What Everyone Needs--An Outdoor TV

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Finally, the manufacturers of America fill the gaping hole in everyone's day when we might not be exposed to TV, by introducing a television set for the outdoors.

Yes, that's right. Now you can actually get fresh air and sunshine while sitting on your butt glued to the tube. It's not like exercise, or actually paying attention to your friends and family, but let's face it, those guys are boring, right?

Watch TV while you barbecue. Catch the big game while half-heartedly playing catch with the kids. Enjoy the sounds of nature drowned out by the sounds of lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and now, the neighbor's SunbriteTV! You can even watch it in the rain, in subfreezing conditions, or during the most intense summer heat wave.

What are you waiting for? Don't you already have a TV in every room in the house and one in your car to keep the kids quiet? Fill that empty space in your yard and your soul!

Product Description:
The SunbriteTV™ 32" outdoor TV allows you to enjoy TV, movies, and video games in the comfort of your own backyard regardless of the weather. The 32" LCD screen has an all weather aluminum enclosure, a super-bright 800-nits screen with 800 x 600 pixel high resolution, two 15-watt speakers, a built-in tuner with water-resistant remote control and a contrast-enhancing, anti-glare, and scratch-resistant window that protects the LCD screen from rain, dirt, and scratches. It is HDTV compatible and it has a 16:9 ratio screen size. A patented baffled and filtered dual-air fan system quietly keeps it cool in all climates and keeps rain, dust, and insects from entering the enclosure. The innovative watertight cable entry system with pass through design keeps cables dry and allows for easy hook-up.

Hookups are compatible with almost all video sources, including off-the-air antenna, cable TV, satellite TV, DVD players, PC’s and external speakers. An IR control window allows integrating the unit into high-end home theater systems using Creston and AMX centralized control systems.

The SunbriteTV™ outdoor TV can be operated in temperature ranges between 10ºF - 122°F. When the SunbriteTV is not operating but plugged in an internal thermostatically controlled heater automatically activates when the internal temperature drops to 32°F and protects it in temperature ranges of -24ºF to 140ºF.

Go ahead, buy this monstrosity and kill what little real life of your own you have left.




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