How To Keep Jehovah's Witnesses From Ever Bothering You

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Are you bothered by evangelizing JWs who keep coming to your door? Here's a peaceful and non-hostile way to get your address on their not knock list, and never be bothered by them again. Telling them that you're a Christian already, or a Mormon, a Jew, or even a Satanist doesn't work. They get fired up with the holy zeal of conversion.

Simply say, "I was a Jehovah's Witness myself; in fact, I was a Special Pioneer before I was disfellowshipped." Say that to a JW and they'll never come back.

Using the right jargon is crucial. Full-time door-to-door workers are called "Regular Pioneers." Full-time door-knockers who have stricter quotas are called "Special Pioneers." The door-to-door work is called "the Service", and anyone who rejects the JW message is called a "goat."

JWs can be disfellowshipped for many different reasons, including speaking to a disfellowshipped Witness, celebrating Christmas, reciting the pledge of allegiance, joining the military, or running for political office. Fellow members are then required to shun him or her completely, having no contact even if the disfellowshipped person is a family member. One former elder was even excommunicated for speaking out on sexual abuse.


Posted by hmn on 2007-05-23 15:30:18
Everyone complains about the Jehovah's Witnesses, but I've had everyone else but knocking at my door. Mormons are nice folks in general, but their missionaries can be a little pushy. The Born-Agains are funny, when they at first assure you that they're not JWs, before going into their pitch. The two I had one day, I don't think really wanted to do the door-to-door thing, but they were guilted into it by their Born-Again friends.

I say "No thank you" and they usually go away... eventually. No more annoying than telemarketers that way. Most of them, especially JWs, are only interested in people who want to hear the message, and will put you on a do-not-knock list if you ask them to. There's no need to pull dirty tricks on them.
Posted by ks on 2007-05-24 09:02:54
hmn you are lucky. The JWs in my area are obnoxious sonsabitches. I live in a private neighborhood, which has signs at the entrance saying "DO NOT SOLICIT". The JWs know they can't come here, but they do once a year. The management will tell them to leave, so they get in their van and drive half a block up the street and start again. They've had to call the cops before because they would't leave.

Last time they were here, I and my disfellowshipped boyfriend followed them door to door telling them to leave until they did. They were breaking the law, and just didn't care. We spoke with our management office and they have always had huge problems with the JWs.

The Disfellowship thing does definitely work. When Ryan says that he was disfellowshipped, they get out of there as fast as possible.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-02 08:54:33
if the sign says "do not solicit" then they have every right to be there. They are not selling anything.
Posted by ChrisFarid on 2007-08-19 06:20:23
There is a reason behind their zealousness. Not money, but their desire to share something they believe you will benefit just as they did. Remember the saying "even the fools have their stories."
no they dont have a right
Posted by gcsmd on 2007-08-20 00:27:44
so·lic·it /səˈlɪsɪt/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[suh-lis-it] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–verb (used with object)
1. to seek for (something) by entreaty, earnest or respectful request, formal application, etc.: He solicited aid from the minister.
2. to entreat or petition (someone or some agency): to solicit the committee for funds.
3. to seek to influence or incite to action, esp. unlawful or wrong action.
4. to offer to have sex with in exchange for money.
–verb (used without object)
5. to make a petition or request, as for something desired.
6. to solicit orders or trade, as for a business: No soliciting allowed in this building.
7. to offer to have sex with someone in exchange for money.
[Origin: 1400–50; late ME soliciten < MF solliciter < L sollicit?re to excite, agitate, deriv. of sollicitus troubled (soll(us) whole + -i- -i- + citus, ptp. of ciére to arouse)]
Posted by ned on 2007-08-31 15:28:38
im going to try that, thanks.
I usualy answer the door with a shotgun, and if their jehovas witnesses i tell them, you got till i count to 5 to get the hell off my property i then start counting real loud, gets them running down the driveway, had to fire a warning shot in the air once when one guy though he'd walk on the grass!!
they never came back
Posted by Danny Haszard on 2007-09-01 17:22:28

The reason the watchtower corporation orders their Jehovah's witnesses members to intrude door to door is because in the beginning their leader Joseph Rutherford (who himself never went door to door) knew that this cold-calling tactic would get them recognition and "persecution" as pesky.
If they can get "persecuted" by picking fights then he can say they are 'persecuted for Jesus'.

It's all a Watchtower cult SCAM~Danny Haszard expert witness on Jehovah Witness
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-05 18:25:51
According to the law they are not soliciting and have a right to be there.

If you don't want them to come to your home simply ask them to tell their service overseer that you want to be on their do not call list. They have one and must abide by it. Be specific when you ask.

The nonsense listed above is not true. This would not stop them from coming.

It is funny how some poke and persecute when they do exactly what Jesus did when he was here on earth. In fact, he dedicated his adult life to it and told his followers to do the same.

Then again they persecuted him and put him to death so why would we expect anything different to happen to his followers?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-09 13:37:54
jehova whitnesses go door to door because they bealive that everyone should get the opertunity and chance to become a jehove whitness. once everyone has gotten the option( weather they refuse or accept), a new world will start. ...yeah i know how is that possible if more people are born every day?...u tell me.
they refuse to leave me alone!!
Posted by georgia on 2007-11-13 05:31:57
I have written the society in NY, sent letters to the hall, asked the elders in person, told them at my door, have signs up, yet they still come!!!! I am at my wits end. They are obnoxious pedophile condoning cult that destroys families and lives. They kill their own one at a time with their ungodly blood practice. I've just about had it with them! Their continuous disrespectful obnoxious behavior sure as hell doesn't make me want to join their cult!
Posted by meman on 2007-11-29 14:02:16
How they speak to Christians - Which God do you worship? If you say, "Almighty God,.. or Jesus Christ, whatever, other than Jehovah, they will tell you that you don't know God...

So, tell them You Worship Jehovah.. and they won't come back to you... because we do worship Jehovah. They twist the word Jehovah and try to make as if its their own....
Posted by chuck on 2007-12-05 22:39:11
They actually came into my work and interrupted me! It was the middle of the day!!! They never said who they were or anything...

I'm a devout Christian, but I would never push my beliefs on people like they do. If I wasn't already a Christian, I would not look fondly on them. They need to learn how to have a little finess.
what i think really!
Posted by Celeste on 2007-12-06 20:43:09
if you only knew their hard work. its a great job what they are doing, they just want to share biblical information and see if you agree. Asking people if they want a biblical study is the most wonderful experience because like that people really know the meaning o what we really want people to understand. People shouldent really talk bad about them because they are doing hard work and just following what Jesus Crist said " To make Disciples and continue preaching", and let every one know about our heavenly father Jehovah! peole should really hear them out and if you don't like it or ask never to come back they take your word for it and wont bother to come again, and we did our part!
thats what i think.
That's nice...
Posted by Hannibal on 2007-12-10 18:35:34
If you'd read the text above you, you'd notice that not all JW's leave when asked or stop intruding when asked, told, and threatened. It must be the blind part 'blind faith' that made you miss it. No worries.
Abandon hope all ye who become Jehovah's puppets.
Posted by MARTIN DAVIES on 2007-12-21 15:04:40
If you are not a Jehovah's Witness, don't marry one. The bastards runied my life and wrecked my family. They act so superior, looking at "unbelievers" like something they scraped off their shoe.

They make me vomit with their superiority complex, always judging, always taking the moral high ground. Try living with one, they ars such sanctimonious nauseating bastards. I took Book Studies, to give them a chance. I was expected to believe things that a three year old would poke holes in. There is a world view here, a psychology, a mentality that is an impervious form of brainwashing. A rudimentary research and an iota of common sense would show that this has to be a load of bullshit.

The congregations I have visited are so diysfunctional with manic-depressives, alcoholics, suicidal depressives, liars and addicts in higher proportions than found anywhere outside a 12-step support programme. They prey on the vulnerable with their relentless poselytising.

May they go to hell.

If you should fall in love with one, do the sane thing and walk away because, unless you convert, you stand less than zero chance of success.

I pity the poor idiots.
Posted by Tickey Hutcheson on 2007-12-29 14:59:44
Most J.W.'s actually hate "ministry work",observe how slow they walk between the door knocking.They are forced by Watchtower peer pressure to get their hours in once a month.
The way I see it...
Posted by Alanna Mlakar on 2008-02-07 11:34:09
When I seek information I go to a source I trust or I read a book. I don't go knocking on strangers door to ask them questions. So why is it considered acceptable to knock on strangers doors giving out information that they may not want? I have a toddler, a dog, and my ready-to-pop pregnant self who have all been highly disturbed during the day while trying to rest because a stranger wanted to invade my personal space and give me information that I didn't want. I feel like telling them..."I can't talk to you right now but leave me your HOME ADDRESS and when its convienent for ME than I will knock on YOUR DOOR so you can give me information!" Maybe they would understand if they were in their bathrobe and on bedrest with a napping toddler and had someone pound on their door. I feel what they do is SO WRONG. I wouldnt even show up to my best friends house unannounced let alone intrude on someone I dont know.
They followed me accross the county....
Posted by Satan on 2008-02-15 18:35:51
I just moved to the mid-west from California and they knocked on my door today. As soon as I saw the magazine I shouted "Jehovah Witness?!" to which she said "Yes, we're everywhere." I informed her I had no interest and to please not come by again, she said they probably would. I told her to inform her fellows for their sake I hope they do not stop by my home again. I need o come up with something good for when they come back.
Don't Judge Unless You Know
Posted by Dia on 2008-02-26 14:51:41
My mother is a Jehovah's Witness, and at one time I studied myself. Do not comment on what you don't know. If you don't know why they knock on doors (which is in the bible) then u should have say. If someone asks my mom or her fellow worshippers to please not knock on their door..they respect their wishes. For someone to call them bastards and condemn them to hell shows you are an insensitive b*tch. I'm not saved so I can cuss. Learn before you judge. P.S They are far from a cult.
Can you say, "Apostate"
Posted by Sandra on 2008-03-06 11:48:12
Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult. I was one for 7 long years.

I was also sexually assaulted by "elders" in the congregation, and I was 12 years old at the time.

My parents are Jehovah's Witnesses, too, and so are my siblings.

When I ask Jehovah's Witnesses not to knock on my door, they tell me they have a right to do so and claim that the USSC has ruled in their favor on this.

While there are many rulings in their favor, they were never given the right to harass anyone, and when told not to return, if they do, they're trespassing.

I've told them to leave my door and even told them I'm an apostate (the worst form of "ex-JW" there is, that's someone who was thrown out of the JW religion for turning away from their religion.) and all they say is, "would you like to come back to the Kingdom?" I tell them "not yours." then slam my door in their face.

They have a lot of gall and arrogance not participating in the political process or serving in our military, yet claiming protection under the US Constitution -- a very political document.

The last time I had JWs at my door and I asked them to leave, they left, but they were making fart noises at me and telling me to have a nice day as they left.

JW's have a tendency to try to goad people into persecuting them so they can claim that they're being persecuted in Jehovah's name.
trying to walk in??
Posted by New Resident on 2008-03-22 11:45:20
I just had 3 come to my door. I answered it a couple of weeks ago and they stood there talking about how this world would be be better if everyone just lived by their bible. We wouldn't haven't to lock our doors and stuff. I just played dumb and said, "I don't know?" to everything he asked. Well, they showed up again this weekend and I refused to answer it. they rang the doorbell twice and were standing on my porch for over 5 minutes. I walked away from the blinds and I could swear I heared the door knob they were trying to get in. Do they do that...just walk in??? Maybe it was all in my head but it sure sounded like it!!!
Walking to my porch
Posted by Knocking while sleeping on 2008-03-29 09:41:52
They come here on Saturdays. I am alseep. This has been going on for over 10 years. Yes, after they have gotten me from bed and I had to throw on clothes to go see who was at my door, I have asked the nicely to not come here. That works until the two-some is a new two-some, which seems to change weekly over here. Just happened again this morning. And there is no way I can just sleep through it because I have a HUGE English Mastiff that barks and barks with any one on the porch.
They could care less about any one else or their sleeping schedule. I just can not sleep cause of the dog. I just can not walk down to see who is at the door in case it is some one with a REAL emergency. What they do.....Its called harassment.
Posted by sarah on 2008-03-30 10:34:23
my partner of 15 years has becom one and turned his back on his kids which he said would not do which shocked everyone i did a lot of research and they are evil they may come across as nice people but once they get into your head thats it i found out a lot of people take there own lives or become manic depresions i pity people who get caught up with them they definatly do belong to a cult.
they put their religion above human life
Posted by mefistofeles on 2008-03-31 05:11:06
there was a disturbing bit of news where a mother gave birth to twins then died because the religion would not allow a blood that f*cked up or what
They will live again
Posted by Emily on 2008-04-27 14:03:10
If you have read the comment above then u kno that those twins died because they needed blood. Blood isn't meant to be given away or sold. I'm 12 years old so I don't really know what the reason is for that and I couldn't find it in the few books that I have, but since Jehovah is a loving god he is going to let those twins live in the new paradise because they have done no wrong in their short lives. The same thing happened with my little sister. She lost too much blood and she will live in the new paradise.

You don't realise that we aren't trying to annoy you, or too force religion on you. We are trying to save you from the end of this world and to help you have everlasting live in a wonderful paradise where everyone will be perfect and there will be no pain, suffering, or sins. So why talk bad about people who are trying to help you? Why not just give us a chance to explain to you how you can have everlasting life?
They will live again
Posted by ciccio on 2008-05-03 19:56:57
Emily, if you were not 12 years old, I would call you some very dirty names. The prohibition against blood comes come from the same time Yaweh sanctioned slavery, the selling of your daughters, stoning for such heinous crimes as wearing polyester and cotton,
working on the sabbath, in fact I could go on in this vein for page upon page. When asked about this, Jesus said it is not what goes
into your mouth that is foul,it is what comes out of it that can be foul. Because of some primitive superstition, you just said it is OK that you sister and those twins died. That sounds pretty foul to me.
Inferiority complex
Posted by Grace on 2008-05-05 19:04:03
The superiority complex of JW is due to an inate inferiority complex. Like most people they want to believe they are the best however what they fail to realize is that their inferiority complex has made them an easy prey to be manipulated by the watch tower. Their way of life is intolerant and unloving as is shown by the way they isolate family and friends who make the decision to go another way. In their hearts they know and fear that they are wrong. If they were motivated by the Christ love they would never treat others who differ from them in the way in which they do. Their murder of their children by refusing blood is due to ignorance and a misunderstanding of the real bible. They do not consider abstaining from steak, for example, which contains blood. For the sake of all those murdered children I hope the society imposes justice upon these murderers. Only by doing so can we save other children from this, the greatest betrayal a parent can do to their child.
Get Big Dogs
Posted by carouselle on 2008-05-19 08:06:57
They never come to my door. I have a big, loud barking dog in the front yard. As soon as they begin to approach the property, the dog starts barking like she wants to eat somebody, even though she's as gentle as a puppy. Works every time. I guess this would qualify as being harassed by a dog for Jesus!

And btw, I must disagree with Anonymous. Jesus never went door to door drumming up business. People came to Him. That's the way it's supposed to be done! He never invaded anyone's privacy.
Posted by Julian on 2008-07-11 13:56:09
Emily, I am sorry for your loss, but Did you know that The founder of Jehovahs Witnesses,Charles Taze Russell made predictions about Armeggedon based on Eygpts Pyramids.
Yes, Pharoh is demonism at its finest.
There may be demons in the kingdom hall.
Came for a year
Posted by Ruth on 2008-07-14 20:58:23
I had a couple Of JW coming to my door for over a year before they stopped. I wouldn't answer the door and they kept coming. I had talked to them in the beginning and told them I'm fine with the faith I have and I'm not interested in theirs and to not bother me again. But they kept coming every week for a year before they stopped and I never talked to them during this time. Don't that seem foolish on their part?

I hadn't been bothered by them for a few years since till this summer, they started coming around again. I happened to not be home and they wrote me a letter!! I tore it up. It is never right to bother someone when they tell you not to. If they continue, that is harrassment and I do believe there are laws against that.
Posted by cant stand them on 2008-07-19 14:26:24
CULT plain and simple!
Can't get them to leave
Posted by Sarah on 2008-07-22 16:56:50
They come to my house ALL the time. Even after I told them not too. It was hard trying to get to the door having a son under one and being 8 months pregnant....even harder now that one is 15 months and 2 months. They don't get the hint. Even with the kids crying or screaming, they still try to share their message. I even answered the door feeding my 2 month old and they didn't seem to care. My husband happened to be here one day and told them to F off but they came back.
After a comment today I'll be putting up a sign telling them to leave me alone. She came and tried to give me the watchtower book and I said another younger lady already stop by and gave me the stuff. I've never seen an old woman look so mad. She said "Tell her next time that Doreene is my (something)"couldn't figure out what the last word was cause this lady was pissed off. I thought that maybe she had died and that's why the younger one came by. Guess not
What my friend did
Posted by Keith on 2008-08-03 04:02:46
If you do not want them to come back you could try what my friend did. He went to the door nude with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. After that they never returned. Im not saying it is the best advice, but it worked. And if you really look at their literature over the years, you can see them constantly shifting positions, in one case embracing the teachings of a spirit medium, and time and again predicting a year the world would end. These people are controled by the watchtower in every aspect, their bible does not even correlate to the bible or historical material. It is (JW) the very definition of a cult.
Posted by juliet brown on 2008-10-01 10:08:41
i have studied with jehova witness for a few months, the so called teacher was so nice at
first and when she think that she got me she
started acting like she have control over me
they are so fake JESUS CHRIST paid full price
for believers and no belivers, you owe no man
nothing but to love them, they are a cult as
far a i am concerned. no one should be forced
to make up hour to show your loyalty to man
made organization. if something hapen to you
that is not up to their standard you can be
disfellowship in front of a congregation, that
so disrespectful. as far as i am concerned
they do now the meaning of what JESUS
said about love. i have left their mind controling
All Jahovah's lack is the horns
Posted by Mosses on 2008-10-05 20:03:34
My dog bit ......
Posted by Ellen on 2008-10-20 10:28:28
So, it's Saturday morning, 8 am. My husband is sick in bed. I am out. Our daughter, who has special needs, chooses this day to answer the door to a stranger.....who happens to be a Jehovah's Witness. Our dog sees our daughter standing at the door unprotected by either parent, sees a stranger, and bites the JW on the leg. It was a moderate bite. The cops come after the JW reports it. They state that our dog is registered, and NOTE THE BIG BLACK AND RED BEWARE OF DOG SIGN ON OUR FRONT WINDOW. They state that we've done everything that we are supposed to do; and our dog has never bitten anyone before.

