Short Toots: The Livestock Edition

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[Essential Factoids]
[The "Buzz"]
A 52-year-old Deputy Fire Chief in Arizona was arrested for trying to have sex with his neighbor's lamb. The lamb's owner, Alan Goats (you can't make this stuff up), caught him red-handed and pants-down in the barn with the intended victim.

In Nepal, fathers are offered a piglet in exchange for not selling their daughters into servitude. The program is a huge success for the daughters...not so much for the pigs.

Scientists discover a new species--actually, new genus and family as well--of animals deep under the sea. They look like pale, fuzzy crabs or giant, white, hairy ticks, and they're nicknamed the "Yeti Crab" for their resemblance to Tibet's abominable snowman.

German man kills friend, feeds the body to pigs as a cover-up. His inspiration? A lecture on Buddhism.

A Kurdish family in Turkey includes 5 siblings with genetic abnormalities who walk on all fours.

In other sheep-related news, two British nursery schools are introducing new words to an old song: "Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep." To be fair, they also use the same song to sing about sheep who are happy, sad, bouncing, hopping, pink, blue, black and white. Who knew sheep were so versatile? Besides the Arizona Fire Deputy, that is?

Five-year study to find alternatives to storing hog wastes in open-air lagoons comes up with five new options. They're all too expensive to use.

Thanks to transcipts released under the Freedom of Information Act, we now know why many prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were detained. Why, some of them were using binoculars to search for their lost goats. Clearly, terrorist goats.

Britain plans to destroy 100,000 badgers in an effort to control the spread of bovine TB, although experts differ on whether this will work. Badger-lovers and Wind in the Willows fans are not amused.

Venezuelans are up in arms about changes to the national flag. After all, in the new flag, the white horse faces left.

Because sometimes, a short toot is as good as a big pile.




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