Three Priests Walk Into A Bar....

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When you begin to think that much of the Internet is noise, it's nice to run across a little snippet of thought like this. A blogger casually writes about his daily experiences as a waiter, and inadvertently creates a beautiful story that people are buzzing about.



About people, not God
Posted by Stew on 2005-06-27 12:58:01
John Lennon said, "God is a concept by which we measure our pain."

I think this applies here. That's a very emotional story that is beautiful. But I still don't know what God has to do with anything, and it would seem the waiter guy has similar thoughts.

So you meet one, wise, sympathetic priest who restores your fleeting faith? If you go to any catholic school, it's not dissimilar. There's always one "brother" whom everyone likes and admires, and he single handedly might influence more kids to join the priesthood than the other 99% of religious leaders in the school.

My problem is, I want better representation than that for religion if I'm supposed to believe that God is great. I'm sorry, but from my vantage point, only about 0.01% of the Christians I meet are anywhere close to espousing the kind of humanity, compassion and understanding that are worthy of respect and admiration. I think there are about a zillion other factions of people in our society who have a better track record for being consistently worthy of respect. Hell, garbage men have a better record than Christians, so maybe I should ask them what they believe in and accept that diety as my can't be any worse than following the rantings of the millions of self-absorbed, self-righteous Christians who preach about the goodness of God while acting more like his antithesis.

What I come up with is that God is irrelevant. People aren't. If more people paid attention to each other instead of mythical creatures, maybe there'd be more compassionate and admirable people, and maybe a story like this wouldn't be so special?
Christains give God a bad name
Posted by angelwings on 2005-09-14 06:49:51
I'm so sorry.But, this is so true.God tells us to do his works and let others c by our works how loveing and good we r becuz of him. this is the nurses and doctors and policemen, and people even garbage men.Ask them if they beleive n God they may not go to church everytime the door is open,But they believe n God and they believe n what they r doing. the factorie workers believe n God and n takeing care of their family and teaching their kids about God.
The christains u all r talking about go to church all the time and somehow think they r better than anybody else and that they know more than anybody else but this is not Gods fault.
All God has ever ask of us is that we believe in Jesus christ,as his son.and we will be saved.
And thats all.Thats it not all this other jumping through hoops. Just believe in Jesus, with all ur heart and soul.That he dead for u and accept him.
And yes they that call theirselves christains and do not do what we r ask to do which is tell others.Will pay for it n the end.
But don't blame God.He gets alot of blame for things that he doesn't do.
And he isnt like a jenni n a bottle. That u can just call at will n have him zap things for u he doesn't work 4 u.
Posted by Robert on 2005-11-12 12:01:46
Maybe you should pray to god that he teach you how to spell?
What was said and not how.
Posted by Mark on 2005-11-12 21:27:23
Maybe you should listen to his message and not critisize how it was said Robert?


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