Now, the JW (who came back with her husband) wants us to pay $1300 for the JW's medical bills because they were UNINSURED. We're paying because we don't want to get sued, but I really won't accept full responsibility for their stupidity in coming to the door despite a warning sign and NOT BEING INVITED. Even the cops questioned why she even came to our door. I'm not kidding when I say this has completely turned us off of even hearing their views and I'll never let another one near my house. I'll have them arrested for trespassing first.
Posted by Witness of Jehovah on 2008-10-20 22:58:38
well, i'm a "jehovah" as people call us and i'm 16 years old.. Simply if you'd like us to stop coming to your doors all you have to tell us is, "could please stop coming".. see simple.. I'm sorry we're "too nice" and, that we annoy you but we're simply trying to share some hope for the future to help people like you who seem to think we're evil, a "cult", need horns, murderers, self-indulging, and should "go to hell"??.. I hope one day, you won't find so much hate toward us.

Little Ms.J-Witness

P.s- We Are NOT a Cult.. the KKK is a cult, and i know that all cult's have something in common so, if we were one why would there be Black Jehovahs Witnesses?? the KKK tries to make it look like the Bible think there shouldn't be any colours people, if you've read the Bible then u'd know that Jesus wasen't "White" like most of the member's of the KKK who rep. as one of them. Jesus was a Jew and unless any of you didn't go to school you'd know about jews which u do since the whole Holocust.. and Jews arn't White .. so why if yours sopost to be killing everyone except people who look like you i'm sorry your mistaking.. and you DON'T get disfellowshipped, for talkin to disfellowshipped people, If your truely a witness you'd know that if you choose to talk to them that's your choice but we rather you'd rather you don't so that your bad influse don't rub on you.. oh and if you truely we're one of jehovah's witnesses you'd know that the elders talk to you and explain from the bible why you shouldn't be doing what your doing, way before they annoce it to the congregation so if you choose to leave then that's your choice not ours..

and if you feel sorry for us, we feel sorry for you.. We don't go door to door to be rebel's since alot of people don't like it.. We do it for Jehoavh, the bible even states, "Your work is not in vain.." so we know there's a purpose or we wouldn't have been told to do it..

why dont you talk to a witness before making conculsion's??!!...
Posted by J HATER whitness hater on 2008-10-21 19:47:16
Posted by JAM THE JEHOVAH HATER on 2008-10-21 20:03:06








me again
Posted by jam the jehovha hater on 2008-10-21 20:17:57
this is for the stupid bitch that made the comment before THE last 2 "which were mine"
they dont need to come to the dore in the 1st place...if they even bother me ill do what the song says thats over this comment "which i wrote".. if you got a problem with anny thing i this...get on your kneez and kiss my ASS
To All of Those Who Posted Ignorant Comments
Posted by C.C. on 2008-10-30 15:14:26
I was reading all of the comments that were posted, and it just disgusted me to read all of the ignorant comments. First of all, if you are a person with any type of dignity and self-respect, you do not need to express yourself in such an ignorant manner. Second of all, it has been my experience that most Jehovah's Witnesses are very respectful. No, I am not a Jehovah's Witness, but for the most part, if you let them know that you are not interested and ask them to leave, they will.

I truly apologize to those who have been molested, raped or wronged by someone claiming to be a Jehovah's Witness, but can you honestly say that they are the only ones who has "false prophets" within their organization? No, you can't. I just don't think that its right to totally degrade and talk mean about a group of people because of a few bad apples.

That's just like me, who is an African American, hating and targeting the entire white race because one has called me the "N" word (which has happened), but I realize that it was only one person within that race and not the entire race that held such ignorant views. Black people complain all the time about being stereotyped because of what is depicted by some people within our culture. We don't like it when we get stereotyped, so why do it to another group of people.

My point is, judge people as individuals because no matter what group it is, whether it is a fraternity, sorority, religious group, social group, or whatever, there will always be those within that organization that won't adhere to the priciples, but you don't have to lose YOUR dignity, YOUR self-respect because you don't understand or agree with another group of people.

And with that being said, I really wish the best for everybody, and for those who have so much hatred within their hearts (you know who you are), I hope you will be able to find peace within yourself someday.

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
-Martin Luther King Jr.
answering that bat that talk about arrogance
Posted by cherrypie on 2008-11-02 12:14:10
Posted by Stan Brusky on 2008-11-11 17:02:14
In accordance with our nation's principles, I tolerate anyone's right to worship as they please.
Whatever their self-important motivations and justifications, the JWs continually harass people. They hide behind self-created doctrine and the Supreme Court's failure to really address the issues of the abuse of the First Amendment.
Since when is their "religious practice" of seeking "persecution" and/or some other of their reasons MORE IMPORTANT than mine or someone else's?
I have placed the following notice at the entrance to my property, and have had great success in keeping them way:

"My religion commands me to declare:


Your efforts to have company in your DAMNATION
Will not work here

Do not enter property, even if God the Father, God the Son as Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit appear in oneness as the Holy Trinity
commands you to do so KEEP OUT

Do not leave your literature nor flyers nor anything else.

Go away and try to deceive someone else, or better yet, return to your coven.

Leave now
Violators will be forcibly detained until arrested by the police"

It seems that the "No Trespassing" approach may be working.
Good Luck
Screw the JW
Posted by Thomas X on 2008-11-24 00:42:00
All I can say is that I hate yall f*cken JW people... If I see anyone one of you guys knocking my door I will sh**t you as in intruder.
jw still comes to my house
Posted by taffy on 2008-12-16 08:13:27
i have told them to stop comming to my home over 5 times. i've told them that i was not interested and to not bother me again. i've told them over and over again and even called the police. the police said i could not do anything about it. i just want them to stop.
US Supreme Court is wrong
Posted by mary 55 on 2008-12-19 10:33:28
I believe there is an argument against the decision to allow JW' s to go where they are not welcomed. The Justices most likely never or seldom answer their own door, or are in a position to address interruptions caused by people who have been told repeatedly there no interest is at this address, and asked to not return. So the Justices have no real experience of the intrusive nature of this group. The rights for the people having their beliefs constantly
challenged is not addressed by the court. This is not justice by the Constitution for everyone in the United States.

If you own a Flip or cam recorder, you can record dates and conversations with the JWs at the door and prove time after time the intrusive nature of this group. it is not spreading the word it is spreading their word. when NO, No thank you doesn't mean anything
is there any way to stop them???
Posted by Trish on 2008-12-28 16:05:58
The police say it is freedom of religion, but that I should post a sign at the property line saying "Jehovah's Witnesses crossing this line will be charged with trespassing".....if they persist, then the police can do something. Um...right...just my luck my letter carrier would be JW!? When they come on Christmas Day or Easter morning (as they always do) to a home that clearly is celebrating the day, then isn't it harassment? They even go around to my back yard and have interrupted family gatherings when they don't get an answer at the front door. If I am in the house but choose not to answer, they repeatedly ring the doorbell, which gets my dog very upset. I have asked them not to come back, I have called their Kingdom Hall, and they keep coming regardless. In this day and age it simply isn't acceptable for a number of reasons to show up at a stranger's door without calling ahead. What if a child is home alone after frightening is that if two people keep knocking and knocking until they get a response. They even shout "I know you're in there!" I have decided to ask for their identification next time to put on a list which will include the date and time of the incident, and to take a photograph. I shall also call the Kingdom Hall after each incident and reiterate my instructions to not call again. After I compile a lengthy list, I plan to take them to court for harassment.
NO JW sign works
Posted by ibdabeamer on 2008-12-31 02:26:56
I had them knocking on our door every week also...even though we told them no-thanks...And a few even seemed to want my big dog to bite them! I finally cross-stitched a nice little sign for my door that said..NO SOLICITING & NO JEHOVAHS WITNESS' Spelling it out for them finally did the trick.
Unfortunately, my brother and his wife have recently been "brainwashed" by this henuous group and now I fear for them both. They want total control of their lives! I just pray they realize what's being done to them soon...before it's too late. WHY are some people so vulnerable to this muck?
Street Jehova's
Posted by grape on 2009-01-19 20:24:52
Intersting board, Each morning i go to work there are 2-3 JW's on each side of the road I basically have no choice to avoid them unless i take a back street and each day they stick that watchtower mag in my face and say "it'll change your life" i was always polite and said no thanks but after 3 years of this i flipped out on them and told them how ignorant they where. The next day they now have another guy there who is big and trying to intimidate me, he tells me to move on (in my neighbourhood)i tell him where to go. This has been going on for a few months when i complained to the police they say there is nothing they can do. Is there any way to get rid of these parasites so i can walk down my street in peace? What an extremely ignorant cult! I have made videos of them in which they look like the fools they are and plan to upload them to Youtube then call their church and tell them to check it out. My hope here is the church will not like the publicity and remove them. It's my dream :)
JVs Are Sick Wierdos
Posted by Mind Your Business on 2009-01-20 20:50:38
All you Jehovahs who claim that your door-to-door people will leave if asked are living in a fantasy world. I've owned my house for nearly 5 years and Jehovahs do not leave if asked. I've even told them that we do not want any of them at our door and they just keep coming back.

I've also caught them window peeping into my living room window (this is a sex crime in the state I live in), claiming they "wanted to see if anyone was home" (this can also be construed as "casing" a house). I've also caught them window peeping at my neighbor's across the street. Wait, now the Jehovahs are going to tell me that Jesus window peeped too, right? Whatever.

To the person who asked if Jehovahs will attempt to open a stranger's front door: hell yeah! I had just woken up, was still in pajamas, and trying to eat breakfast when the doorbell rang; I ignored it. About 3-4 minutes later, I hear someone jiggling my door knob, like they are trying to break in. I then unlocked my front door, whipped it open and asked that halfwit Jehovah what gave him the right to try and gain entrance to my house. He stared at me stupidly and I just swore at him until he left my property.

I had nothing against the Jehovahs until I saw how they behaved while doing their door-to-door BS. You brought disrespect on yourself. Oh, and why can't any of the pro-Jehovah posters here spell or use grammar worth a damn???
Davie st. Joho's
Posted by grape on 2009-02-02 22:56:44
What amazes me is when i ask them a question about their cult I get the dazed and confused look (must be the brain washing but then again you need a brain to get it washed) they just don't seem to want to answer certain questions. I asked them when is Jehovah was going to teach them some manners when are they going to realize that coming to my door or bothering me on the street is intrusive and rude. I then ask them how many times do i need to say NO to them before they realize i am not interested and dont ask anymore I remind them that they have been on my street for 4 years and yes i get the JOHO dazed look. At this point i just look at them and calmly say, remeber Joho
cont. from above
Posted by grapeh on 2009-02-02 22:59:57
remeber Joho, jesus didnt die for your sins he died to get away from you! that dazed look turns into a look of horror.
Even overseas...
Posted by Griff on 2009-02-14 00:56:12
I am currently deployed overseas (Japan). Even in this godforsaken hellhole of a town (Sasebo, Kyushu), the JW are still in full force. They bother me every freaking week; one rang my doorbell repeatedly just an hour ago. They speak excellent English until you ask them to stop bothering you; then they magically forget all traces of English. It's simply too bad that gun ownership is outlawed for US military in Japan, because showing up to your door with a weapon is pretty much the universal symbol of GTFO my property.
Make it stop...
Posted by Jenne4 on 2009-02-25 14:25:11
I live in a rural area, on a farm with a quarter mile long driveway you would think that it would be out of the way to come to my house. The same Jehovah's Witness family has come to our house every month since November. I have told them that I work from home and do not appreciate the continued interruption, that I have a home church and that I would appreciate it if they did not return. Those people who have posted that if you ask they will not come back may believe that, but it has not been my experience over the 8 years I have lived in my home. I have asked the same group to please not come back 4 times including about 2 hours ago.

Today they brought the kids, a small boy probably 5-6 years old dressed in a suit came to the door holding a bible with his mom (I assume) and there was another maybe 10 year old girl in the car. Who sends a 5 year old to the door of a strangers house? Do they think that people will listen and not ask them to leave because of the kids? I respect their right to worship as they choose, why can they not respect my right not to be repeatedly bothered in my home?
Posted by Lexy on 2009-03-11 23:08:33
I AM 15 YEARS OLD!! and I attend the kingdom hall. My mom and dad are witnesses. You people facts are all WRONG!!! Jehovah witnesses are some of the most loving and caring people ever. Tell them you don't want what they are accepting and they won't return. Now how simple is that? It is not right to call people out of their name! Show some manners and be respectful. Being raised by Jehovah Witnesses is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The "standards" we live by make life so much easier. YOU SHOULD REALLY TRY IT!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-12 23:27:04
YOu are the one who should be ashamed of yourself for stating that we do not know what we are talking about.We are the ones who have had the experience, we are the ones that are being harrased by you parasites, we are the ones who are saying we are not interested and they are still knocking on our doors, shame on you jehovahs for being intrusive and rude,how many times do we have to say NO before you stop harassing us!How many times do we have to say no before you comprehend that No means NO!

Highlights to the JOHO's CULT of HATE:

-Letting sick children die by not allowing life saving blood transfusions,shame on jehovah's witnesses.
-Not reporting child molesters to the police and shunning members that do!shame on you jehovah's witnesses.

-Breaking up families by shunning members, disfellowship,shame on you jehovah's witnesses.

-Your foolish predictions for the end of the world, idiots!

Show this to your parents and do some research on your CULT In google try "watchtower"legal or "watchtower"pedophile
Posted by anonymus on 2009-03-26 08:19:21
I am no JW but have a wonderful friend that is married to one. She abuses him mentally & is absolutely convinced she has all rights to threaten him & his life. I am in desperate need to help my friend out of this marriage since this what he truly wants. But he wants to solve it in a nice clean way but I know there is no clean way with a JW! I am worrried he will soon get brainwashed & would like some advice...
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-28 04:52:00
I don't know how many people on here claim to be Christian, but this is the way I see it. This world didn't get here by itself. Something or someone created it. Some people like to avoid thinking of it, but that's the truth. The only meaningful answers to life are found in the Bible, in my opinion. If we claim to believe in the Bible, then we would want to follow it 100% to our ability, and live our lives according to Jesus' footsteps, as much as we can. After all, the word Christian is supposed to be someone who is 'Christ like'. The way people live in general isn't the way Jesus and the Bible shows us too live.

The Bible says that before the end of the world, the good news will be preached into all the world. It also says, narrow is the way to life, few find it. Wide is the road leading off into destruction, many find it. Too me, I don't know any religion that follows the Bible like JW's. That is if you believe in the Bible. If you aren't really religious, then I can see why you get ticked off, because none of this means anything to you lol. But, I know a lot of JW's, and they are the nicest people trying to serve God, and not just go with the flow like the whole world does. At the end of the day JW is just a title. You forget that their main purpose is to be obedient to the Word of God. Everyone is an individual at the end of the day, you can't look at one and judge them as a whole. If that was the case, then we'd hate all the apostles, because Judas was a bad apostle, by being a traitor to Jesus.

The Bible says friendship with the world is enmity (against) God. It also says, those who want to save their soul will lose it, but those who want to lose their soul will gain it (everlasting life, through loyalty to God). Jesus said that he did not come into this world to unite households, rather to divide mother against daughter, father against son, or something to that effect, because he knew not everyone would want to live according to his way and/or believe his message. You people fail to realse that there is an unseen world out there. You have our God YHWH (when translated to english = Jehovah), Jesus and his angels, and then you have Satan and his demons. We all have to make a conscious decision on what we beleive. We will all be judged accordingly to our decisions we make and our works. There are too many misconceptions about JW's. Just remember that when Jesus comes back, he will rule as King over the earth. So we wont need a political system then. If everybody followed the Bible, there would be no wars, no broken up marriages through cheating, no sex before marriage, no criminals ripping off people, etc. etc. JW's try their best to do the right thing.

So, the next time JW's come to your door, try to see past the annoyance they are creating. Realise they are sharing a message from our Creator's book, the Bible. They have lives too, and would probably rather not having to knock on your doors. But Jesus gave a commission to preach, so they are being submissive. You might learn something new, find out what happens to us when we die, why God permits suffering, etc. Other religions will find it very hard to answer these interesting questions.

If anybody has any other ideas of how to serve God, like Jesus did, please let me know. But you soon realise that JW's are the closest organisation on earth today to the 1st Century Christians.
To Help
Posted by Non Joho on 2009-03-28 12:15:03
The only thing that you can do to help your friend is "Shoot him now". If he really wanted to leave her then he would leave her, the problem is the JW's already have their hooks in him and he doesnt see it. "She abuses him mentally & is absolutely convinced she has all rights to threaten him & his life." This is a standard JW practice whereby if they feel they are loosing control they will saturate him with guilt and it sounds like the poor bastard is giving in. Hell, read the blog after yours on this page that is a JW trying to gain control what a f*cking idiot!
Quick question..
Posted by Jesus on 2009-03-28 12:19:33
Who the hell is Jehovah?
Quick question2
Posted by Jesus (Son of God) on 2009-03-28 21:01:02
Ya who's Jehovah?
Had Enough of JW's
Posted by Roger on 2009-03-29 19:32:15
I had to puke after reading what "Confused" had to say. Do you reallty think people are that stupid that we can't see through what you are and what you saying? You are a JOHO swine you idiots are not close to god! He would'nt have you reprobates in heavan that is why he created reincarnation so he can send you bastards back to earth not even your 144000 are going there you will all end up in hell. When you say"jesus gave them the commission to preach" and that"we might learn something" You have to be kidding me! You are a bunch of uneducated, ignorant idiots the only thing you teach me is how to despise you dicks! You people nag us constantly and it is discusting that you think it is acceptable? You savages come into my neighbourhood 7 days a week doing something you would never do in your own neighbourhood, you should be ashamed of yourselves and GOD will slap your face when you show up at his door. Take your Jehovah and shove him up your ass!
So You've Had Enough of JW's
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-30 00:51:50
Lol, first of all, how did you know I was a JW. I'm not a JW. Secondly, Jehovah is God's name, so you shouldn't use it in vain. Also, you didn't give me an answer on what the proper way to serve God is. Jesus died for us so long as we live according to the way he showed us. We can't just do what we want. We all have a time of judgement.

In the Old Testament, when the Israelite men had sexual relations with the women of the nations, an angel wiped out thousands of them. The Bible also says that God has not changed, and never changes. Therefore, what do you think is going to happen if you live an immoral life. Jesus sacrifice doesn't allow us to do what we want. The Bible says that if we know that something is wrong, and immoral, and we continue to do it, then the sacrifice of Jesus is in vain.

