It's Like American Idol But With Renal Failure

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Being terminally ill is not, I think we can all agree, fun. Being confronted with one's own mortality is pretty much universally loathed, especially in the wasting fashion of most terminal diseases. You know what would make ME feel a whole lot better about the whole process of watching the curtain slowly fall on my own little play? Picking who gets my kidneys when I finally kick the bucket.

And that's just what one Dutch TV station has in mind. One (lucky?) contestant out of three will be chosen by the doomed "Lisa" to receive those vital bean-shaped suckers to replace their faulty ones. Lisa will have conversations with the three contestants' friends and families to decide who gets to live for a little while longer. The show says that this will spotlight the terrible shortage of donated organs in Holland. (I'm not quite sure how.) Of course, there are no shortage of party poopers to point out how insanely unethical such a premise is. One of many is Dr. John Freehally, president of the UK's Renal Association, who makes the point that usually two people benefit from donated kidneys--one to each. In addition, doctors usually take into account a great many medical factors for potential organ recipients, rather than how great a kid their 9th grade biology teacher thought they were. I have no doubt that Fox is working furiously to adapt the concept for use over here.





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