on 2011-04-10 21:41:40
I bet the ones complaining about this product don't even have any tattoo's. I can't wait to purchase this item and watch our 6 year old learn to draw even more and hopefully learn the history of tattoo's. Mom and dad are both heavily tattooed and our daughter loves tats and to those of you who think it's "fraudulent", HELLO that's the whole point of PLAYING it's called pretend.
~FreeLancerS~Legion leader
Posted by Damien-Cross on 2011-04-24 12:33:21
I am a home based tattoo artist. i tat myself family and freinds and do not mind my kids learning about tattoos just in a safe inviroment safest place i know is my own home
and i may not be the greatest teacher out there but as a artist and parent I know enough to use this toy along with my own equipment to teach them the propers of tattooing while i am here to do so.well happy tattooing and hopefully better parenting throughout the rest of time :):):)
i need it!!!
Posted by sarah on 2011-06-22 17:38:41
where can i buy this toy????
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-12 11:55:56
wow great and cool
lo quiero ya
Posted by gabriela on 2011-09-23 21:28:11
donde y como puedo conseguir este juguete ???? cuanto cuesta???
Posted by Hmmmm on 2011-11-26 01:13:52
My boyfriend and I are tattoo artist and he have a 5yrs old and I have a 4yrs&8yrs old sons. I think this is great for any kid.
Now, nodody said anything about baby dolls right?i'll be the first. Dolls teaches little girls that its so easy to take care of a baby. So when they get older are they just gonna go have all these babies because of these toys? no!and how its ok to go fast with a race car remode control toy. would our boys not think that going fast would kill them driving a real car? i'm sure they would understand that.
Maybe some of us just need to learn parenting all over again. I'm sure our kids knows the different between the fake and the real. Explain,teach and guide our kids parents! p.s= yes, tattoos do hurt!
Posted by Skott_W on 2011-12-06 11:05:47
You people are fxcking pathetic. Is it bad for a police officer, or military personnel's kid to play with a gun? Then why is it so bad for my kid to want to be like daddy? Sure, tattooing is a lifestyle, but my kids don't see it as that. They see daddy's new artwork and want me to draw on them, why not let them feel like they're doing it to? I can't wait till my first "show & tell" visit. I get to look at idiots like you people and talk to the kids about a profession that IS possible, IS real, IS a good way to raise a family, and it's an honest living, and if you don't like it, go talk to some of the junkie parents about their profession, then come talk to me.
Posted by Brody on 2012-01-06 11:54:48
Posted by jaylene on 2012-01-09 17:41:30
are you people stupid or what, it works with freaking markers you morons, its not a reall tatoo gun. we gave my grandaughter one for christmas years ago. it was great. and NO nit wits it doesnt hurt, ITS A FREAKING TOY. Idiots.
Are you parents serious?
Posted by lilly on 2012-01-13 09:05:09
Why in the world would people make a toy that exactly replicate what a tattoo gun feels like, and why would it be permanant? It's a toy, not the real thing. Of course it won't feel the same or stay on their skin forever. It's something creative, it challenges their creativity. It's also cool if the parents are tattoo artists - they can show their children what they do.. maybe even draw designs together just for fun. It's a unique bonding tool if you will. Again, this is only a toy. I'm sure most of you don't say how unrealistic ele-fun the elephant is.
Posted by Aussie on 2012-01-15 01:24:03
I want one of these for my granddad child where can I buy one and what is the products name
love it
Posted by tattoo tim on 2012-04-10 14:27:33
im getting this for my kids cose they love to ach me do tattoos and its safer then marker lol if ur against this toy then maybey its u that needs to grow up tattoos are here to stay let teach them how to artist not scrachers
need it
Posted by pauline on 2012-07-22 21:39:39
where can i get one of these
Posted by Idiot on 2012-07-27 09:00:11
its is just a marker that pulsates that is why it is removable and does not hurt come on people
Posted by tattoo girl on 2012-08-02 20:31:22
LOL I think this is great, I'm a tattoo artist for 19 years now ,and wow about time they brought out something like this ,kids dress up as doctors,banker etc ,,,why not tattooing its a job like any other!!!:):)
Posted by keiko on 2012-08-02 21:32:24
I would so get this for my sisters, they are obsessed with drawing and they love the real tat that I have, they are always putting on stick on tats as well. I think this would be a fun way for them to get temp tattoos, with almost the exact experience, obviously the know a real tattoo hurts, i explained to them the pain I went through to get mine but yea this would be a cool and fun way for them to sort of see what its like, with out all the pain and permanence.
Posted by ha! on 2012-08-03 13:02:38
I have to laugh at the parents who think the toy is deceiving kids...
Perhaps they don't understand the meaning of "toy".