You ppl bag the crap out of JW's, but you's don't have any better answers. At least the JW's try, and are individuals trying to do the right thing. We all get judged by God, and each individual according to his deeds. The individual deeds of JW's are very good. Nobody seems to be able to convince me that JW's will go to hell. So if there not going to hell, at least there definitely not going against God, and so they should be alright when the judgment happens. I'd rather be a JW than a Catholic or Anglican church, who permit homosexuality, and the list goes on. I think of SDA's, and they wont go out preaching. All they are interested in is the Sabbath. I think of Mormon's, and there too worried about the Book of Mormon, and will only preach for 2 years of their life. And then you have born again Christians, who pretty much believe Jesus is their Saviour. Well congratulations, John 3:16 tells me he is my Saviour. Muslims want to blow themselves up to go to heaven with heaps of virgins.

Jesus said, by their fruits you will know his disciples. God is very orderly, and would have an organisation that on the whole is unified across the world. I have a lot of respect for JW's.
Posted by Jesus (Son of God) on 2009-04-02 00:09:00
I'm surprised you're not a JOHO both of your posts pretty much give the JOHO's a verbal blowjob so if you are not one yet you will be one soon.

When I talk about Jehovah I refer to that PIG the JW's worship that pedophile that hate monger that judgemental asshole!

Why am i suppossed to give you an answer? Why do you refuse to use the brain god gave you? Why do you believe what people tell you or what you read? Don't you think it's important to find these things out for yourself,firsthand? Do you not think God gave you that brain with hopes you would use the damn thing? Can't you let go of that bible without fearing god will strike you down? Here is part of the answer "Live your life don't spend it sucking up to god at our expense"

The JOHO's arent going to hell they are already there just look at those pathetic brainwashed assoles! Really! If you don't see that then you're standing on the street with a filthy awake mag in your hand.

When I read this "I'd rather be a JW than a Catholic or Anglican church, who permit homosexuality" I realized you are a JOHO, you are a pig, Who do you think you are you to judge these people? How do you know they where not born that way did that PIG jehovah tell you? You F'n JOHO's can't seem to keep your pants ON around children and you have the audacity to judge what people do in their bedrooms? I'm not gay but if I was thats just the way god would have made me.

You seem to miss the whole point of this forum you seem more interested in preaching to us these posts are non(never to be)JOHO's talking about their experience & frustration with the JOHO's they have to deal with.Those parasites need to keep their filth to themselves...
Posted by d1git on 2009-04-09 09:20:33
you people have some anger problems
Posted by Lindsay on 2009-04-23 15:54:13
Gargoyle statues work. I heard about this from another person. After placing one on my porch, I watched a twosome pass my house and go across the street.
Let's stop nit picking and get back on point.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-09 23:34:54
The topic is "How To Keep Jehovah's Witnesses From Ever Bothering You." Pointless trying to convert another, here.

I've lived in the same house for 33 years. And, at least monthly, JW's have bothered me. I have a chronic illness so usually I have to get out of bed to get the door. Each time I have told the JW's I attend my own church and there is no way I am going to convert to a JW. Always told them, NEVER RETURN. (So you JW's who say this "is ALL that's necessary" are clueless or you are LIARS!!!)

My daughter is mentally challenged(brain tumor survivor) and I cannot have people on my property talking to her/giving her pamphlets etc. Given JW's track record for pedophilia, I worry somebody might kidnap her. So now I am pro-active.

My house is in heavily wooded acreage 300 feet from the street. I put up a 'No Trespassing' sign and I started answering my door with a loaded .12 gauge shotgun. Who knows? I might need to fire a shell into the air (just to make sure it still works) as they walk back to their car. (It is WONDERFUL to live in a state where we have a few freedoms left!!!)

Will let everyone know how this works out.
Jehovah Witnesses are mean
Posted by deb on 2009-06-13 17:20:08
I have next door neighbors that are J.W. They really act weird. The lady started complaining about about my screen door being to loud,when i close it.She even told a friend of mine,and went to tell the landlord. The door closes that way.she is still mad. i heard her one day,mumbling to herself, deb is stupid,rude,jackass. also i believe either her or husband stoled my long water hose,with a very good nozle. I know,they lie.I stay away. As i am scared of them,since hearing they are cults. yikes!
sign says no solici.down the street
Posted by deb on 2009-06-13 17:27:46
Yes the are solicting, trying to convert their beliefs to us. I believe selling is the word,as they put their tower brocures on doors.
Posted by Job on 2009-07-12 21:48:18
This must be a JW site because my comments weren't posted! What a bunch of garbage this is! Try reading there version of the Bible it has been changed to there benefit. Not only did they change it but they changed the whole meaning of Gods word. This is misleading to people wanting to learn Gods word. As it is they are false teachers and what is said in the Bible about that! Ask about who did there translation. They will say they want God to have the GLORY. They really just don't want you to find out that they are not qualified to do it. Keep them away at all costs. They say they are the only ones that know the Truth. They only really know what the Governing Body of the Watchtower wants them to know. They are just so gullible. It is considered a CULT and it is if you would just research it you will see. Go to your Public Library and get on there computerized search index and type in CULT and see who comes up! The JW's will be one. Keep them away from your door.
What to do with witnesses...
Posted by Jehovah on 2009-07-13 18:35:02
KEEP them away from your children and for christ sake keep them away from me!
Nowhere to Run
Posted by johny on 2009-07-23 19:46:42
My neighbourhood is infested with them it's worse than having Rats!
Holy Cow! You Guys are Scary!
Posted by Lily on 2009-07-26 17:00:20
WOW!-I guess perceptions are different where I am. Witnesses are certainly active here too, however they come ring every few months and you can tell them you're not interested and if you specifically ask them not to return, they won't for a few years (they do return eventually because new people might have bought your house). No-one I know has such a big issue with them as I am reading on this board! Wow! I am surprised how angry some of you are! Answering doors with shotguns??!! You guys are scary! I know some of you are stretching the truth and exaggerating, but I am sure some of you have truly had some bad experiences with them and it's too bad that you now feel such anger. Myself, I have met many over the years and I think they're a normal mix of people - some a bit weird, some really upbeat, some pushy, some really shy, some intellectual, some not. I guess I agree with the person who wrote that a bad experience with one person shouldn't really be used to make a judgment on all; I hope no-one thinks I'm anything like my brother even though we have the same parents! Seriously, they are indeed just doing what the Bible says - Jesus DID go door-to-door and asked his followers to do the same (you can read this in any Bible - it's really there in black and white!). If we don't like it then that's that, but I never felt their intention was to irritate people, it's just to spread the news of the Bible. As for killing their kids - good grief, that's such an ignorant comment! - they love their kids as much as anyone does but the Bible does say to refrain from blood and you have to admit that a lot of people would be alive today if they hadn't accepted transfusions that they didn't realize were contaminated with HIV. In fact, our family's chiropractor and even a surgeon who we consulted a few years ago both said they would not accept blood transfusions for themselves or loved ones (and they were NOT Jehovah's Witnesses). They both explained that a transfusion hits your body like an organ transplant so when you are already so sick that you need a blood transfusion, it will probably not save your life because your health is already so fragile and your body couldn't successfully deal with a transfusion. And there are all sorts of non-blood (less dangerous) liquids that a hospital can give someone who has lost a lot of blood (or whatever the issue may be) but we don't hear much about these alternatives because they are more expensive than blood, which they get for free! There is a money issue! JWs I have known were/are just trying to be good people and live in sync with the Bible. I have always admired their courage to be criticized - it can't be easy facing your shotguns!
Best answer yet...
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-26 18:53:13
Go to:
Frustrated dude
Posted by Mike-Greenville, OH on 2009-08-06 12:03:08
I should hire these people to do cold calling. They are definetly unharmed by rejection. I cant get rid of them. Next time, I'm going to run out the back door, take off my clothes, and run around the house with a beer in my hand, flute hanging in the wind laughing, giggling, and screaming like a mad man. Maybe that will finally stop these darn visits.
To sweet Lily:
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-23 19:29:15
You wrote: "Wow! I am surprised how angry some of you are! Answering doors with shotguns??!! You guys are scary!"

Dear one. You set foot on my property after numerous, documented warnings not to and I must assume you mean me harm. Be THANKFUL if I merely ANSWER my door with a shotgun! I realize inner- city youth educated in the public school system might be conditioned to become hysterical at the sight of a shotgun, but people in less cosmopolitan settings are not. Besides, hysterical people often have guilty consciences...

Oh yeah, my grandmother invited JW's into her home back in the mid 1970's. She would contribute a buck or two and they would stay for an hour per month telling her (JW's versions) of "bible stories." After 90 days they handed her some documents to sign along with a pen. They "needed her to sign" so they could return and continue telling her "bible stories." She took the papers, ran to her bedroom and locked them in her trunk.

The JW's never returned to her home. But the papers are still in my family's possession. Had she signed them, she would have signed away her home and its contents after 30 days to vacate. Her property would have become the property of the local Kingdom Hall. 2 years later her property was part of the site of an office building. -Wonder how JW's had this information and nobody else did???

Since, many JW's have shaken their heads and told me "-That's IMPOSSIBLE!" They turn kind of green when I fetch them their very own xerox copy of the document.

So Lily, your 'dispassionate,' empirical view of JW's is extremely flawed. They are capable of great harm.

Given that SOME JW's attempt to steal real estate from elderly women, one must assume ALL JW's are capable of and are engaged in committing felonies. As such, they trespass onto my property, THE SIGHT of my Mossberg shotgun is the least of their worries. =Just the way it is!"
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-02 02:59:08
I personally have never had a JW at my door but I've had friends and their parents who have(mind you I'm only 13) had them come knocking at their door. They keep coming to their house time after time even though they keep telling them(POLITELY MIGHT I ADD)they have no interest in whatever they're saying.

I find it stalkerish that they don't give up, that they keep coming back after getting rejected each time. When people say no they mean NO! They're not going to change their answer just because you guys don't seem to want to give up.

I'm an orthodox christian so I don't have any experience or personal info of The Jehovah's witness and I don't necessarily have a problem with them but I find some of their beliefs disgusting/harsh.

For example: how they refuse blood transfusions, even for life-threatening situations.

Do you personally think it's right to watch someone close to you, to see your own child die because you refused to give them blood in their time of need because of a belief? Do you think it makes it all better by just saying "Oh she/he'll be in a better place, in the New Paradise"

That's basically murder, knowing that you could stop someone from dieing but you didn't. I don't think God would ever actually do that, I personally don't think Jesus has ever preached that when he was still alive. I would try as hard as I can and do whatever I could to make sure my kid survived, no matter what. If it means blood transfusions then blood transfusions, and seriously do you think the hospital would except contaminated blood?!

A blood bank is used for storing blood that will be used for blood transfusions and unless you are a doctor and have files on people who have died/survived from blood transfusions you can't exactly go and say that a lot of people have died from them.

I don't know if you guys do this but on holy communion we drink wine with bread that represents the blood and body of Jesus Christ, it's a purifying and holy Christian sacrament. And it does say that at the Last Supper, Jesus gave the his disciples bread, saying, "This is my body", and wine, saying, "This is my blood"

Everyone has their own opinions, if these opinions offend you then ignore them. There are people here who have written a lot of ignorant BS but also people who have had awful experience with your religion. If they think that Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult there's really nothing you can do about it. People will judge all the time whether it's on your religion, color of your skin or on your clothes, but it's your choice for you to ignore it and move past it or act on your anger.
Posted by Johny on 2009-09-03 14:54:51
In my neighbourhood in a 2 block stretch we have 5 of them standing on both sides of the street nagging you as soon as you are close. They come out at you with thier watchtower mag ramming it in your face, it doesnt matter how many times you say no they get you again the next morning. Some days asides from the 5 I mentioned they have 2 more roaming up and down the street bothering people it's gotten to the point where you can't even take a shit without a Jehovah sniffing your ass!. I live in Vancouver, we are hosting the Olympics I wonder how the tourists will react to the harrassment.
Lily is a fraud
Posted by JW hater on 2009-09-22 10:14:30
Lily's comments are irrelevant. Based on what she said, she's obviously a JW and can't be trusted. No sane person would stick up for the JW abuses or have the nerve to say Jesus went knocking door-to-door.
JW's in military neighborhoods
Posted by mater_argus on 2009-09-24 09:57:25
i live on a military reservation and they just put a kingdom hall across the street. Now our whole neighborhood (which used to be peaceful) is being infested with jw's this has only happened recently but in the month or so that it has been there i've been hard pressed to be nice since their fave time to come round is when my 3month old son is napping. Usually 9am. Im growing weary of them and have told the same two pairs of jw's to not solicit. Arent they against the military? y r they recruiting n a military housing complex? I do fear for them tho... My neighbors are not as nice as i am and most have loaded weapons on the premisis. my patience is wearing thin with them. I have had several times where they peek thru my front window & my sliding glass back door as it has the unfortunate happenstance of actually facing their hall. Ive even turned on the sprinklers once or twice. they still come back. Its terrifying tht someone can become so obsessed with their religion... Theyve become a nuisance. any ideas on how to get them to leave my son & i alone?
Oh MY!
Posted by Annoyed on 2009-09-28 20:25:00
OK so here is a little story for you JW's- I live in a very small town. I am American enough to say I respect your religion as long as you respect mine. So why the hell when I tell you I am NOT interested that I already have a home church I am Lutheran I believe in Jesus and celebrate christmas and say the pledge of alligance and support the MILITARY...why do you keep coming back to my door??? they have been on my doorstep 5 times in 3 weeks. Honestly now I am PISSED OFF! HARRASSMENT!!!! So to the JW's who claim they arent pestering people-go blow smoke up someone elses ASS because I have been dealing with these people for 8 years to leave me alone!!! I still cant get rid of fact slammed the door in their faces again today :)
old bitches
Posted by adrienne on 2009-10-01 16:20:32
This morning a car load of white hairs sat in my driveway for twenty min. My dog was going crazy, and since I work third shift it woke me up. When they finally got out of the car they stood on my door step for another five min. They hadn't even knocked on my door yet. What gives them the right to just hang out on my property? I'm atheist, and I'm not buying what they're selling. They offered me a copy of the watchtower, and I told them to f*ck off. But they took they're sweet ass time leaving thats for sure. I'm thinking of going to they're headquarters and giving them a copy of my newsletter "Atheism Today."
Argue with them
Posted by mother goose on 2009-10-03 14:26:55
i have jws tht come to my door every wednesday... Probably from now til the day i move but ive found tht if u argue religion with them & twist their words to make it at least sound like ur agreeing with them then they dont really have much to say. it has a tendency to make them uncomfortable & they leave faster. Plus i was on the debate team n highschool so i love to argue rhetoric!
Jehovah's Fleabags
Posted by Had enough! on 2009-10-04 16:13:04
Why would I waste my energy arguing with these fleabags when I dont want them there? Why not just take a garden hose to them after a few times they'll get it!
Comment for JW's in military neighborhoods
Posted by Noah on 2009-10-17 11:50:08
This is for "JW's in military neighborhoods" You mentioned that your home is right across the street from their kingdom hall, you could put up a large sign saying "Jehovah Free Zone" so they see it everytime they look your way it's not illegal, its generally not offensive to anyone but jehovahs. Just imagine how irrate they would be and there would be nothing they could do about it. Everytime they look your way that is what they would see.
Re: JWs n military neighborhoods
Posted by stepanak on 2009-10-19 17:33:51
im n the military and i get jws by my house all the time too. ive found tht this is the most convienient way to rid urself of those pesky bastards... Since i just pcs'd back stateside from germany last month my wife's been tellin me about how they're buggin her. Problem is she dont speak english real well (she's german) so they keep talking like they're gonna make her get it. She made the comment one day about how it reminded her of hitler. u kno with the whole my religion or ur doomed to hell kinda thing. So i went thru some boxes til i found this old nazi flag tht i bought as a souvineir. I went around & told my neighbors tht i was gonna hang it outside my house to scare these ppl away. They thought it was genius. The next thing i knew every thursday our neighborhood turns into nazi germany!! Its hilarius those jws aint been back since!!!
TO:JWs n military neighborhoods
Posted by Noah on 2009-10-21 14:52:37
Dude you rock!
Posted by cat fish on 2009-10-29 10:58:28
no one get called a goat
Jehovah's Witlesses
Posted by Helene on 2009-11-10 12:18:31
The easiest way to get rid of them is to pretend not to speak English, If they are multi-lingual
( not unusual with JWs), just shake your head at whatever they say, and repeat "Me no unnerstan'". What can they do but give up? It works beautifully.

However, if you have time to kill and a desire to have a good giggle- don a pentagram and black cloak, turn on Bach's "Toccata and Fugue" MEGA-LOUD, wrench open the door and scream abuse at them for keeping the High Priest waiting. Tell them that Satan hates being disrespected when a High Mass is being celebrated, and lateness is not tolerated. Threaten them with the High Priests worst curses, then bang the door. Guarantee they'll never be back.
big bill
Posted by big bill on 2009-11-11 16:34:37
Has anybody noticed that at the bottom of this page you can find advertisements for businesses run by JWs???? Don't you see the irony here. The JWs even advertise on Apostate sites. For those of you who do not know what a apostate is, it is a person who has left the organization of JWs and now expresses views which are different than the JWs. The witnesses are instructed not to have any type of dealings with Apostates, you can find much more info about this practice on the internet. So by advertising on this site they are in violation of what they would say is a command by Jehovah. This site may even be run by Witnesses.
I use to be a Witness, I am so ashamed that I was caught up in this snare. But I am over it, How do you get rid of them. Like a previous comment pointed out, they are like rats. They are protected by law, that poses a problem because the best way to deal with them would be to beat the shit out of a couple of them right there on your doorstep. I do not recommend that as you would be the villan in any court of law. I recommend that you rig up a sprinkler system and place a couple of high volume sprinkler heads aimed at your porch or doorstep. wait for the JWs to get positioned at the door and throw the switch, This will not stop them completely as there are always the real jokers who will set up their own on future visits that will direct the newbie to your door just to get a laugh. But what the hell you have nothing better to do with your time and Armegedon is just around the corner anywho.
Oh yeah all you sick ass JWs posting here and posing as either non witnesses or a 13 year old kiss my ass, you know what will happen to you if you get caught here. It is a shame that you have to post here incognito, whats wrong they won't let you have a myspace account.
Hey Big Bill
Posted by Noah on 2009-11-11 19:17:42
Congrats on getting out of that nightmare. Since you have been there maybe you could give us some insights into what pisses them off, what irritates them that kind of info would at least help us irritate them back.
I was out today and ran into 2 of them in my neighborhood. I said "Its remembrance day shouldn't you be at home remembering the 10's of thousands of children you murdered by denying them blood transfusions?" They went ballistic! telling me to move on before they call the police (They are in my neighborhood) I tell him to go ahead and of course he doesn't so we yell at each other for a bit then I flip them a bird and move on. That was the first time i seen them really loose it....rockin!

