What I Learned Reading the NZ Shooter's Manifesto

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The mainstream Internet has gone out of its way to scrub any reference to the Christchurch shooter's manifesto from the Internet. While I can appreciate the desire to not make terrorists famous and as a side effect validate their atrocious activities, I think this pales in comparison to a select group of institutions deciding what is and isn't appropriate content for my adult brain to absorb, process, and compute on its own.

Therefore I took the arduous task of navigating the minefield of censorship to read the NZ Shooter's so-called "manifesto" and report what I learned... because if I linked the whole thing, chances are, this site would be erased from most Western search engines. (Yay freedom of speech!)

Note that we here at BSA are completely in favor of any site exercising their right to restrict their systems from promoting hate speech and intolerance. But it's also important to call attention to what is motivating these people - this is a key to how to stop them, and sometimes that requires diving deep into their cesspool. So here are our thoughts on this...

Some are claiming the NZ Shooter's online manifesto is a "troll." I assume that's because if you can't believe somebody would honestly believe something so retarded, it's the default position to assume they're trolls... but I've also come to respect Ockham's Razor, which suggests the simplest explanation is the most likely, which is... YES SOME PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY THIS RETARDED.

Things I learned from reading the so-called "Manifesto", which is entitled, "The Great Replacement".

1. The fact that non-white people are reproducing faster than whites, is somehow a form of "white genocide."

"We must inevitably correct the disaster of hedonistic, nihilistic individualism. But it will take take some time, time we do not have due to the crisis of mass immigration... We are experiencing an invasion on a level never seen before in history. Millions of people pouring across our borders, legally.Invited by the state and corporate entities to replace the White people who have failed to reproduce, failed to create the cheap labour, new consumers and tax base that the corporations and states need to thrive."

What's interesting is that the terrorist recognizes there is a "serf class", but doesn't acknowledge that white people don't want to be that serf class, so what is there to do about it?

Right away, the terrorist is repurposing the language of Donald Trump and the Republicans. Of course, they denounce his actions, but we all know the mentality is shared in common.

This is important because passages like this make is apparent, this guy isn't a 100% anomaly. He's just a more extreme version of the 24% of America who still support Trump, and we can't sweep this under the rug. There have been more terrorist attacks by the alt-right in the last few years than all other demographic groups combined. This pattern is becoming a routine happening that the mainstream media continues to ignore.

Beyond that, I think nothing screams pathetic entitlement and drama queens more than this.

I don't believe they've invented an emoticon that can accurate express the degree which I would roll my eyes out of my head, and orbit a far away universe, in response to this "realization."

2. Denial isn't just a place in Egypt:

Q: Why did you carry out the attack?

To most of all show the invaders that our lands will never be their lands, our homelands are our own and that, as long as a white man still lives, they will NEVER conquer our lands and they will never replace our people.

White European dude, from Australia, whose ancestors committed genocide of the natives on the land in which he now resides, somehow believes that this is his land and everybody else are the invaders.

3. A singular emotional appeal can activate a closet psychopath to act.

Ebba was walking to meet her mother after school, when she was murdered by an Islamic attacker, driving a stolen vehicle through the shopping promenade on which she was walking. Ebba was partially deaf, unable to hear the attacker coming.

In the case of this douchebag, he credits his "activation" to a singular, issue, the death of a single pedestrian, Ebba Akerlund, who was one of five people killed and 14 people wounded when another, equally crazy psychopath hijacked a bus in Sweeden.

Chances are, there was a certain news media that harped endlessly about this one particular victim in such a way as to wind up and crystalize the hatered and intolerance that was brewing in psychopath B, based on the results of psychopath A.

4. There is not a more entitled race of people than white nationalists.

Q: Why did you carry out the attack?

To most of all show the invaders that our lands will never be their lands, our homelands are our own and that, as long as a white man still lives, they will NEVER conquer our lands and they will never replace our people.

People think this is a troll, but if you've ever talked to any bona fide racists and white nationalists, you know this mentality is actually legit. These people think this land is there land. Never mind the natives that lived here before. Ignore that. "Whiiite-man-eeeeee-fest destinyyyyyy!"

5. The attacker isn't interested in fame. He's interested in the effect of his actions and how people will respond, which is predictable to him (and others familiar with classic military strategy). We would be playing into his hands assuming he's just another crackpot, as opposed to one of the many operatives with similar missions coming out of the alt-right woodwork.

Q: Did you carry out the attack for fame?

No, carrying out an attack for fame would be laughable. After all who can remember the name of the attackers in the September 11 attack in New York? How about the attack on the pentagon? The attackers in the plane that crashed into the field on the same day?