I look at my kids toys, OMG, their matchbox cars don't teach them about car maintenance, their Doctor kit lets them think shots don't hurt and the Super Hero action guys imply someone will save them...
Don't get me started on the easy bake oven... how will my daughter learn to cook a Thanksgiving dinner on that little thing?

Jeeze, let kids enjoy their imaginations before society beat's it out of them and turns them into parents who think toys are supposed to teach kids about life while parents busy themselves with other things...
Tatted up
Posted by Joe B on 2012-08-03 15:59:29
How f*cking stupid do you people sound!! You think by the KID wants to get a tattoo they are not gonna realize that it's painful? You ignorant people shock me really 4 years old and 18 years old is a big difference
Posted by steve tatt00ist on 2012-08-04 00:14:31
Don't Get Your Panties in a Bunch!!
Posted by VonScissors on 2012-08-09 10:15:11
My husband and I are tattoo artists. We own a beauty and tattoo parlor. Our kids are very intrigued by our work and often ask to tattoo fruit & pig skin. We've sat with them and allowed it a time or two but have always explained in full detail about tattoos. They watched both of us receive tattoos Nd have witnessed how painful it can be. They LOVE fake tattoos as its give them the ability to look like mom & dad. I think this toy as an awesome idea. My oldest works on drawing and says he wants to be a tattoo artist when he's older and what an awesome toy to make him feel one step closer to his "dream"! Parents should find a way to work WITH their children's explorative nature (just explain things thoroughly) rather than suppressing it ultimately causing them to be overly explorative and often dangerous in their adolescence.
awesome invention!!
Posted by desire_inspire on 2012-08-22 17:45:38
I need one of these for my little brother, where can you buy them at?
Posted by Varicus on 2012-10-11 19:21:38
I have a question for those of you who are saying this toy is misleading. Do your children ,or did they, believe in Santa Clause? Who told them there was such a thing as Santa? Also, how many of you told your child when going to the doctor for shots that it wouldn't hurt? I'd be willing to bet you're not as honest with your kids as you like to believe. Misleading? Perhaps you should take a look at how often YOU mislead your child before you jump on a toy company.
? HELP ?`
Posted by jodie hurford on 2012-11-09 05:13:07
my boyfriends son would like this for crimbo, where can i buy one of these, im in the uk

thanks in advance jodie
help please
Posted by nadia on 2013-02-24 07:30:26
I really want to get this for my brother he keeps asking my parents but they said no but if I get it for him it would be grand but I live in Waterford in Ireland and no place sells these and I can't order it online as I have not got a credit card
this is a great toy
Posted by Tattoo daddy on 2013-12-05 14:57:19
My daughter loved this toy
It's great
Posted by Jessica on 2015-01-16 02:17:10
My son just got this and he says it was the best present ever
A Tattoo Artist Opinion!
Posted by cheryl on 2015-05-20 23:06:33
I built a machine for my stepson that used markers.. I have since went on making them for my grandchildren...
For those of you that talk of misleading..
Its a toy.. If thats the case
You better not buy that little boy a toy truck.. U cant push trucks with your hands. And u cant run a truck into a person wall or etc without causing damage to said object... Damn if thays not misleading... The baby doll that just lays thete quietly? Doesnt exists babies make sounds cry drink fart pee poop n etc... Yes i know they have baby dolls that do this.. But they have on off options.. Babies dont.. Damned if thats not misleading... O wait what about the little boy and his tool set.. The hammer wont cause true dammage like as if u it would have been a real hammer... The saw makes sounds butwont cut you.. Hella misleading! The drill wont go throygh walls doors floors or your extremity.. Again misleading... Toys equal fun or/and learning or/and educational... Get a grip lol (tattoo joke) bwahaha thanks for reading!
Dont be critics
Posted by Dude on 2015-07-04 23:46:57
If you dont like tattos and dont want your kids playing with then why are you looking at this site
Ok to pretend to be a doctor but not a tattoo artist?
Posted by Jennifer on 2015-12-09 18:20:23
So some of the posts I have seen state that we are Tricking our kids into thinking that tattoos dont hurt. But when you buy them a doctors lot of a toy kitchen are you tricking them into the belief that its "that easy" to become a cool or a doctor? I mean food doesnt just come out of the oven in those shapes and doesnt just reappear and it takes many many years of school then college then residency... Kids play they use their imagination so... No matter what we do we are tricking them into thinking something? wow what is this world coming to?


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