Seems they are sensitive about the blood issue...have to do that one again I'll try and record it for youtube...
big bill
Posted by big bill on 2009-11-14 05:19:41
There are as many ways to annoy them as anybody else, It depends on how much time you have to invest. If you have some free time you might visit the Kingdom hall and interupt one of their public talks. It is not their practice to call the cops, If you are a fair actor you can really piss them of by interrupting one of their meetings as they escort you out of the building you can shout out your address and tell them all to stay the f*** away from my door. Every Year they have a really big gathering which they call is the Memorial, this ritual is such a piece of shit, every year the same ole blah,blah, blah. During this riyual they have a big push to invite as many people from the public as possible, a individual JW gets extra points for bringing a guest to the memorial, during the memorial they pass around some wine and you are only suspose to drink it if you are one of the annointed (one of the 144,00 going to rule with christ)this ritual is so very symbolic of there whole purpose for being. They believe that there are only about 5,000 left here on earth and once they die then the end of this system will come. It frustrates the hell out of them that every year more people partake of the wine and it appears that the numbers are growing. They also pass around some crappy bread they call emblems and the only ones of the annointed are supose to eat them. Take a couple of buddies with you and spread out. when the food and drinks arrive act like it is happy hour at your local sports bar, ,maybe shout out "HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS". These people come to your home and screw with you, why not show them your appreciation by participating in there pathetic efforts to pass themselves off as the only true followers of Christ. Once again it all depends on how much time you have to invest and just how pissed you are at them. If you do decide to visit the local kingdom hall or attend their memorial and cause a scene, which is hilarious and drives them nuts, sit up front where everybody can see, JWs are sheep they keep their heads down all the time,
About the blood issue, like many of their core beliefs this is one that they have waffled back and forth on, According to the Watchtower society it is a matter of concious for its members meaning it is their choice if they take blood, and now they say that they cannot have whole but they can take fractions of blood, the changes to doctrine they say comes from new light(whatever),It all comes down to liability, They change their belief system to avoid lawsiuts.
The bigger issue is pedophilia. Their asses are hanging way out on this issue, When the Catholic church was being exposed for pedophiles in the priesthood some 5 to six years ago, the JWs were having a field day with it, every talk every meeting every conversation eventually got around to the catholic priest and their fondness for little boys. Then news of JW pedophilia started appearing, they criticized the catholic church for moving their priest around to avoid scandal, But the JWs had a better way of dealing with this problem, They have the 2 man rule which means that if a victim does not have two witnesses to the crime then his claim is baseless. And if his claim is baseless he or she is told to shut their mouths, if they continue to press the issue they could be run off. they will be instructed not to talk to anyone about it or they will be run off.
Sp when they cpme to your door you might answer the door with a computer print out of local known sex offenders and ask for their names and cross reference to see if their names are on it, or if you cannot get a print out just fake it for their benefit, Go to the door empty handed, greet them with a smile, once rhey give you their openning comment which is always followed by a stupid question, say very interesting, just one moment. Grab the print out and tell them something like I find that very interesting and I like the way you asked the question, before I give you an answer can you give me your name please. They will in most cases refuse to do so, at this point you can enter into a dialog about pedophilia in the JWs and conclude with you guys are just as f*****up as the catholics. Do you see how dangerous this door to door work of their is, when a member of their congregation is a known pedophile or other deviant he is still expected to participate in the door to door work. Asa matter of fact you are more likely to have a pedophile at your door than just the average JW,,,,,,,,,WHY,,,,,,when somebody is being disciplined for a deed he is trying to prove his repentant attitude by increasing his participation. The most visible way of showing you participation is in the door to door work.
Do not argue the Bible with them it is pointless. Do some research, once again it deepends on how much time you have
Posted by ShiningLily on 2009-11-23 03:06:57
In all of the places I've ever lived, I have never come across JW's, as none of their Kingdom Halls are EVER close enough to come over. I'm not sure if I want the dubious honor of one showing up.
I am an Apostate
Posted by Engineer11 on 2009-12-10 15:13:37
Hi Everyone,

I am married to a JW, my mother is one, and I appear to be one.

However I am an apostate, with total apostate views.

I go through the motions because family life is OK, and I don't want to spoil it.

The file cricus is OK, because I talk to people about their gardens, and get ideas for next years' planting out.

I alos look at cars, decorating and DIY, for good ideas, and leave the magazines to get rid of them.

If I work on my own I pretend to knock some doors if I don't fancy doing them, or I'll dump some tracts or magazines that have been building up.

I told my wife I think 1914 etc. is tosh, but she seems to think I joke a lot, so I'm OK.

I don't comment at meetings, and I am great at daydreaming during the meetings.

The 2 hours rest does me good too, and I associate with ones who will talk about music, work, and other everyday stuff.

They are OK, but brainwashed; however I feel free because I beleive this...


Anyway I await new light, and look forwrd to being free one day totally!

I may even start my own religion yet!

However you will be free and not brainwashed.

Have a nice day,

Things to say
Posted by engineer11 on 2009-12-10 15:39:42
Say armageddon is 2070, and that 1914 is wrong and the generation is dead.

My favorite is for them to explain Daniel 8:25, and also ask them to explain the 2300 mornings and evenings, the 1335, 1290, and 1260 days.

Explaining 1914 and the generation will usually do it though.

As for Daniel, they think those days were during the early 1900's, but really they are yet to come, and not some vestige of the past only applied to the Watchtower Society.

It is the above questioning that freed me up to reason! Daft but true!

Oh how senseless they speak, and I have heard it for 35 years!
Can't trust employer who is JW!
Posted by Disillusioned one on 2009-12-11 14:27:40
I worked for more than one JW in my career. They are the greediest, most dishonest, selfish people that I have ever worked for. I am an inactive JW so I know what I am talking about. Bible principles have no meaning when it applies to their business. They sell products fraudulently as something that they are not. They mistreat and sexually abuse their employees, especially other JW's. Then their elders at their congregations keep the employees from going to the authorities to report this and it just keeps on happening. I know of one case where the employer was disfellowshiped for what he did, but within a year he was reinstated. This was the second time he had been caught doing this. The poor employee had to quit the job because of the abuse without any compensation. If the employee complains, then they become the bad guy and have to be silenced by the elders. They also have lied on their tax returns and hardly ever keep their promises to their JW employees. I won't ever work for a JW again. I would rather work for an "wordly person" than one of them. I am deeply wounded by the recent stories of sexual abuse I have read about and that the HQ of JW's have tried to keep secret. Not something that I would want to be identified with. I still have my beliefs based on the bible, but I think I've had it with the organization.
Posted by anonymous on 2009-12-13 17:52:12
I was starting to have a friend,that was a jwitness,she was very friendly.I made a comment here before about them. I think not all are bad.But the neighbors,i have next to me,I have tryed to make amends with them.No luck. If they want to hold a big grudge over a screen door,i don't need their hateful attitude.They are not christians what=so ever!! I guess they believe in hating. i only pray,that one day,they will move.
Posted by CoastGuardGirl on 2009-12-24 23:11:42
I have had ones come to my door today even with an American flag outside and my door that fsays "Coast GUard," on it. I think they are trying to turn me against my and my family's military service. I am glad I turned to this forum for others experiances. I think I am going to turn the military channel on very loud next time they come back.
End needless illusionary religious fear
Posted by Abolish Religion Forever on 2010-01-10 05:08:28

To anyone interested in educationing themselves, check out You Tube on the subject on Scientific facts on Evolution.

Here are a few You Tubers u can check out then you can search around for yourselves.

The Atheist Experience



Theoretical Bullshit

Pat Condell

Pascal's wager

Adam and Eve fairy tale

Noah's Ark fairy tale

Hey a good education today is only as far as your internet connection.

And if more folks would entertain these area's they can make up their own minds based on facts and not blind faith.
Posted by Bible Belt on 2010-01-18 13:28:18
The scary thing about Jehovah's Witnesses is that they ADD TO and TAKE AWAY from the Bible. What they say is slightly true enough to be misleading to people who only have a beginning understanding of the Bible. Their faith is very rooted in legalism (you can't do this, and you must do that). It is a cult because they are in bondage to this religion which has very little to do with actual faith and relationship with God.

People who love God are responsible to love their neighbors as themselves--not shun them or judge them (or, for that matter annoy them--which in itself is not loving!) Jesus Christ came to make the laws of the Old Testament unnecessary--we serve him and keep his commands because we love Him. Anyone who touts lawfulness does not know God!

I encourage you...if you have a chance to argue with a Jehovah's witness, make sure that you use your own Bible!

I always tell them, "I believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God who died on the cross for my sins. I believe that He sent the Holy Spirit to Earth to be my helper. That my responsibility is to love them...and I'll be praying for them." Then I proceed to pray outright that their "eyes will be opened and they they will be delivered from this bondage that they are living in."

I must have made a "do not knock" list somewhere because they haven't come back.
Posted by FENWICK on 2010-02-02 02:51:13
It's human nature for most of us to try to be polite, even to those who aggravate us. But being polite to a JW on your doorstep for more than the first sentence is foolish. That only encourages them. Hand the bastards a piece of paper and a pencil and tell them to write down their addresses. Tell them that you'll call on them at some inconvenient time to deliver the "TRUTH." If that doesn't get rid of them, grab that baseball bat from behind the door and wave it in their faces. A little maniacal laughter and a twitching eyelid are pluses.
Why are they whacky!
Posted by JW Whack Jobs on 2010-02-09 18:34:38
JW's are lost souls looking for new paradise. What new Paradise? The one your mind creates or the one created in someone else's mind. This is Paradise earth! Use it anyway you want cause you have a short time to experience it before moving on.

You guy's are just pure whack jobs! Always pretending to be innocent kind of thing. The difference between Hitler and JW is minimal, except that one party acted while the other suppressed the act of violence but both fought on the name of the bible. Both use dictatorship mentality in the pursue of freedom. Putin knew this best, there will only be one dictator in Russia and it will not be the Jehovah's witness. Hence your Tower is banned. Good of Russia. As a matter of fact they should make an example of the JW's on how not to abuse freedom

This world is a Paradise, what other Paradise are you looking for ? Seek and you shall find it here, not in the next life time that you falsely believe in. Zero sum game girl's and boy's, you way out is only through death. No god is going to come and destroy this world. It is the human mind. JW's are just too dumb to know better.

Peace out!
The voice of reason
Posted by Hi guys on 2010-03-04 04:44:02
Really people. We are all humans but we tend to behave inhumanely to each other. Its sad. Thats how wars are started. Just because we may not agree with anothers political or religeous views should that be reason enough to speak abusively to others or to be unkind to them.Did you ever stop to think that maybe they are at your door because they do have your best interests at heart. Surely you must admit that it must take a lot of courage to go to peoples doors knowing that they are despised and hated where ever they go. I havent met anyone yet who actually enjoyed having the door slammed in their face Whether your brainwashed or not.

Even if you do feel that they are brainwashed.If so would you not feel some pity for them. I have friends that are of all nationalities and colors and religions and i respect and love them all. I may not agree with their beliefs and they may not agree with mine. And sure, we have some heated discussions but so what. All of us are passionate about something. It could be sports, or music,or dance or politics. We may be so passionate about something or love something so much that we feel compelled to talk about it with others even if others dont want to hear it. My husbands passionate about beer and could drive me crazy talking about it.I hate beer but im not gonna be mean about it even though ive heard the same hoopla a thousand times. I guess what im trying to say is i think we should all try to be a little more tolerant of each other and repect each others beliefs and convictions wheather they are strangers or not and to try to see the motivation behind the actions. If we still dont agree or like what what we are hearing whats the harm in saying thankyou but im really not interested. Even if it means saying it a thousand times. Prejudise does nothing but cause hatred and uglyness to come out in us. Havent we all ticked others off at times. So what. None of us are perfect. I just dont see the use in treating each other unkindly or being mean. This economy has affected us all and not in a good way. We are all in the same boat stuggling to stay afloat. Look at what people are having to deal with in haide and chili (please excuse the spelling)lets give each other a beak. We are ALL worth it. We all need a kind word. we all need comfort. Take care everyone. Be happy not mad.
Do not resurrect to joho paradise.....
Posted by NoJo... on 2010-03-05 22:51:59
So should I be concerned here?

Jehovah is going to destroy the world and only the johos will be spared, living life in a paradise on earth.

Holy Shit!

So I ask myself
Do not resurrect to joho paradise Part 2
Posted by NoJo on 2010-03-05 22:54:34
continued from above...(somehow got cut off..jehovah?)

How would you like this??
Posted by Nevermore on 2010-04-05 01:23:22
How would the JW's like it if I stopped in at their church and started singing patriotic songs? I'll just stop by unannounced (dressed very nicely and go into "The Star Spangled Banner", Battle Hymn of the Republic & top it off with the 'Pledge of Allegience".
christmas shopping
Posted by annoyedtoday on 2010-04-05 16:06:46
My Aunt is a JW and she brings my grandmother Christmas shopping. She also accepts presents for birthdays and Christmas as long as it's the day before or day after. She looks down at everyone like we're dirt beneath her feet.
Posted by annoyedtoday on 2010-04-07 11:08:20
They got me again...I was taking down Easter decorations outside and a JW pulled into my driveway and came into my yard to bother me. Really? I was taking down EASTER decorations...I obviously don't want to hear it lady! They called me by my name and everything. My aunt must tell them to bother me.
Jehovah's Witnesses are Parasites
Posted by Bratty on 2010-04-20 14:18:25
Absolutely,JW are Parasites.
Let me tell you why.

We live in a world where it is the norm for a man to be raised up to fight for his country and his parents are proud for it. Until later they realize that we have invaded a country, ravaged their towns and force our ways, not to metion killing inocent civlians.
>>JW avoid and condemn that patriotic practice. How dare they!

We live in a world where we are brainwashed and told what brand to wear, what to listen, what to eat, who to vote for...we think we have options but it is like McDonalds menu....they (this worldly system) give us combos. We choose combo #1 - I want to be a racist redneck. Or we can choose combo #2 - I want to be a ganster rapper. Or we can choose combo #3 - a gothic punk, or a nerd, or a cool jock, or a free-thinking-radical.....get the picture? we are all categorized. We live how the world tells us or else we are "loosers"...if we don't abide by their rules.
>>Then JW come to our doors trying to condemn this dare they?

We live in a world where elements that were once trustworthy and "respectable", like governments, businesses, banks, religions are all falling apart. But we feel somehow we can and will adapt to these changes.
>>>Then, we get these JW parasites telling us that these elements won't last and will be destroyed.

I don't care if doctors are now recommending bloodless surgery...I want my #@$% blood transfusion! I have never seen one of you actually kill his daughter or son this way, but I believe you would!

There is nothing worse than having someone point you to your deep morals...and you parasites do this....
So what if we protest "peacefully" even though we end up causing violence?
So what if I choose who and what ever sex to sleep with, even though it will hurt other's feelings or a leave a child without a full family?

If there is a god out there (as JWs insist), then tell him to leave me alone...I want to practice MY free will, MY way. If he doesn't like it, he should have made me a robot!! Let us live our life our way and stop recommending a BETTER WORLD!!!! You parasites.

Just because you practice your freedom of religion and have managed to abolish racism, hate and crime in your little World Wide Nation, doesn't mean you have to force that in into our ARE PARASITES!!!!!!
Save our children castrate a JW
Posted by Joe Hoe on 2010-04-21 20:00:49
I really think you are a JW or incredibly mis informed.

'There is nothing worse than having someone point you to your deep morals...and you parasites do this....'
These parasites do not do this they have no sense of deep morals they are uneducated pigs with jehovah being the biggest pig of them all.

'Just because you practice your freedom of religion and have managed to abolish racism, hate and crime in your little World Wide Nation'

Freedom of religion means respecting one anothers religion NOT trying to ram your belief down others throats no matter how many times they say no.

Abolish hate, crime: Are you effin serious? Do you not consider molesting children a crime? These jw's have been refferred to as the pedophile haven of the world because of their covering up of the issue. The hell with the child is what they say not to mention they send registered sex offenders to our doors. No,i do not have them mixed up with the catholics they are actually worse offenders.

Blood transfusions: Call this what you want but the bottom line this is murder and that is a crime and it is discusting how these animals can sit and watch a child die, maybe they molest them to ease the pain!

Disfellowing: Is that not another form of hate and a sure sign of ignorance?

Asides from nagging us to death with their trash can you tell me what they do for the human race? I have never heard or seen or the JW's helping the homeless or feeding the hungry or helping their fellow man other than standing in my neighbourhood nagging us to death day after day.
My 2 cents
Posted by Cindy T on 2010-04-23 15:55:42
He he, I think Bratty is a JW as well.
However, you (Joe) are more misinformed than Bratty is. I am not a Jehovah's Witness but my mother and one of my brothers are so I can tell you that you are wrong on a few accounts.
Jehovah could be a pig to you, however, of all gods invented by humans, he is the one who has surpassed them in popularity...Before Abraham's days, there were other gods also, but you don't see people worshiping them that is Mr. Pig to you. ;-p
Definition of Freedom of Religion is found on the constitution, not your own definition. Otherwise you would see more witnesses going to jail for preaching, for it being unconstitutional.
I don't understand how everyone says JW kill their children...they depend on hypothetically theories, however show me a link to a few incidents where this has happened. I will show you that Witnesses don't send their children to war, and many of you parents do, KILLING THEM...Now, do the ratio in reality NOT hypothetically.
To strengthen your point you say "maybe" 'they do this'...come are more educated than that.
As for helping others, google: "JW & Haiti" or you can google "JW & relief effort" or google "JW & Katrina"....that will educate you or inform you a bit.
my 2 C..
My 2 Cents
Posted by Cindy T on 2010-04-23 16:03:35
....another thing, looking back at Brat's statement versus yours.
As much as it is annoying for them to knock early morning at your door, which would you prefer:
Nagging at the door or having someone come to your home from another country, trash your home and rape your wife? That's what we (and other nations) are doing in other countries.

