Cable Companies Create Fake Net Neutrality Groups

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Back in March, Common Cause released "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing," which detailed the activities of nine groups masquerading as think tanks and public interest organizations when in fact they were front groups for telephone and cable companies in the net neutrality debate. Now they've added another five groups to the list: "For example, Hands off the Internet sounds like activists wanting to protect the Internet. Actually, it's a telecommunications industry-backed organization that was spending $20,000 a day on television commercials aimed at eliminating long-standing net neutrality protections so that telephone and cable companies can maximize profit and minimize competition on the Internet."

Beware of bogus groups like:
* Hands Off the Internet
* The Future... Faster
* Video Access Alliance
All Bullshit. All lies. All front groups who want the cable and telephone industry to determine who can access which web sites.





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