I will be forgotten quickly.

Which I do not mind.

After all I am a private and mostly introverted person.

But the aftershock from my actions will ripple for years to come, driving political and social discourse, creating the atmosphere or fear and change that is required.

In our narcissistic mainstream society, the powers that be assume every activity is for personal gain, and that their actions cannot be anticipated and controlled. In this way, the terrorist is not wrong. The more his manifesto is censored, the more important it becomes to be read by those who are more likely to be activated.

I have no desire to encourage the guy but like any issue, this event does beg for analysis. Although I think there's a very strong case for using the attacker's manifesto as a cautionary, shameful tale. But he's right that the media will not give enough people access to even figure that out themselves, and therefore they'll play into the same fermented paranoia that bred him, among their own viewers.

The problem is, there is a lot to be learned from his words. That he's not isolated. He's a product of a propaganda assembly line...

6. The attacker is [ironically] following Osama Bin Laden's plan

Most people never read Osama Bin Laden's manifesto either, but it bears a striking resemblance to this attacker's objective: Upset the western powers and get them to perform reactionary political gestures which destabilize themselves.. in order to allow chosen forces an upper hand.

Q: Why did you choose to use firearms?

I could have chosen any weapons or means. A TATP filled rental van.

Household flour, a method of dispersion and an ignition source. A ballpeen hammer and a wooden shield. Gas, fire, vehicular attacks, plane attacks, any means were available. I had the will and I had the resources.

I chose firearms for the affect it would have on social discourse, the extra media coverage they would provide and the affect it could have on the politics of United states and thereby the political situation of the world.

The US is torn into many factions by its second amendment, along state, social, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines.

With enough pressure the left wing within the United states will seek to abolish the second amendment, and the right wing within the US will see this as an attack on their very freedom and liberty.

9/11 didn't make America stronger. It split America into two factions: those that blamed everything on Muslims and those that blamed everything on crazy psychopaths. This attacker doubles down on that tried-and-true tactic.

My first impression is he must be nuts if he thinks attack #4,709 is going to make America suddenly ban the 2nd Amendment (or that there's even any strong movement to do so.) His knowledge on this subject reads like the headlines from an alt-right web site, and not indicative of the nuances of reality which indicate that America is not split on gun rights vs gun abolition. I can see how someone who only gets their news from one source might fall prey to that fantasy, but in reality, it's gun rights vs gun responsibility. Most democrats don't want to ban guns as much as they want them treated like the dangerous devices they are and made sure people who have access are properly qualified.

But again, it's more than that. It's a mentality that permeates the shooter's mind that makes him unequipped to understand the left. His utter lack of empathy. His feeling that anybody other than his tribe (in this choice, whites) deserves basic human compassion and respect. It's all about empathy. This guy has none. And he assumes most of the world is like him, and as such, at any point can be flipped like a light switch to begin murdering each other to create/protect the "New World Order."

The one aspect of his diatribe that gives me hope is this: he's wrong about many things, but the most important thing he's wrong about, is thinking that the people are as sociopathic as their leaders. They are not. And this is true everywhere around the world in all the areas of trouble.

Immigrants who are fleeing oppression are not sociopaths. They're not the "plague of invaders." They're the respectful, consciencious people that would make society healthy. The last thing in the world we would want or need, is a community of trigger-happy racists who are ready to commit mass murder if they read the wrong news story.

So, ultimately, what we have with this "invading wave of immigrants" are people who are running away from violence and cruelty. The horrible, murderous, rapists and criminals are staying -- because they've created the scene the good people want to escape from. So it's ironic the shooter, a psychopath, is upset his community is different. That's not something that keeps me up at night. At least now, in prison, he will be among a community of like minded people.

7. Me. me. Me. Me. me. ME. Fuck YOU.

Q: Did/do you personally hate muslims?

A muslim man or woman living in their homelands? No.

A muslim man or woman choosing to invade our lands live on our soil and replace our people? Yes, I dislike them.

The only muslim I truly hate is the convert, those from our own people that turn their backs on their heritage, turn their backs on their cultures, turn their back on their traditions and became blood traitors to their own race. These I hate.

6. The terrorist was a "blue lives matter" advocate.

Like many in the marketplace of white nationalist ideas, this terrorist also believed, "blue lives matter."

Q: Did you intend to kill police officers or other enforcers of the state?

No. ... harming the NZ police officers was to be avoided at all costs unless the state enforcer was from an invaders background.