I don't know about you but I would prefer the nagging at my door. So be thankful you don't have worse coming at your door.
My 1 cent
Posted by Gezus on 2010-04-24 18:23:18
'As for helping others, google: "JW & Haiti" or you can google "JW & relief effort" or google "JW & Katrina"....that will educate you or inform you a bit.'

Those poor Hatians those poor Katrina victims, not only do they have to deal with the devastation
they now also have to deal with JW's nagging them while they are trying to rebuid. What a bunch of parasites! Talk about ignorant!

Ps: Jehovah is a pig to me also...with no Mr.

They come to my door again they will meet Mr.BAT!
Jehovahs beasts
Posted by Fed up on 2010-04-26 22:00:09
What is it with you alleged religious morons?
No Really!
Who the hell do you think you are constantly trying to change who I am and what I choose to believe in on my own! What kind of fucin beasts are you?666
Fuc'U for thinking it is acceptable to bother me daily in my own neighbourhood, Knocking on my door interupting me on my street even after I've told you NO over and over! What part of that is not clear?
Fuc'U for justifying this ignorant behaviour to yourself in the name of your joho.
There is no excuse for your ignorance you discusting morons!
Pushed past the brink....
Posted by todd on 2010-04-27 19:54:55
I am being harrassed daily as these parasites(seems to be a popular description and accurate)stand on the street in my neighbourhood. I am so tired of being polite and saying NO only to be asked again the next day. TODAY the world changed because I am fed up with the ignorance of the jw's in my neighbourhood. When I stepped out my door and onto my street they pushed the awake mag in my face as usual. This time I took it rolled it up and started ramming it down the jw's throat over and over. The look on the jw's face as he tried to get away from his mag being rammed into his mouth was priceless. I then spit on the mag and threw it at him and said "ask me again tomorrow". I feel so good! I look forward to tomorrow I should have done this years ago. I highly recommend this method it leaves you feeling wonderful.
Posted by big bill on 2010-05-06 00:45:29
google: "JW & Haiti" or you can google "JW & relief effort" or google "JW & Katrina"....that will educate you or inform you a bit.'

Just like all JWs you think you have all the answers and the rest of us are doomed to an ignorant death, meanwhile you will live in peace in a paradise setting. All of the reference material you refer us to was either printed by the Watchtower Society or staged for positive feedback. Many JWs went to these areas to offer relief and help rebuild, relief and aid for fellow JWs. JWs have never been a charitable organization, they take care of their own. People in Haiti dieing in the streets and the JWs are rebuilding the Kingdom Halls. You and all the other sheep are a bunch of pathetic loosers, We can only be thankful that you feed on your own first, after you have sucked the life out of your members and drained their bank accounts then you turn your attention to those of us who have been working our asses off at real jobs in the real world.
Why don't you point us out some references to the pedophilla that has been taking place inside your Congregations, why not try to explain to us how your Governing body has spent millions on Legal Battles to hide their horrible track record of child molestation and abuse behind the clergy/pentant priviledge. You don't dare talk about these matters, the organization that you support can no longer hide behind sheep no matter how many Kingdom Hall quick builds you post on youtube. Get out of her, Babylon has fallen, get out of her. Freaks...
Posted by bigbill on 2010-05-06 00:52:30
One more point I wish to make, I do believe that Jehovah is the true God, But those of you who belong to the Watchtower Society are making him look very bad, There is nothing wrong in being a believer, but when you take his name as your own and profess to be something you are not, you bring great shame to his name. The only thing wrong with Jehovah is he has you idiots for mouthpieces, he should fire the lot of you.
Posted by gail on 2010-05-08 13:59:55
Asked kingdom hall to put me on no call list. They still come, yesterday telling me when I asked what they wanted 'we have some fantastic news about the bible'
Next time gonna answer eating a blood sasuage in the nude and ask wether they like porn.
Posted by bigbill on 2010-05-11 00:28:53
what's your address? I'd like to see that!
Why take precautions??
Posted by Christina M on 2010-05-21 23:00:30
If the kingdom of heaven is a guarantee to those that have been "saved" then why do super-religious-fanatics take live-saving precautions - like wearing seat belts, looking before the cross the street, etc... ???? Why prolong your stay in this "hell on earth" with all us wicked souls???
Big Bill
Posted by Big Bill on 2010-05-22 14:32:56
Christina M, you just made a big mistake asking them Why! You just invited yourself to a witnessing. Just wait a minute, I am sure that a JDub will be here soon to respond with a scripturally based answer to your question.
Posted by CitizenKate on 2010-06-11 18:04:21
Unfortunately, the Jehovah's Witnesses in my community refuse to remove resident addresses from their door-to-door campaign after being asked to do so by owners for more than 2 years. JW Members, or those pretending to be members, come door-to-door several times during a regular 7-day week (some times twice a day). I know because I work at home. This particular group has asked for money, refused to leave the premises when asked, sent others out the same day a "please leave" request was made, ignored the "no solicitation" sign posted on the property, and even has expectations of being invited into the home. I was also witness to young people (early to mid-teens) being used after adults were asked to leave. After 2 years of very "nicely" asking each JW person to place us on the do-not-call/knock list the owner-occupants of this community now consider this act harassment and, more than a public nuisance, an ongoing potential threat to person and property. It took a long time of "being nice" to get to this point. I truly respect their rights, but I earn my living at home and they consistently abuse our effort to be civil and courteous to everyone we meet. Ultimately, actions speak louder than words. For those who are JW or support them, they would gain more respect if they simply abided by the wishes of residents the first time they are told that the household is not interested.

Among other agencies, you can file a complaint to the FTC's Consumer Sentinel, "a secure online database available to thousands of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies worldwide" at Their Consumer Response Center is 1-877-FTC-HELP.
JW Brainwashing
Posted by Bettie on 2010-07-05 16:22:30
I'm not a JW - never have been -never will be. But I know a lot about them, having been in a long-term relationship with a nominal, unbaptized JW whose entire family are baptized, "strong" JWs. He doesn't really have any serious interest in the relig- uh, ORGANIZATION...but he won't listen to even the mildest criticism of it. His family shunned him for a couple of months for being with "a worldly woman". (I'm NOT worldly: I'm just not a member of their cult!) Sometimes the family is friendly; other times, they act aloof and "superior". My boyfriend usually behaves normally, but not when speaking to any JW. I can actually feel his fear and his voice is nervous/shaky in JWs' presence. He lies about what he really thinks, feels and does to all JWs, family included. He was abused growing up, had alcoholic parents, and Daddy's on the 4th wife now...but they're the godly ones...and if you believe that, I have this bridge in Brooklyn to sell you...
When preteen and teenage JWs reply on this page, listen: Hear the brainwashing? The mindless parrotting of doctrine? It doesn't necessarily get better as they get older. Fear + limited information = stunted growth. Their families/congregations form an ideological prison to which they may be tied, even when their hearts know it's all falsehood and propaganda. ("The Truth" ...that's the JW term for their organization. Still think they're humble?! )
I hear you knockin' but you can't get in
Posted by Jehovah on 2010-08-07 10:37:00
Hey, it's Me. Jehovah.
To those who follow the true faith, in that which is Me -- let the non-believers sleep in will ya? I said that like whole door knocking thing like.... eons ago and I just wanted to spread the word around because the internet hadn't been invented yet (thanks to Me). Word of mouth was the only way to get this stuff started, but its gotten stale.
I think we all know I'm out there, and there's always Google to go to if anyone has any questions.
Thanks, Jehovah
On my knees for you.
Posted by Little Sheep on 2010-08-07 11:16:10
Why are the non-believers so repulsed by us ho's?
What is their problem with Pedophilia?
What is their problem with killing children by refusing blood transfusions?
What is their problem with discriminating against gays?
What is their problem with disfellowing(one of my personal fav's). Hell I no longer have a family or friends,talk about peaceful.

Whats up with them Jehovah?
Oh I wish they would leave me alone
Posted by girl on the street on 2010-08-08 15:52:54
I have a fenced in yard with a locked gate and I have two dogs. Keeps them out and they just stick the papers in my gate. However if I am outside they won't leave me alone. I keep telling them that I am not interested and to please leave me alone. If I see them coming I run in my house and wait for them to pass. I do worry that when they're putting their leaflets etc in my gate they may get bit by my dog, but they almost seem like they want to be. It's very strange, If I had a dog jumping and barking at me I certainly wouldn't put my hand near the chain link fence.
In reply to Little Sheep
Posted by Jehovah on 2010-09-15 08:05:20
Little Sheep,

Who says I never answer the true believers? I've got the perfect answer to all of your questions that you posted above. It its taken to long for My reply, just remember that I work in mysterious ways and that I intended to answer them at this exact moment so I'm not late at all.

The answer is that Paradise has limited space. Itty bitty living space, so only 144,000 are chosen by My own very hand and are allowed to show up. Very VIP if you get my meaning, but not as VIP as Me of course. You've got to be either very, very, very short (as I intended in the first place) or have to follow My strict physical and spiritual rules to be allowed in.

Struggle on My faithful servant, and you might just make the VIP list yourself.

This is one big HATE board
Posted by JPS on 2010-09-17 12:10:00
People - you are talking about hurting JW's. Hurting people who simply knock on your door and want to discuss the bible. You have the same hatred for terrorists. It's not like we are flying planes into buildings, going to war with you or kidnapping you or beheading you for our religous beliefs.

Don't you have better things to do with your life?

Just simply say "I insist you put me on your do not call list". Hand them a piece of paper with your name and address and stress it again. Tell them to hand it to the service overseer. This will work. No need to for shotguns or violence.
Posted by nevermind on 2010-09-17 14:52:27
I am tired of you jw's thinking it is acceptable to knock on my door or stand on my street to tell me what your thoughts are on the bible. The word NO really means NO but you morons keep bothering me. Why would/should I want or have to give you idiots my personal information in order to make you stop?
When I ask you morons for your home address you give me the glazed over zombie look.
There is no religion in the jehovahs there is just hate in the form of pedophilia, judgement against gays, disfellowing (great for the family) and the list goes on.
We as a neighbourhood actually had to have you people removed from our neighbourhood by the law after 9 years of harrassment. There is a reason why people on this board are so frustrated with you parasites. As someone before me wrote'having jw's is worse than having rats'!
Posted by Jehovah on 2010-09-19 19:51:18

I agree, since none of the True believers should ever pick up arms to defend their homes, loved ones, and country. Why would anyone be shipped to war when there are so many doors to knock?

Let them knock as I have commanded, let others die so that My faith can be free of bloodshed (because sharing blood is a no-no).

In the life I have bestowed upon my faithful servants, knocking on doors is the only better thing to do with their time.

Posted by Lee on 2010-09-22 10:15:41
I simply invested in an air horn and when they come to my house again I plan to be extremely obnoxious and blow it right in their face until they get the hint. I have asked them to leave me alone, take me off their list, posted a sign and tried to just ignore them. It is kind of hard to ignore someone at your door though when your 115lb. Dog is going crazy over the constant sound of the door bell. Basically what I'm trying to say is if people want to hear your fairytales from your bullshit books, they will come find you.
nice people
Posted by REAL JW on 2010-10-20 18:15:38
hey!!!!!!!!!!!! JWS or jehovah wittniss are so nice im one ok were freindly just like an avereg person the only diffens is that we beilive in the truth all of are bilives are bast on the biblethats it and we have records of who was deis felowship ok we are tring to help you ok so liten up and listen and i know alot becase im a JW and im 9 ok guys ok im a good person
Ya real nice people
Posted by Adolf on 2010-10-20 19:53:37
Sieg heil jehovah!
Posted by James on 2010-10-22 20:02:06
Saying you are disfellowshipped will not work. I was a JW for 25 years and even served at Bethel briefly. If you say you are disfellowshipped the door knocker will then tell the elders (Church Leaders) and they will make a special trip to your home to find out what happened and if you want to be reinstated. They will do this once per year. The best way to avoid them is to put a "No Trespassing" sign in your yard, send a notarized letter to the local congregation via certified mail that states if they show up and knock on your door you will sue the individuals who do the knocking in a civil suit of trespassing. Google this and include examples of won cases against the JW's for trespassing. This will keep them away. Though it's still not a guarantee. If they show up, sue them. You've given them notice and you had the "No Trespassing" sign clearly in sight, you'll win and they may think very hard about showing up again. As a home owner you have the right to privacy and the legal system will be on your side if you have taken the proper steps before hand.
Baseball bat
Posted by Slugger on 2010-12-19 16:53:46
Just knock on my door i'm waiting.
Posted by Cutaway on 2011-01-08 13:43:06
After 40 years as one of these deluded prople, I left, and now feel very sad for them. The "front-liners" are made to do the work the higher-ups refuse to do. There is a promise of love, and freedom, but there is enslavement and hatred. There are many kind and wonderfully "meek" people in their group, who are at the mercy of the taskmasters, the "elders". These meek ones will be released when the REAL Jehovah arrives soon, and has his Son dismantle the "organization". There will be many of these people wandering about, looking for others to share the real truth of love there for them? Remember, they actually believe all the garbage they are taught...and they (most of them) are just trying to help make your life better with their message...problem is, their own lives are all a mess in there...Be kind to them, forgive them, and wait for real relief to IS on it's way, and it is not who they think it will be... I promise.
just a friend.
Posted by Just a gurl on 2011-01-22 10:58:54
When I met my husband he was introducing me to all his friends and he introduced me to this girl and didn't think much of it. So time passed on and we got married and I was expecting my first kid and one day I was home alone I heard a knock on the door and it was her. She had somthing in her hand and I immediately knew what that was she asked to come in and of course I said yes and she started telling me about how I should think about not having an abortion and all this other crap that was in her little books I was in shock! well I told my husband that I never wanted her to come over to the house, well she didn't but she got some people from her church or whatever they call it to come to my house she gave them my address and every saturday this lady comes and talks to me and I tell her that I have two crying kids and she don't care she goes on and on she wakes me up every saturday I have told her sooo many times to stop coming over and it's like I tell her come over every saturday and bother me and make my food burn and I had it when me and my husband decided to have a little morning quikey before the kids woke up and there she was knocking on our window!!!!! I don't know what to do!!!!!
To just a friend
Posted by Just chillin on 2011-01-26 14:23:03
Ask them to join you for a 3 some..that should do it!
buy a gun
Posted by anonymous on 2011-03-20 15:57:28
im twelve years old and my mom was about to pounce on them ,she and my family has been locked in my own house for four years my dad was sick and tired and started to yell at them, heres a sample "get the fu@k out and go kiss your owners" then the whole street went out to see then my dad came out with his shotgun and shot a slug (no bullets just a practes slug)while the steet went in there houses the j,w's got in the jwmoble they send the police and did no fine and gave the fine the them!!! im also mexican akward we got a german shepherd, and they came back i made a costume of hitler and told them in german f''k you and satin rules they never came back!!
Posted by NO JW YES PARTY on 2011-03-20 16:00:09
Stinking JW's...
Posted by Go Kid Go! on 2011-03-21 14:47:10
Kid, that rocks! I would have loved to have been there to see it...keep on doing what you're doing!
JWs lie to get into your house!
Posted by A N Other on 2011-03-26 06:21:52
Jehovahs Witnesses ... are a bunch of freaking liars. I live in the UK, and a family of JWs visited me a few minutes ago. They started off by lying ... "We visited earlier this week, and spoke to someone else" ... no they did not! They edged toward my doorway, and I almost cursed at them. Their children looked a little dazed (brainwashed), so I decided not to scare them. When the JWs realised their tactics were failing, they resorted to: "We spoke to an old man in another house ... do you know where he lives?". I told them it was my neighbour, who just happens to be the biggest JW hater you could ever imagine :-)

In 2009, a JW woman visited my house, and used the same lies: "I spoke to a lady in your house, and she invited me in" ... BS alert.

JWs edge towards your doorway, trying to get into your house. JWs have visited my house a total of four times in two years. Last year, a couple of JWs gave me a book, but I insisted that I wasn't going to pay for it. I put it in the paper recycling! That's all it's good for!

A few months ago, I was walking through a park when this woman gave me a leaflet about the "UK economy". I thought nothing of it. When I opened the leaflet, there was a copy of "The WatchTower" hidden inside. Yes, I recycled their publication as well!

