Fighting Back Against Cardmember Services Telemarketers

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If you have not been annoyed by this operation, consider yourself lucky, but many people know what it's like to get the "Rachel from Cardmember Services" (Bridget or another phony name) robo-call repeatedly to their telephones. The group behind this operation uses social engineering to con random callers out of their credit card numbers, SSN and other personal information under the guise of helping them get a lower interest rate on their credit card debt.

The FTC is actively trying to track down this group and not apparently having much luck. But a group online has managed to ID these people and can use your help to bring them to justice.

The FTC received roughly 2.2 million complaints last year about so-called robocalls, of which the Rachel calls were the most frequently cited offenders. The agency doesn't break out Rachel calls from total robocalls, which accounted for nearly 60% of all telemarketing complaints.

Officials have a hard time shutting Rachel down because numerous telemarketing outfits are now running the racket, often employing the same recordings. Every time the feds track one group down, another pops up to take its place.

The scammers forge caller-id so the number that appears when they call is fake, but there is a way to get them to expose themselves.. Give them a number you have access to and pose as a certifying bank - when they call the bank to get your credit info, you get their legit caller ID. Make note of it and report it here:

Also file a complaint if you're on the do-not-call list:

Use phony cc numbers when they ask. Get them here:

Savvy users have used the "call my credit card issuer" tactic to get the ACTUAL SOURCE of the robocalls in some cases:

Confirmed telephone numbers related to the "Cardmember Services" racket:

American Credit Assistance
10460 SW 123rd Street Miami, Florida USA
Phone: 877-356-8543
Indicated principals in the company:
10460 SW 123RD ST
MIAMI FL 33176
Title D
10460 SW 123RD ST
MIAMI FL 33176
Title D
10460 SW 123RD ST
MIAMI FL 33176

7/9/2014 call:

352-364-1762 (Gainsville, FL)

The above number has been ID'd multiple times as a source for the spam...

Want to express your "displeasure" at these people?

Call them back!


If you get these calls, get the telemarketer to call you on another number like your cell and note their actual caller ID and respond with that information so a database of these people can be accumulated.

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Got another one of their phone numbers
Posted by Annoyed consumer on 2014-07-16 16:11:31
I got the woman to call me using your trick and got her caller-id as: 321-424-1090. I called the number back and she answered and we got into an argument over whether or not what they were doing was illegal. She says, "The FTC can kiss our ass!"
tire of Rachel
Posted by anon on 2014-08-28 18:18:58
They have a fax number, it's 877-3568543. Send them a few blacked out pages. It ties up the machine forever and uses a bunch of toner.
Rachel Card member service
Posted by BUSTER on 2014-12-24 13:05:20
How can they call me with my own number? I ask them not to call but he said go f*ck myself....And will call back tomarrow...
Also call my cell phone that is 630-327-#27# from
Rachel Card member Service at 11;47 AM i got mad at them i was told to take anger mangment classes and said they will also call back tomarrow
Posted by Pile on 2014-12-24 13:13:09
they forge the ANI (caller id) system. This is not legal, but for some reason the Florida District Attorney doesn't seem to care. I would encourage you to contact the DA and complain.


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