This is also coded language to those in law enforcement who are like-minded (and there are a lot of racists and fascist authoritarians in these positions). The message is not one of an isolated crazy person. It's one of an "operative" in a larger movement, signaling his peers to sit tight.. he's on "our side." A lot of these people believe that those in the army and law enforcement are their compatriots and will eventually be activated. Is this an absurd idea? If you peruse some of the online private law enforcement forums, you'll realize it's not.

7. The terrorist was a fan of Trump's white nationalist tendencies.

Q: Were/are you a supporter of Donald Trump?

As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure.

8. The terrorist was a troll but was poor at hiding the truth in his diatribes..

Q: Were you taught violence and extremism by video games, music, literature, cinema?

Yes, Spyro the dragon 3 taught me ethno-nationalism. Fortnite trained me to be a killer and to floss on the corpses of my enemies.


9. The terrorist was funded by getting early in on the Crypto-currency Ponzi Schemes (Bitconnect in this case)

I worked for a short time before making some money investing in Bitconnect, then used the money from the investment to travel.

10. The terrorist is NOT CRAZY. He's quite intelligent and aware, and relying on, ironically, the humanity of his victims. He's completely wrong and a complete psychopath, but he's not stupid. This illustrates the difference between someone being misguided, and stupid. Those two constructs are not synonymous and we should stop making such assumptions.

Evil people can be very smart.

Q: Did you intend to survive the attack?

Yes, but death was a definite possibility. These situations are chaotic and virtually impossible to control, no matter the planning. Survival was a better alternative to death in order to further spread my ideals by media coverage and to deplete resources from the state by my own imprisonment.

I hate to say it, but ironically, many people should read this guy's manifesto. Not because they're going to be swayed. Not because they're going to give him attention he craves. But because it's important to realize this is what we're up against. Not all of these narcisstic psychopaths are idiots. Many of them are very smart, and they think multiple steps ahead. Don't underestimate these people!

One thing I notice is that the right love to "project" their ideas and thoughts upon others. And we should be paying attention to this proclivity.

For example, when one hears of a leftist protester doing some unsavory act, rather than suggest this was the isolated work of a crazy person, the right often attributes this to some kind of concerted, organized effort (i.e. "Antifa"). They're very fond of these boogymen entities that they can associate disparate perpetrators as all receiving orders from.

Why shouldn't we assume this is the way they operate? All the web sites and all the coded language... All the nudge, nudge, wink, wink stuff about their enemies? Stick a crosshair on a picture of Hillary or Pelosi? "Oh that's ridiculous that we would suggest such a thing..." Meanwhile every now and then one of them actually does take a shot at somebody. "Oh did we mean to do that?" Nudge, nudge, wink, wink... If you dive into some of the hardcore white nationalist sites like Stormfront, their creators enumerated this exact strategy: work towards a singular purpose with organizational efficiency, but deny such an organization exists.

So how many of these very specifically-branded and modeled right wing terrorists have to appear before it becomes obvious there is an operation going on? How many are more than mere coincidence?

How many of these terrorists (such as this one) actually admit there is an operation going on? And at what point are we going to start putting 2 and 2 together?


Reddit Notes
Posted by Reddit Notes on 2019-03-24 12:13:48
On the f the alt right group on Reddit, there's some interesting discussion about this.

It's interesting to note that fans of the internet celebrities the shooter mentioned are more upset of the association than they are bothered by the murders (both by those on 4chan and other sites)

Also regarding the idea that PewDiePie is not alt right, his history seems to indicate otherwise...

Sometimes I waver between him knowing what he says and thinking he's a useful idiot. He's had a handful of racial controversies dating back a few years with a video about Fiverr. He paid two guys to hold a sign saying "DEATH TO ALL JEWS" and also paid two separate people to make videos saying "Hitler did nothing wrong". He got dropped from Maker Studios and his YouTube Red show got cancelled. People moved on.

Then on a livestream he said "What a fucking n#####" and everybody got on him about that. He apologized and people kind of forgot. Then more and more controversies happened and it all just kept piling onto him. He had Ben Shapiro host Meme Review and talk about Ben Shapiro memes, he did a book review of 12 Rules For Life, and he promoted an alt-right YouTuber's anime review which contained conspiracy theories about Charlottesville.

Meanwhile, his fans seem to have a cultish devotion to him. They mass troll anybody who dares to criticize Pewdiepie (hell, they're already here defending their favorite Youtuber), they harass, dox, and threaten journalists who report negatively about Pewdiepie, and they constantly insist all the racism is just memes. I think this video does a really good job explaining the context behind a lot of Pewdiepie's jokes.

Also fan theory: none of the Pewdiepie defenders here actually like him. They're just fascists using dogwhistles to defend their favorite useful idiot while pretending they like an obnoxious children's Youtuber.


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