Sneaky, underhand, lying a-holes, the lot of them. They are a cult .. avoid like the plague.
brush the dirt off your feet
Posted by fed up too on 2011-04-26 23:16:09
My neighbors had moved (now I see why) and someone was knocking on their door. I stuck my head out because I thought maybe it was someone who knew them and it turned out to be JW's. And now I'M stuck with them! How I wish I'd never stuck my head out! I've lived here for 14 years w/o this problem. What am I suposed to do now, move too? I will try a "put me on your do-not-knock list" sign but, from other people's posts, it doesn't always work. I put up a "Jehovah Protect Me from Your Witnesses" sign at another place I lived and it worked. It's one thing to knock once but once they've been told "no," they should stop. That's when it ceases to become "spreading the good news" and starts to become harrassment. Even Jesus said that if people didn't accept the message, to brush the dirt off their feet. He didn't say to go back.
agree with A N Other
Posted by Sue St on 2011-04-27 15:25:16
I agree with A N Other. They lied to me too. The first thing the two ladies said was that they've been talking to my neighbors. Well, most of my neighbors are family members, so I knew that was a lie! I told them to stop the minute they brought up how everyone was thinking about Jesus because of Easter and told them not to come back. One lady seemed shocked that I stopped them! The other said that she respected me. I told her that I respect them too, but not to come back ever! They left quite peacefully and drove over to my neighbor's house (my brother in law!).
Posted by jonathan on 2011-05-13 06:20:47
my church used to send us out and beg for money at christmas time for its missions .I am glad we do not do that anymore we called it ingathering. We all would used to laugh and say that the jw and mormons were after your soul but the sda's were just after your money.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-24 19:14:57
Posted by Big Bill on 2011-05-25 01:24:21
Why would any true witness of Jehovah come on this blog and defend their religion? You are very dilusional. The purpose of this page is to offer suggestions to people who are being harassed by people just like you, you are like a Tick. Just here for the ride, sucking the blood off those who can still pump blood.
My guess is that you are mentally unbalanced, poor creature, you should go to the elders and speak to them about your need for medication. The Elders probably already suspect that you are in need of some form of Medical help. You will never achieve anything as long as you are associated with this group, you will be used to clean the toilettes of the kingdom hall and your only reward is the opportiunity to spout your indignation in the company of other pitiful creatures who are equally depressed and of low self esteem. It is people like yourself that give the great God Jehovah a bad name.
Your comments are exactly the type of schizophrenic BS we are sick of hearing. I suggest to those of you who are tired of being harassed to get a water cannon and put it in your front yard and use it on them.
annoyed by these people
Posted by zip on 2011-05-27 13:53:09
I live near a Jehovah's witness temple and get hit up way too much. I answered the door with a pig mask on and an ak-74 in hand and the woman just stood there looking at me like a too long caged sheep! I am going to put up a sign that says defellowshipped special pioneer.
next time
Posted by zip on 2011-05-28 14:10:11
I think next time they come, I 'll whip out my penis and start masturbating. I wish there was a sanitary way to throw poop at them!
I just tell them to go away
Posted by Slacker on 2011-06-14 09:32:34
There's no point in shouting at them. I mean, anyone who comes to my door asking to tell me about the good news that's in the bible is obviously mentally ill. Sadly, mental health provision here in the UK is so poor that many like these who would at one time have been sectioned are roaming the streets gibbering on about religion and such. Frankly they'd be better off as street drinkers, which is where most of the mentalists seem to end up.
I apparently befriended them
Posted by College Student Got Bothered on 2011-06-14 10:32:38
I'm a college student still living at home, and after they came to my house once (not telling me what they belonged to), I thought the traveling Bible verses were nice (again, I had no idea they were JW so it was just a passing nicety), until they started inviting me to their services. It wasn't until they handed me a pamphlet that I realized that they were Jehovah's Witnesses. I've told them I belong to a church and read my OWN Bible daily, but they still come back. They even asked if I go to classes before 10am and I said I do which made them slow down their house visiting, and now they're back because my semester is over for summer. I just ignore them nowadays because after I don't answer for a week or two they don't show up for a few more...I have my own beliefs and business to attend to, I don't like being forced to change for others. That and I like to sleep in. It's bad enough that my pet bird likes to force-feed my ears with his silly nonsense early in the morning (that's supposed to be a joke, I do love my bird.)
Wotta relief
Posted by Litta on 2011-08-07 10:49:21
i love my space and after taxing work, the last thing i want is an uninvited guest. Nevertheless I ended up with one at my door, recognised her as a lady nurse from the neighbourhood. Seeing the watchtower mags though, I was irritated, but also genuinely concerned about her overwork, and asked why she bothered (herself and us!). She told me if she didn't do preaching (on top of her job mind you), God would hold her responsible for the lives of neighbours she didn't preach to while they needed the gospel and since she couldn't tell who needs it and when, she would continue to knock on doors. My flatmates and I agreed to take her phone number and sign her a release saying we... appreciate her assignment and would call on her should we ever need the gospel, meanwhile we take full responsibility for our own lives and she would not ever call on us uninvited". The knocks stopped!!! We have a great relationship in the neighbourhood - they all leave us alone except for a wave and a weather chat now and again. I guess the "don't call on me" note would have same effect, but our approach worked wonders - you are welcome to try it and share if it works!!!
f*ck all of you zealots
Posted by zip on 2011-08-08 22:22:34
All of you people who agree that Jdubs should bother people are f*cking assholes!!!! Enough is enough! I have come to the point that I'm going to f*ck these people up! Come to my house one more god damn time. Being bothered is the deal with all of this hatred against unwanted door knocking. so type kills who is against hatred of christians, f*ck you twat!
Posted by Paul Powell on 2011-08-15 06:14:28
I've had Jehovah's Witnesses call at my door and when I ask them the question why are you preaching on my door they answer that Jesus says so in the Bible so, I tell them NO, he says go and knock on the doors and tell the people of my coming.
I then ask the question that if they want to do the work of God why aren't they helping the homeless, infirm, elderly and anyone else who is struggling to cope with the everyday things that the rest of us can do quite well, then, by that example it may encourage others to do the same, to follow the lesson of the Good Samaritan and the New Commandment to love God with all your heart body and soul and to love one another and treat others as you would wish to be treated, SIMPLE!
Tomato Ketchup
Posted by John Parsells on 2011-08-15 06:22:44
You could answer the door naked, smeared with tomato ketchup holding a large knife in your hand and say "What do you what I'm just in the middle of a sacrificial killing?"
In respect to the blood
Posted by just me on 2011-08-17 15:23:49
To all of you JW's.... Jesus died on the cross and gave his BLOOD for us. Therefor, to be closer to "GOD" don't you think it would be right to give our "BLOOD" for others? Blood transfusions save lives, JW's DONT!
former wittness
Posted by mouse on 2011-08-21 12:50:29
you are wrong saying you dis-fellowship will not keep them from coming to your door in fact it will be reported to the elders and the elders will come to your door to try to bring you back if you don't want them there it is easy just call your local kingdom hall and ask that your address be put on the territory map as do not knock no one will ever bother you
Those Jack Asses
Posted by Bully on 2011-08-27 17:48:45
They are the reason my first wife died.Those bastards even accused me of abbussing her which was nothing but a bunch of Bull Shit. It has been 5 years and i am happily married but those bastards still come to my house and continue to harass me. I have called the police on them many times and next time they come to my house they will be shot!!!!
jehovah witnesses are
Posted by Worried about friend on 2011-08-31 21:34:00
They are a group of people that are walking on dangerous ground. They dont believe in the trinity. They don't want their followers to read other interpretations of the Bible. They are so afraid of people using their own brains. These people are liars and hypocrites. The truth is not in them. When you come in contact with one, don't even talk to them. They are Satan's spon. I have never met a more evil group of people. They don't believe that Jesus is the only begotten son of God. My good book tells me that noone gets to the father except through Jesus. These people bend the Bible to say anything they want it to say. They are masters of lies. One of my very good friends has been sucked in to this cult. He lost his childhood sweetheart and wife to ovarian cancer 8 years ago and cursed God for it and has hated his life ever since. He thinks this cult may be answer to all his heartache. How does anyone become that stupid? C---- has turned on his entire family that has always loved him and has turned to the JW cult. His son has been taught in the Christian faith and recently stepped forward to give his life to Jesus. C---- won't let him be baptised. How wrong is this? J------ is to be 11. How do we stop a man that is throwing his soul away?
Posted by my mum needs help fast! on 2011-09-04 06:19:13
hello, i was reading all of your comments on jw's or johos as you call them which i think sounds funny as fu**. i actually need some advice, its a bit of a long story but anyways my mum met my dad as you do many years ago. anyways my dad grew up as a jw and soon got my mum into it, i was lucky enough not to be born at the time but my 2 older sisters and brother were. up to the age of 8 years old they were taken to the usual meetings and bible study etc. anyways my mum got fed up or there way of life not celebrating bdays, christmas and so on, so she decided to get out while she still could and the same with my dad! so years later out i poped and for the last 25 years i have lived a pritty much normal life. as it goes, they decided to get a divorce when i was 9, that was a bit hard coz my mum had to look after the 4 of us on her own. she had over the years some new partners and the same with my dad. cant speak highly of any of they arseholes she went out with, they should have been shot at birth if yu ask me! so anyways up till about 3 or 4 months ago my mum was wonderfull, she done the usual normal bday, christmas things, went out and enjoyed herself, had a good bottle of wine at the weekends and got pissed and had a laugh. my mum and dad r still friendly despite them breaking up many years ago, he pops round regularly to say hello with his partner " who is not a jw". as the weeks went on my mum started going out on a tue night for a few hours, then a wed night then a sun morning, then the gettig jolly on her wine stopped, she threw out her partner, and then the penny dropped.... me and my sisters were told we would no longer be getting bday or xmas presents. shock the system or what! im not bothered to be honest about it its my nices and nephews i feel sorry for (wheres gran? why isnt she at my bday party this year???) sooo i asked my self whos been brainwashing my mum? and the only answer i had was.. my dad! am so angry at him, if he wants to beleive that horse crap then he can but stay away from my mum. she was haapy for long enough now shes totaly brainwashed, i dont even feel like shes my mum anymore! she has changed in so many ways, also quick to correct me on things i disagree with. i feel like going to my local kingdom hall and making a sceen! but i would just b embarrassing myself. i hate what they have done to my family and my mum, i want to help her before she gets sucked in even more! she cant see past it all and its split up my sisters and brother! i dont really care bout my dad i will get my revenge on him myself. but how the fuk do u get rid of jw's? she is 110% putting her religon before her family and she will soon loose us all appart from her x husband who brainwashed her in the first place!! pls help!
Stop your lies n hate
Posted by Milie on 2011-09-18 20:14:50
Yall lying about da jws dey r da most wonderful pep on earth..dey caring da truth..dts da only religion dts follow all da bible rules..everysingle thing about dem base on da bible. N dey put god rules n discipline before everything even before their own life.....sooo please stop lying about them, idc if u hate dem because dey not fake unlike da other religiobs n bcyz dey telling da truth about everysingle thing....cuz dts ur prob..but u guys ned to stop criticism n lying about them.....i f*ckink love dem n deir books f*ck.U IF U DONT # YALL f*ckIN IGNORNT!&&
what the fuk
Posted by maz on 2011-09-19 05:00:29
can you say that again in english please!haha
Ignorant Milie
Posted by Jesus on 2011-09-21 16:10:16
When it comes to the bible the ho's know no truth when you consider the blood rule interpretation and the 10's of thousands of dead children because of it you murders call this the truth! Shame on you murderers for killing all these children because of your inability to process a thought.
Does you filthy jehovah know you talk like this "f*ck.U IF U DONT # YALL f*ckIN IGNORNT!&&' This is actually a perfect description of you pigs.
Come knock on my door I have a louisville slugger that would like to discuss the issue with you.
Read it !
Posted by Someone with some common sense on 2011-09-22 00:47:27
Since Christianity is currently the worlds most popular religion, Ill slant this article towards Christianitys ubiquitous failings. However, youll find that most of these points apply equally well to other major religions (yes, even Buddhism).

1. Spirituality for dummies.
If you have the awareness level of a snail, and your thinking is mired in shame and guilt (with perhaps a twist of drug abuse or suicidal thinking), then subscribing to a religion can help you climb to a higher level of awareness. Your mindset, however, still remains incredibly dysfunctional; youve merely swapped one form of erroneous thinking for another.

For reasonably intelligent people who arent suffering from major issues with low self-esteem, religion is ridiculously consciousness-lowering. While some religious beliefs can be empowering, on the whole the decision to formally participate in a religion will merely burden your mind with a hefty load of false notions.

When you subscribe to a religion, you substitute nebulous group-think for focused, independent thought. Instead of learning to discern truth on your own, youre told what to believe. This doesnt accelerate your spiritual growth; on the contrary it puts the brakes on your continued conscious development. Religion is the off-switch of the human mind.

Leave the mythology behind, and learn to think for yourself. Your intellect is a better instrument of spiritual growth than any religious teachings.

2. Loss of spiritual depth perception.
One of the worst mistakes you can make in life is to attach your identity to any particular religion or philosophy, such as by saying I am a Christian or I am a Buddhist. This forces your mind into a fixed perspective, robbing you of spiritual depth perception and savagely curtailing your ability to perceive reality accurately. If that sounds like a good idea to you, youll probably want to gouge out one of your eyeballs too. Surely youll be better off with a single, fixed perspective instead of having to consider two separate image streams unless of course youve become attached to stereo vision.

Religious truths are inherently rooted in a fixed perspective, but real truth is perspective-independent. When you substitute religious teachings for truth, you mistake shadows for light sources. Consequently, you doom yourself to stumble around in the dark, utterly confused. Clarity remains forever elusive, and the best answer you get is that life is one giant mystery. Religious mysteries, however, arise not from what is truly unknowable; they arise from the limitations of trying to understand reality from a fixed frame of reference.

A more intelligent approach is to consider reality through a variety of different perspectives without trying to force your perceptions into an artificial religious framework. If you wish to learn more about this approach, read Spiritual Depth Perception.

3. Engineered obedience training.
Religions are authoritarian hierarchies designed to dominate your free will. Theyre power structures that aim to convince you to give away your power for the benefit of those who enjoy dominating people. When you subscribe to a religion, you enroll in a mindless minion training program. Religions dont market themselves as such, but this is essentially how they operate.

Religions are very effective at turning human beings into sheep. Theyre among the most powerful instruments of social conditioning. They operate by eroding your trust in your own intellect, gradually convincing you to put your trust into some external entity, such as a deity, prominent figure, or great book. Of course these instruments are usually controlled by those who administrate the minion training program, but they dont have to be. Simply by convincing you to give your power away to something outside yourself, religion will condition you to be weaker, more docile, and easier to control. Religions actively promote this weakening process as if it were beneficial, commonly branding it with the word faith. What theyre actually promoting is submission.

Religions strive to fill your head with so much nonsense that your only recourse is to bow your head in submission, often quite literally. Get used to spending a lot of time on your knees because acts of submission such as bowing and kneeling are frequently incorporated into religious practice. Canine obedience training uses similar tactics. Now say, Yes, Master.

Have you ever wondered why religious teachings are invariably mysterious, confusing, and internally incongruent? This is no accident by the way its quite intentional.

By putting forth confusing and internally conflicting information, your logical mind (i.e. your neocortex) is overwhelmed. You try in vain to integrate such contradictory beliefs, but it cant be done. The net effect is that your logical mind disengages because it cant find a pattern of core truth beneath all the nonsense, so without the help of your neocortex, you devolve to a more primitive (i.e. limbic) mode of thinking. Youre taught that this faith-based approach is a more spiritual and conscious way to live, but in reality its precisely the opposite. Getting you to distrust your own cerebral cortex actually makes you dumber and easier to manipulate and control. Karl Marx was right when he said, Religion is the opiate of the people.

For example, the Old Testament and the New Testament in the Bible frequently contradict each other with various rules of conduct, yet both are quoted during mass. Church leaders also behave in direct violation of the Churchs teachings, such as by covering up criminal and immoral activities by their own priests. Those who try to mentally process such glaring contradictions as coherent truth invariably suffer for it. A highly conscious person would reject membership in such an organization as patently ridiculous. So-called divine mysteries are engineered to be incomprehensible. You arent meant to ever make sense of them since that would defeat the whole purpose. When you finally wake up and realize its all B.S., youve taken the first step towards freedom from this oppressive system.

The truth is that so-called religious authorities dont know any more about spirituality than you do. However, they know how to manipulate your fear and uncertainty for their own benefit. How nice of you to let them.

Although the most popular religions are very old, L. Ron Hubbard proved the process can be replicated from scratch in modern times. As long as there are large numbers of people who fear the responsibility of their own power, religions will continue to dominate the landscape of human development.

If you want to talk to God, then communicate directly instead of using third-party intermediaries. Surely God has no need of an interpreter. Dont fall into the trap of becoming a mindless minion. Its a mistake to think that turning off your neocortex and practicing mindless faith will bring you closer to God. In truth it will only bring you closer to dog.

4. Toilet-bowl time management.
If you devote serious time to the practice of religion, its safe to say you practice toilet-bowl time management, flushing much of your precious life down the drain with little or nothing to show for it.

First, youll waste a lot of time filling your head with useless nonsense. This includes reading some of the worst fiction ever written. Then there are various rules, laws, and practices to learn.

Seriously, if you have insomnia, try reading religious texts before bedtime. Youll be asleep faster than you can say Methuselah. Why do you think hotels put Bibles next to the bed? Its the greatest sedative known to man. I have to give props to the Scientologists for at least incorporating space aliens into their stories. Its a shame Gene Roddenberry didnt formally invent his own religion; Stovokor sounds like a lot of fun.

Once you finally realize your head has been filled with utter nonsense, you must then purge such garbage from your mind if you want your brain to be functional again. That can take considerably longer, assuming you succeed at all. Its like trying to uninstall AOL from your hard drive.

Next, you can expect to waste even more time on repetitive ritual and ceremony, such as attending mass, learning prayers, and practicing unproductive meditations.

If I add up the time I attended mass and Sunday school, studied religion in school as if it were a serious subject, and memorized various prayers, I count thousands of hours of my life Id love to have back. I did, however, learn some important lessons, many of which are being shared in this article.

I especially remember listening to a lot of bad sermons; most priests are hideously poor speakers. Maybe its because they drink alcohol while on duty.

Now if you really go overboard and throw in learning a dead language for good measure, you can kiss years of your life goodbye.

The more time you devote to religious practice, the more you waste your life on pointless, dead-end pursuits and the more youll want to delude yourself with a phony Hehe, I meant to do that attitude.

5. Support your local pedophile.
In addition to being a serious waste of time, religious practice can also be a huge waste of money.

For starters when you donate to a major religion, you support its expansion, which means youre facilitating the enslavement of your fellow humans. That isnt very nice, now is it? If you feel the urge to donate money, give it to a real and honorable cause, not a fabricated one. Better yet, go outside and do something that really helps people. If you cant think of anything better, grab a can of paint and clean up some local graffiti.

Your religious donations fund freeloaders who mooch off society but who generally provide little or no value in return. Sure there are some religious people who perform valuable public services, but for the most part, that isnt their bailiwick. These freeloaders typically operate tax-free, meaning theyre effectively subsidized by taxpayers. Thats a great racket if youre on the receiving side not so great if youre funding it though.

Religions offer a suite of special services to generate additional income. Theyll spout some gibberish while feeding you a crusty wafer, pronounce you bonded to a fellow human being, snip some of your excess skin, pour water on your head, proclaim your manhood, cast out your demons, pronounce your transgressions forgiven, and so on. When they cant think of anything else, they make up some drivel like confirming youre still loyal to them. The bill may read suggested donation, but its still a bill.

When you donate money to a religious organization, youre doing much worse than throwing your money away. Youre actively funding evil. If you think that spending a billion dollars to defend pedophiles and rapists is a good use of your hard-earned cash, perhaps you should run for Pope. You could hardly do worse. At least Wall Street is honest about its greed and lust.

One of my Catholic high school teachers was later revealed to be a repeat child molester written up in the newspaper and everything. I didnt see any suspicious behavior at the time, and to be totally honest, I actually liked that teacher and was shocked to learn of his extracurricular activities. He was shuffled from one location to another by those who knew about his appetite for young flesh. Im glad I wasnt on the menu, but I feel sad for those who were. Methinks God should raise his standards just a tad.

Why arent Catholic priests allowed to marry? This has nothing to do with whats written in the Bible or with any benefits of celibacy. This rule was invented by the Church to prevent their priests from producing heirs. When the priests died, their property would go back to the Church, thereby enriching the rich even more. Apparently God needed more cash. It was a very effective policy, as the Church is now among the richest and most powerful organizations on earth. Its hard to fail when you have a loyal force of lifetime indentured servants who work cheaply and then yield their life savings to you when they die.

