The True History Of Marriage

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In the wake of various pundits and "news" agencies discussing the sanctity of marriage, Lawrence O'Donnell educates us to the true history of marriage. Has it always been "between a man and a woman?" Not quite...


Great Historical Perspective on Marriage
Posted by spartangolfer33 on 2012-09-07 09:48:18
Regardless of your political views, this is a very intriguing look into what defines marriage. It would be refreshing if some people would stop ignoring history and avoid shoveling christian fundamentalism into every nook and cranny of society!
Thank you Jesus Christ superstar
Posted by gigi on 2012-09-30 01:35:27
Thank you someone came up with the idea to post a educational video on how the bible stated that a king had 700 wifes. Thank you so much.

Fundie Chrisitans are soooooo uneducated, it is not eve funny. And to think I was a fundie for 16 plus years and I started to wake up!!! That the easter bunny for waking me up!!!

I think all fundie Christians need a very good lesson in the HISTORY of American government and History of Civ. America was not a Chrisitan nation back in 1776. Our beloved founding fathers were deists , not Christians. BIG Differeince between beliving in a "god" believing in "The great three in one".

Benny Fraklin was a womanizer! So much for Christian nation!


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