Lay religious people (i.e. non-clergy), on the other hand, are encouraged to have lots of babies because that means more people are born into the religion, which means more money and a bigger power base. Condoms are a big no-no; theyre bad for business. Marriage is a big yes; it means more brainwashed babies will be made.

Would you seriously consider this sort of structure a good cause worthy of your hard-earned cash?

I have got to get me one of these

6. Incest is best.
Religions frequently promote inbred social networks. Youre encouraged to spend more time with people who share the same belief system while disengaging from those with incompatible beliefs. Sometimes this is done subtly; other times its more obvious.

If youre one of the saved, blessed, or otherwise enlightened individuals who stumbled upon the one true belief system, then supposedly everyone else remains in the dark. Certain religions are overtly intolerant of outsiders, but to one degree or another, all major religions cast non-subscribers in a negative light. This helps to discourage members from abandoning the religion while still enabling them to proselytize. The main idea is to maintain social structures that reward loyalty and punish freedom of thought.

This us-vs-them prejudice is totally incongruent with conscious living. Its also downright moronic from a global perspective. But it remains a favored practice of those who pull the strings. When youre taught to distrust other human beings, fear gets a foothold in your consciousness, and you become much easier to control.

When you join a religion, your fellow mind-slaves will help to keep you in line, socially rewarding your continued obedience while punishing your disloyalty. Why do they do this? Its what theyve been conditioned to do. Tell your religious friends that youre abandoning their religion because you want to think for yourself for a while, and watch the sparks fly. Suddenly youve gone from best friend to evil demon. Theres no greater threat to religious people than to profess your desire to think for yourself.

There are better ways to enjoy a sense of community than joining a slavery club. Try making friends with conscious, free-thinking people for a change people who are willing to connect with you regardless of how silly your beliefs are. You may find it intimidating at first, but its quite refreshing once you get used to it.

Since I get asked this question all the time, I might as well answer it publicly. Do I accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior? No more than Id accept a credit card from Crapital One. Either way Id be worried about the fine print. Does this mean we cant be friends anymore? Please dont hate me because Im doomed.

7. Idiocy or hypocrisy pick one.
When you subscribe to an established religion, you have only two options. You can become an idiot, or you can become a hypocrite. If youve already chosen the former, Ill explain why, and Ill use small words so that youre sure to understand.

First, theres the idiocy route. You can willingly swallow all of the contrived, man-made drivel thats fed to you. Accept that the earth is only 10,000 years old. Believe stories about dead bodies coming back to life. Learn about various deities and such. Put your trust in someone who thinks they know what theyre talking about. Eat your dogma. Good boy!

Congratulations! Youre a moron believer. Youll be saved, enlightened, and greeted with tremendous fanfare when you die unless of course all the stuff you were taught turns out not to be true. Nah if the guy in the robe says its true, it must be true. Ya gotta have faith, right?

Next, we have the hypocrisy option. In this case your neocortex is strong enough to identify various bits of utter nonsense in the religious teachings that others are trying to ram down your throat. You have a working B.S. detector, but its slightly damaged. Youre smart enough to realize that earth is probably a lot older than 10,000 years and that pre-marital (or non-marital) sex is a lot of fun, but some B.S. still gets through. You dont swallow all the bull, but you still identify yourself as a follower of a particular religion, most likely because you were raised in it and never actually chose it to begin with.

To you its just a casual pursuit. Youre certainly not a die-hard fundamentalist, but you figure that if you drink the wine and chew the wafer now and then, its good enough to get you a free ride into a half-decent afterlife. You belong to the pro-God club. Surely theres safety in numbers. Two people cant be wrong although 4-1/2 billion supposedly can.

In this case you become an apologist for your own religion. You dont want to be identified with the extreme fanatics, nor do you want to be associated with the non-believers. You figure you can straddle both sides. On earth youll basically live as a non-practitioner (or a very sloppy and inconsistent practitioner), but when you eventually die, youve still got the membership card to show God.

Do you realize how deluded you are?

Perhaps if you have to throw out so much of the nonsense to make your chosen belief system palatable, you shouldnt be drinking the Kool Aid in the first place. Free yourself from the mental baggage, stop looking to others for permission to live, and start thinking on your own. If your God exists, hes smart enough to see through your fake ID.

From time to time, some of my readers take a stab at converting me to their religion. Most of them come across as total loons, but I can at least respect their consistency. Ive no idea why they bother to read my site (which is about raising, not lowering, consciousness). Perhaps some of them are getting ready to convert from fundamentalism to common sense.

Youd think Id be quite a prize for any serious religion. With 2.4 million monthly readers, thats a lot of people I could potentially enslave convert, not to mention how much I could fill the Church coffers by soliciting indulgences donations on their behalf. Henceforth I expect a much better conversion effort. If you wont do it for the money, then do it for the souls. You cant let so many of us go to hell without trying in earnest to save us, can you?

Just keep those conversion emails below 10,000 words if possible, with no more than 9,000 of them quoted from your favorite great book.

8. Inherited falsehood.
Please tell me you arent still practicing the religion you happened to be born into? Surely youve outgrown your baby clothes by now. Isnt it time you also outgrew your baby religion?

What if you were born into a different culture? Would you have been conscious enough to find your way back to your current belief system? Or are your current beliefs merely a product of your environment and not the result of conscious choice?

Many religions are just a mish-mash of what came before. For example, Christianity is largely based on pagan rituals. If those pagan beliefs and rituals had been protected by copyright, Christianity wouldnt even exist. If you take the time to dig into the roots of Christianity, youll encounter various theories that Christianitys teachings were largely assembled from pre-Christian myths and that Jesus himself was merely a fictional character pieced together from earlier mythical figures. You go, Horus!

Many religious teachers (i.e. priests, rabbis, ministers, etc.) are just brainwashed slaves themselves. They dont have any real authority and arent even aware of the agenda being set by their superiors. This makes them better minions because they actually believe the B.S. theyre spouting and dont know the truth behind it. A priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a bar, but thats as far as they get. They may interact with the bartender, but they never get to know the guy who owns the bar. They suffer from inherited falsehood just like everyone else.

Is your religion based on the inspired word of God? No more than this article. Just because someone says their text is divinely inspired doesnt mean it is. Anyone can claim divine inspiration. The top religions are decided by popularity, not by truth.

Even the central figures in major religions didnt follow the religions that were spawned in their names. If they didnt swallow the prevailing wisdom about gods and spiritual leaders and such, why should you? If you want to be more like the people you worship, then follow their lead by striking out on your own.

Move beyond your baby religion. Consider maturity as a reasonable alternative.

9. Compassion in chains.
Religious rules and laws invariably hamper the development of conscience. This causes all sorts of problems like pointless violence and warfare. Those who preach nonviolence as a rule or law tend to be the most violent of all. Such people cannot be trusted because theyll violate their proclaimed values with the weakest of excuses.

When you externalize compassion into a set of rules and laws, what youre left with isnt compassion at all. True compassion is a matter of conscious choice, and that requires the absence of force-backed rules and laws.

The more religious a person becomes, the less compassionate s/he is. The illusion of compassion substitutes for the real thing. Religious people tend to be the most bigoted and non-accepting people on earth. Theyre the least trustworthy and suffer from the grossest character defects. They pretend theyre doing good, but theyre really collaborators in a system designed to push people into unconscious slavery to a higher authority. They are slaves promoting slavery.

Historically speaking, religious people love to fight each other. Instead of unconditional love, they practice conditional loyalty. The only unconditional aspect is their thirst for blood. If you disagree with them, youre a target either for conversion or destruction (both of which are really the same thing).

If you value the ideal of unconditional love, you wont find it in the practice of religion. Real compassion doesnt arise from believing in God, from practicing various rituals, or from studying the concept of karma. Compassion can only result from conscious choice, and this requires the freedom to choose without the threat of punishment or the promise of reward. If youre obedient to your faith, its a safe bet that compassion is absent from your life. You probably dont even know what real compassion feels like.

The more we collectively abandon all religion, the better off this planet will be. This doesnt mean we have to abandon all spiritual pursuits. It just means we must stop turning spirituality into something it isnt.

10. Faith is fear.
Religion is the systematic marketing of fear.

Blessed are the poor (donate heavily). Blessed are the meek (obey). Blessed are the humble (dont question authority). Blessed are the hungry (make us rich until it hurts). Blessed are the merciful (if you catch us doing something wrong, let it go). Blessed are the pure of heart (because your brains are switched off). Blessed are the timid, the cowardly, the fearful. Blessed are those who give us their power and become our slaves. Muahahaha!

Thats the kind of nonsense religion pushes on people. They train you to turn your back on courage, strength, and conscious living. This is stupidity, not divinity.

Religion will teach you to fear being different, to fear standing up for yourself, and to fear being an independent thinker. It will erode your self-trust by explaining why youre unable to successfully manage life on your own terms: You are unworthy. Youre a sinner. Youre unclean. You belong to a lesser caste. You are not enlightened. Of course the solution is always the same submit to the will of an external authority. Believe that youre inadequate. Give away your power. Follow their rules and procedures. Live in fear for the rest of your life, and hope it will all turn out okay in the end.

When you practice faith instead of conscious living, you live under a cloak of fear. Eventually that cloak becomes so habitual you forget its even there. Its very sad when you reach the point where you cant even remember what it feels like to wield creative freedom over your own life, independent of what youve been conditioned to believe.

Faith is the cowards substitute for courage. Its also really good marketing if youre the one who controls the faith. If youre afraid or unwilling to assume total responsibility for your life, youre a perfect match for religion.

Fear in one part of your life invariably spreads to all other parts you cant comparmentalize it. If you find yourself frustrated because youre too afraid to follow your dreams, to talk to members of the oppposite sex, to speak up for yourself, etc., then a good place to start is to rid your life of all religious nonsense. Dont let fear get a foothold in your consciousness.

Stop trying to comfort yourself by swallowing religious rubbish. If you really need something to believe in, then believe in your own potential. Put your trust in your own intellect. Stop giving away your power.

Dump the safety-in-numbers silliness. Just because a lot of people believe stupid stuff doesnt mean it isnt stupid. It just means that stupidity is popular on this planet. When people are in a state of fear, theyll swallow just about anything to comfort themselves, including the bastion of stupidity known as religion.


Religion is spiritual immaturity.

Its entirely possible to enjoy your life without spending so much of it bent over in submission. Pull your head out of your rear, and look around with your own two eyes. If you need something to worship, then feel grateful for your own conscious mind. Pull it out of the cobwebs, and boot it up.

Besides if some popular religious version of God does exist, theres a good chance hes a complete and total idiot. He made us in his image, right? So perhaps we shouldnt be so quick to worship an entity so lacking in intelligence. Were better off on our own.

God isnt going to smite you for not formally worshipping him. If he didnt smite me by now, its a safe bet youll slide beneath the radar as well. And if that doesnt work, you can borrow my fake ID. Ive been baptized and confirmed, and Im the son of an altar boy and the nephew of a priest, so Im sure Ill be fine.

Praise Hestia!

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Posted by shawna on 2011-10-08 11:21:21
What does it mean when a JW spits on your yard after you politely hand back their tracks and say no thank you then walk away? I had three JW's visit my home today and hand my son a track. I took it from him and politely handed it back to the woman and said no thank you. As I turned to walk back to my door she spit on my front lawn twice. I turned to look at them and the daughter (husband, wife and child JW's) looked at me with terror in her eyes. It was clear she expected me to say something. This poor child was afraid. I smiled at her and turned and walked into my house. I am just wondering what type of God they serve that tells them to spit at folks. I am a Pentecostal and I serve Jesus Christ! I have read the whole Bible and have never seen anywhere that Jesus said to spit on someone if they don't agree with you. Can someone please explain this to me?
Jw Hater
Posted by Non Believer on 2011-10-25 04:52:04
Ihad 2 sisters in that CULT 1 left in 1975 and divorced her husband when He quit his job and got rid of all their belongings including their house when he thought the world was going to end. My other sister who is still in the CULT Has not talked to herSince she left They disowned theirown son because he is not interisted in the CULT. Her Husband molested their other son for many years.He blew his brains out in 2003
Mourning the loss of family
Posted by Katie K. on 2011-11-17 20:16:14
We lost my husband's brother and then both his parents in a very short time. His sister's son got involved with drugs and she answered the dreaded knock at her door in a weak moment. Next thing we knew, she gave up everything she has believed and known for 60 years to become a JW. They got their claws into her husband, too and now they are lost to us. It would have been easier for me to accept her death than her conversion to JW. I am distraught. No more family gatherings and we certainly have nothing in common any longer. I cannot stop grieving the loss of my former sister-in-law who was so wonderful and full of life. Why didn't she seek out a priest or a trained therapist before answering that knock???
Posted by CAC on 2011-11-22 11:51:38
Be careful. I know a family in Florida who lost their family dog when a JW came to the door. The door was answered by a small child, and when the JW tried to push past the child to find the adult of the household (thereby trespassing in the home and touching the child), the family dog bit the JW.

The JW woman called animal control and had the dog taken and euthanized. The family is still devastated. The dog was doing his job. The JW woman was not invited onto the property and had no right to push the child aside or step over the threshold of the door.

They are dangerous, evil cultists. Keep them away, especially if you have a family dog.
Posted by SIMPLYTHETRUTH on 2011-12-11 18:28:52
To All the people that commented about the JW. some comments that I read are so hilarious made me laugh so much about how to keep JW out of their properties. First, this so called JW are not true JW, they are called false witnesses, (read it, it's in the Holy Bible, it says it so clearly). They don't believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of Abba Father Jehovah, they said JC is just a prophet only, that he is not god, WRONG! In the book of Revelation chapter 22 vs. 18 "I warn everyone hearing the words of the prophecy in this book (the Complete Jewish Bible/KJV Bible)that if anyone adds and takes anything away from the words in the book of this prophecy, God will add to him the plagues written in this book. Holy Bible kjv says, are FALSE WITNESS, don't call these false witnesses JW ANYMORE. The true JW are the ones that accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, and loves thy neighbor as themselves are the real true JW. In this world are so many false religions, cults, homosexuals, those involved with the occult and with drugs, the sexually immoral, murderers, idol-worshippers, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood, cheaters and liars, or any kind of false religion is run by satan himself. The false witness so called JW their days are counted and everyone else that don't follow Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ the son of Abba Father Jehovah that made the heavens and the earth and created all things and us, don't want us to waste our breath and time with these false witnesses. If all of you accepts Jesus Christ into your heart, you will have a better understanding. God Jehovah loves us all, but hates sin and liars, and all that dies in their sins like false witnesses, liars, adulterous, bad languages, etc... will suffer eternal hell. These false witness so called themselves JW, are so scared and they are totally mentally brainwashed, I know, because I had relative false witness so called JW was mentally abused by them, until her final days, she actually realized she was living a false way of life, she accepted Jesus Christ, and it's free from them, saying, "I should have done this sooner". So, don't be scare and intimidated from them. I am dealing with two of them right now but I love them and pray and keep my distance from them because they think they could talked me into their false cult,NO WAY, it's to late, because Jesus Christ saved, redeemed, washed away my filty sins with his precious blood at Calvary and now He and the Ruach HaKodesh(Holy Spirit) lives in me. If you have Jesus Christ in your life, he will tell you to pray for the lost (the false witneses so called themselves JW. and the rest of the lost world and all commentators),you can win them for the Lord that loves us all. Don't let them try to win you for their false kingdom, win them for the real kingdom where Jesus Christ will reign because Jesus Christ is the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father Jehovah EXCEPT through Jesus Christ. I hope this is clear for you for when these false witnesses or any false religions, cults, etc. comes around, you know what to say and do. I am a messianic jew and I love Jesus Christ so much, and I love you all you too. Shalom (Peace).
Tell them not to trespass
Posted by Sarah Brown on 2011-12-12 17:38:53
Go to for the details.
Messenger of the Lord Jesus
Posted by Apostle BJ on 2011-12-19 14:33:11
Please do not resort to doing things at their level. Righteous indignation is ok, but lying to them is not. A lying tongue is one of the things God hates. Simply call the police when they refuse to leave just like you do for any other intruder on your property. Try the nice way first; it will not work. It is a numbers game for them and they see all others as bird food compared to them. When they continue to stay after you say leave; take a picture of them and the license plate and dial 911 to report harassment and their refusal to leave when asked. Stay focused and forgot what they want, but focuse on getting them away from your door because they are disrepectful to the homeowner wishes for them to leave.
kak and more kak
Posted by kak on 2011-12-25 15:45:23
I love winding people up, it is soooo much fun! I am a false Jehovah's Witness; a wolf in sheeps clothing! I go from door to door, I cross over and do it randomly so you can't see me coming like the usual kind.

I love to waste my literture pushing it through doors, also winding people up twisting everything they say, and making it up as I go along.

For every question I have an answer every time!

I wind people up, call back when they are in bed, harass people, make a nuisance, and do whatever I can during my hour of mayhem every week.

I love it, and it gives me great pleasure to anger people, and see them wound up over such a daft thing as me calling door to door!

I get my kicks in seeing what silly things I do infuriate people so much!

It is such fun, it is now a favorite hobby of mine now~! lol, lol, and more lol!
All you have to do
Posted by Easy Peasy on 2012-01-11 11:44:27
All you have to do is put up a "NO TRESPASSING" sign. My sister is a JW and she has been instructed to not knock on any doors with a NO TRESPASSING sign.
Ass Holes
Posted by Bully on 2012-01-19 13:32:01
It has been a little over a month since those Bastards have stopped comming to my house.They are the reason my first wife died.Believe me my 44 magnum is fully loaded and waiting at my front doorand i will SHOOT TO KILL...
Not all you have to do...idiot..
Posted by JW Zombie killer.. on 2012-01-20 19:31:51
Apparently not all hoes can read,I have a no trespassing sign and they still knock on my door. Now I have my garden hose right outside the door turned on. Next Joho zombie that comes around will see what happens when I turn that on them. I'll follow them right to the gate. If they have a problem with that then they'll learn about baseball via my bat!If they decide to come back again then i start with the bat. How can a human being be so stupid as to fall for this watchtower filth, this isnt religion this is ignorance. There is nothing Awake about these retards!
Posted by aljon on 2012-01-25 02:13:27
what's wrong with you people? Jehova's witnesses just want to spread God's words which are based on the bible. If you treated them bad, it's like you let the food for your soul get spoiled.

Sometimes, we shouldn't be dormant in our minds. We keep on repealing the existence of the truths and absorb the lies. Sometimes we have to investigate and analyze things. I'm not telling you that JWs are right but why don't you spare them even 10 minutes of your time? And if with that span of time, you still don't feel enlightened, just stand up and tell them in a candid manner.

If you can't respect them as a religious group, please respect them as a person. They dont deserve to be humiliated as what they're doing is not a fund raising activity. They devout their time just to share Jehova's plans for all of us. We're no longer in the older era. We shouldn't flaunt these boorish attitudes with other people.

Posted by Blood on 2012-01-29 08:30:51
Jehovah Witnesses make a personal choice as to have blood or not . They accept blood fractions and there are cell salvage machines in hospitals where they can be used . The machine is used like a drip , filtering it from the patients body to the machine and then back to the patient . As for accepting blood myself , I would never accept blood . I have seen people lie on their paperwork , mold in the bags going through to the labs . I have also seen a donor donating blood for five years even though he had prostate cancer. Also HIV takes up to 6 months to show up in some cases . A person can donate every 3 months which can get through to a patient , so the first and second donation doesnt show up with HIV . Blood can be kept for 45 days so bad luck if you get the first or second donation with it showing up on the third . Each donation gets divided and can be used by 3 patients so I would hate to be those 6 patients that got the first and second lot of blood . Like I said its a personal choice , religion aside I would not accept it .
jehovah witness lies!!!!!!!
Posted by Frustrated Homeowner on 2012-01-31 13:26:08
You people are full of crap!simply asking not to knock on my door doesnt one wants that cultish "watchtower"garbage to read.You pick and choose what rights as humans you allow your children but are not willing to join the service! you hide behind the blood sweat and tears of others you people are festuring boils on the backs of good cristians.What a crock ! I got your goat right here!!!you are not just spreading gods word its your bastardized version cooked up at bethel headquarters and fed to you foolish sheep!
wolves in sheeps clothing
Posted by rob simmons on 2012-02-19 08:15:26
What I don't like about the jehovah witness is that they will mess up big time if you don't watch outor are a young christian. They will tell you that will go to hell if you don't belong to thir orginazation only. Some won't blantly tell you this but that is what they belive. Also i ask someone who come to my door if they was jevovah's wittness i told them i didn't belive in that & they said no they are Watchtower Isn't that the same thing though???
i think somewhere their is a verse in the bible that if you quote it to them they will just leave dumbfounded. they had their own bible. saying the word is a god (small letter not cap). You can go to their church but they CANNOT go to your church at all.
a cult
Posted by charles manison on 2012-02-19 08:28:35
oh they will talk to you for hours on end and mess you up if you say you are a christian & let them in. & try their best to convert you they don't ever do what the bible says ...they do what the watch tower tells them that is what is writtn in those pamplet books them called awake they carry around and preach from the awake pamplets & even they themselves don't pratice what they preach it seems like... they are like parasees of today.... if you become one that is all u do go door to door handing out those pamplets mostly.....oh they belive in works you are saved by works according to them...
but no one is perfect are they?
? ?
Posted by charles manison on 2012-02-20 04:33:10
This is a free country they have a right to do what they want to in their religion but i'm just telling you what they do. did Jesus say religion is the way??
Posted by Reese on 2012-02-24 12:49:06
I love that they will hammer down on Christians. I just had some at my door 15 minutes ago. I told them, truthfully, that I've been Wiccan for the past 20 years and have no intention of converting. They left 10 seconds later. Just tell them politely to go away and you should be good. They are still people, no need to be mean. :)
Gays and Jehovahs
Posted by Jenna on 2012-02-26 09:56:54
I have two women come to my house regularly because i'm a student and young they think that if they tell me the bible is scientifically accurate i will believe them. I study archaeology and history and have no belief whatsoever in God, if i did it would not be based in Jehovah's teachings. I am actually bi-sexual and this is partly where my lack of religious following comes from. I cannot stand the homophobia the churches and religions still uphold.

I also had a 'Christian' lady come to my college when i was about 18 and tell everyone that animals had no souls and so they didn't matter. I found this unsettling and sad that people can feel that way to 'god's creatures'.

I just want them to leave me alone, if i tell them i'm bi i don't want to face them trying to convince me it's a choice that can be suppressed.
I do not care at all for religion and as it goes if i was religious would be pretty clean living,i don't drink or smoke anything like that apart from being bi.

I got told by my next door neighbor who was a witness i was going to hell for living in sin with my partner,, his mother also got told (despite helping this lady on a daily basis) that she was also going to hell for allowing us to live under her roof.

I dislike religion and dislike people that harass me on my doorstep or on the bus when i can't escape to tell me the good news and ask me have i seen God.
Let them have their (one) day!
Posted by Michael Morris on 2012-02-28 15:05:35
I hereby ordain the worldwide tradition of Helloween (from The Book of Mormon's song "Hello!"): The one day that proselytizers are encouraged to preach to all who will listen from 6pm-8:30pm each and every Leap Day.

So just turn off your porch light that night and every other day just tell them, "It's not Helloween."

Check out my blog post at
Posted by Julie green on 2012-03-16 05:36:07
A message for all the Jehovah's witnesses who read this thread. I know where you are because i am been there. It took many years to reprogramme my mind and to see the Watchtower for who they are. I give God all the glory for my eventual freedom in Christ. After coming out of the watchtower i lost my faith in God completely. But God held onto me. It is the work of the holy spirit that convicts and changes our hearts, and it is an awesome experience. God says he will be found by those who truly seek him. I spent years looking for God in all the wrong places. Study the bible for yourself without the watchtower material. it is a whole new world, believe me. Ephesians 1:17-18 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of glory, may give you wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him. The eyes of your understanding be enlightened, that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inherirance in the saints.
You cannot earn salvation...
Posted by BarbT on 2012-03-23 12:43:29
In the late 1800s a man named Charles T Russel didn't like what the bible said so he started his own false religion.

He rewrote scripture to suit his own erroneous views. The worst deception he devised was to teach a different gospel .... that Jesus Christ was merely a created being who was only an "errand boy" for the Father. Jesus was certainly not God, Russel insisted. Thus, the Jehovah Witness cult was born.....demonic from the get-go, leading millions to Hell.

JWs are taught they must knock on doors to earn their salvation. Yet Jesus Christ said in John 3:3 that a person must be "born again" to attain eternal life with Him. It is by grace through faith alone that we are saved. A true relationship with God is possible ONLY through knowing Jesus. The JWs only know about the false Christ presented to them by the Watchtower.

Will you believe the delusional {and quite dead} Charles Russel or the Lord Himself?
Posted by Neighborlee on 2012-03-26 07:42:21
This method works for me, and no one need be rude. JWs come to our door about once a year. I am always polite and smiling; however, I do not care to listen to their pitch. I say, "We are devoted to our ancestral religion and have no intention of changing. But I'm always happy to read," and I take their magazine and give a tiny donation. They usually ask what our religion is, and when I tell them (an ancient Middle Eastern Christian sect), their faces fall, and they go away readily. I think they know which religionists are likely to convert, and which are a waste of their time.
Posted by Tasie on 2012-03-26 12:14:17
My approach to JW's is to simply ignore the knocking or the doorbell and after a few minutes they leave. Sure they leave behind their propaganda but it doesn't break my arm to toss it in the trash. There is no need to be rude or hateful simply because of what they believe to be true. We all have the right to believe whatever we choose and being hateful to them is not going to change their minds any more than what they have to say to you will change yours.
Posted by Luke-from Australia on 2012-04-12 06:58:33
So here is my story. Jehovahs witnesses (now i was one from 8-13) are the following: delusions of grandeur, fake, liars and do not support sufferers of domestic abuse/violence, they love to turn a blind eye.
Want to get rid of them? Whats wrong with you soft care, no back boned type of induviduals... Tell them to f*** off and that if they come back you will hunt their mother down (who cares of alive or not) and that u will f*** her a**. Secondly if girl JW come to the door, flirt with them n rub yourself, they WILL not come back.
Religion, hell, heaven, all this bull crap is just a control mechanism called a lie. Muslims are certain christians go to hell, christians are certain catholics do, catholics believe christians and muslims go to hell and everyone believes in a religion that JW's do. Your all pathetic. The old testament contradicts the new and they are always both used at a sermon. Jesus prayed to his father in heaven when he was on earth, but he is the father...What the f****? All bull**** If you hate JW which I do, and you preach, especially online your worse than them. Because actually are entering my living room and spreading words and phrasing of hostility, fear, but your gods are all so loving... Hey go f*** your gods... live your own life and stop stunting the true growth and understanding your soul seeks. This is life. You get it once. Stop wasting it. Id rather have a chronic illness than live by the bullshi*t bible/koran/whatever. Why live in fear? Your scared of yourselves and what you can achieve....and that is worse than being torched in eternal hell......f****kers
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-04-27 00:00:12
I feel so sorry for people who are Jehovah Witness's. They are so blinded by their faith that they aren't capable of thinking for themselves. First of all, if you are one of the JW who commented, you should know that you are a Christian. I don't however see how that's possible as you deny Jesus as the son of God and you don't believe in God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. It says that in the Bible that you apparently claim to read. Honestly, I just think that your "Watchtower" makes up shit and says it's part of the Bible because a lot of your beliefs are not based on Jesus and his teachings.
First of all in the Bible, when it says "thou shall abstain from blood" , that was written in the Old Testament. If you read the entire Bible you would know that Jesus came to pay for our sins. With what? With blood, that's right. Hmmm....someone giving up their blood to save someone else, does that sound familiar? I can't believe you can justify letting someone die for a stupid misinterpretation of the Bible. That was written how many years ago, and about animal blood since in the past it was used as a sacrifice to pay for your sins. I'm sure if Jesus came back to Earth right now, you would all feel foolish for all of the innocent people who died based on, yes a cult. Making a choice that you are aware will lead to your own death is SUICIDE. I'm afraid that is so much worse than having a blood transfusion. If God didn't want us to know how to save people's lives, we wouldn't know how. And I don't care what you say, God will always forgive you no matter how many times you sin. Don't put words in God's mouth.
Learn how to read the Bible and stop being so judgmental of Christians. It's good that you're trying to inform people of God, but don't teach lies and don't shove it down their throats. I honestly can't even understand how brainwashed the JW are. I know every religion has problems, but seriously stop adding and taking out writings from the Bible.
Also, I know how the JWs believe that God will choose them over all of the other religions and 144,000 will be taken to heaven. First of all, unless you are completely uneducated, you would know that no matter what, the Jew's are God's chosen people, not you. Also, there are over 7.2 million followers of the JWs. Do the math?? 7 million and 144,000 is a huge difference.
The problem with your beliefs is that they are corrupt and they tear apart families and communities. If you honestly want to continue with your blind beliefs, feel free. But keep it to yourself; no one wants to hear your false and corrupt teachings.
I agree with Julie, try reading the Bible for yourselves instead of the bullshit the watchtower teaches you. God did give you the freedom to make your own choices after all.

I'll pray for you.
Posted by fhdwqxtonh on 2012-04-28 08:47:38
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Posted by zjbjawfcaa on 2012-04-28 23:45:53
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Posted by Nathan on 2012-05-03 22:21:55
I'm married to one right now and if I'm ever single again I'm gonna smoke a joint in front of them and shout JAH Rastafari (inhale/exhale) over and over again until they get a contact high!
Posted by City Worker. on 2012-05-04 10:49:35
Posted by Jehovah Child molester on 2012-05-04 14:20:00
It took me a lot of years of being nagged and POLITlEY saying no thanks before I finally had enough. So 'city worker' you are not very informed which would probably make you a Ho!
If you look at the point of this forum it is people who have had enough! People who are tired of being nagged not a discussion point for your filthy religion or uninformed opinions/judgement,..dick!
Posted by Heroic on 2012-05-15 11:08:49
If you don't want them to call, then tell them instead of pussying out like a bitch.

Yeah you're all talk on here, but face to face at the door you perspire and stutter "n-n-no thanks... thank you".

Grow some balls instead of bending over.
Posted by Budda on 2012-05-15 11:12:35
Luke-from Australia, you are a dirty hobo and I suggest you wash your lice-ridden pubic nest before I shlt into your lung.
Just a thought
Posted by ThinkerKat on 2012-05-16 12:44:34
First off, if you can't manage to use your native language properly and effectively, can't spell,etc. I have my doubts as to the veracity of your opinions.This being said; I'll offer up a thought for all to peruse: Religion is like a penis. Having one is all well and fine...just don't try to shove it down someone's throat, unless they give you permission to do so. Word to all proselytizers.I THINK "someone with common sense" is brilliant!
Jehovah the child molester..hey kids!
Posted by Join joho..join joho..join joho..join joho..join on 2012-05-22 18:48:21
I'm jehovah I love having special relations with children! Read my bible and you to can be a pedophile, hate monger and moron. Let me help you flush your mind down the toilet. Come join me lets convert the whole world. Everybody read the book of filth even though i just made the shit up to f*ck you over real good. Come to jehovah my zipper is always down for you.
Posted by curlylocks on 2012-05-26 07:55:53
I am a bit concerned about how many people suggest that JWs are all mentally ill. Comparing those of us that have battled mental health problems with JWs is just totally unfair.
JWs are stupid, arrogant, intolerant, brainwashed thickies, YES they are an annoying misinformed and a dangerous little cult, that is not in dispute, but they CHOOSE to be that way. I agree with those that have posted that dont wish to have JWs harassing them, as I dont want them harassing me either. Please do not suggest that they are mentally ill as as it is an insult to people with mental health issues. They CHOOSE to be JWs I don't CHOOSE to be bipolar so please dont compare me to them.
Posted by WOW on 2012-05-30 19:33:59
It's truly shocking how misinformed everyone is. I don't think i saw one sentence in here that was true. All these rumors that circle JW's are obviously proof that the end is near. Frankly, the reason that preaching is so important is because so many people are confused in this corrupt world we live in. Instead of listening to rumors, give a JW a chance to teach you the truth. Have a great day.
holy shit are they that stupid!
Posted by Hard to believe on 2012-05-31 21:25:18
WOW, misinformed? Everybody here? Everyone but you? Does that not tell you something about yourself? Everyone is wrong but you? Do you not see what is wrong with that? Do you not have a sense of self awareness?

End of the world? Again? Isnt this like the 4th/ 5th times you dicks have predicted it and been wrong? Did you not see the light after the first time? Don't you think this is fear based,negative and moronic?

Rumours? anything said against the ho's are rumours? Ho's being charged for molesting children, rumours?

Teach the truth? From zombies? Hate mongers? uneducated flea bags? Pedophiles! Are you for real? I now see what you cannot! Just how pathetic your life is just what an absolute moron you and your fellow Ho's are....shame on your ignorance!

I will pray to jehova that he ends your world so i don't have to put up with your ridiculous cult.

If i join will i be one of the 14400 chosen to rule with the big Ho!
Ha ha ha ha ha. Guess you bought that to! Ho Ho Ho
Stupid JWs...
Posted by Kitty kitty ^.^ on 2012-06-07 20:46:48
Some came to my house around 2:30pm. I almost answered the door, as I was expecting a package within the next few days. Although my first thought was that it was the fed ex/ ups guy, I instinctively peeked out the closed blinds to check. I'm glad I did- two men in suits with books rang my doorbell once, and once more after a few minutes, with made my dogs spaz out. I never answered the door. Although I live close to a hall, we don't get bothered often, once every few months ( THANK GOD) we have a "no soliciting" sign on our door AND an American and a POW flag on our pole. Don't know what made them think "yeah, this house looks like it's full of people willing to accept our BS religion!!"
Jehovah's Witness and proud of it!
Posted by FITZPATRICK on 2012-06-16 16:22:00
I would like to respect all of your thoughts on we, Jehovah's witnesses. I would lilke to say that we teach what the bible teaches and this is basic bible truths that are taught by Jehovah's Witnesses. We are a dignified people,so anyone that has converstaions with me, I ask that you respect me as I will respect you. We represent the only true God, Jehovah, therefore we must carry ourself in a dignified manner. When I was worshipping in a church and told others that I was Methodist, I recieved no persecution, neither did I recieve any when I was a Baptist, but when I came into the truth and became a Witness, then the persecution began. Notice this scripture at JOHN 15:20; BEAR IN MIND, THE WORD, I SAY TO YOU, A SLAVE IS NOT GREATER THAN HIS MASTER, IF THEY HAVE PERSECUTED ME, THEY WILL PERSECUTE YOU ALSO, IF THEY HAVE OBSERVED MY WORD, THEY WILL OBSERVE YOUR YOURS ALSO. We understand the perecution and clearly know WHY WE ARE PERSECUTED(Now, the caps lock key on, does in no way , mean that I am screaming, but just making a point that I want to stand out)One person stated that the name of Jehovah is not in the KIng James bible, that is not correct. Many versions of King James still has the name of God in it at Psalms 83:18. If you research the early versions of the k.J. bible you will note that the name Jehovah was in the bible over 7,000 times. It is now removed in some versions of the King James and replace with a capital "L" note that it is mentioned in the bible that if ANYONE REMOVES ANYTHING FROM THE BIBLE, THEIR PLACE WILL BE IN THE LAKE OF FIRE, FIRE BEING SYMBOLIC IN REGARDS TO BURNING. THE BIBLE STATES THAT THE SPIRIT RETURNS TO GOD WHO GAVE IT AND THE BODY GOES BACK TO GOD. THE SPIRIT OF GOD IS THE LIFE FORCE, WITHOUT IT, ONE CANNOT FEEL, TALK, HEAR OR USE ANY OTHER OF THEIR SENSES. THEREFORE THE TEACHING THAT GOD WILL BURN PEOPLE UP IS FALSE TEACHING. PLEASE SEE THESE SCRIPTURES; ECC;12;7,REVELATION 20;13,14,ROMANS 6;23,ROMANS 6;7, JEREMIAH 7;31, 1 JOHN 4;8, PSALMS 146;4, ECC.9;5,10. Therefore if the dead are conscious of nothing, they obviously feel no pain. As far as the belief that JESUS IS GOD, read this scripture, first of all, why would they have 2 different names, if they were the same. JEHOVAH TOLD JESUS, LET US MAKE MAN IN "OUR" IMAGE. "OUR" IS A PLURAL TERM.JOHN 17;3, THIS MEANS EVERLASTING LIFE, THEIR TAKING IN KNOWLEDGE OF YOU 'AND' THE ONE WHOM YOU SENT FORTH, JESUS CHRIST. THE TERM 'AND' ADDED MEANS ADDITION. JESUS SPOKE TO HIS FATHER AND STATED, 'TAKE THIS CUP FROM ME, NOT MY WILL BUT THY WILL,LUKE22;42.JOHN14;28, IS WHERE JESUS STATED THAT THE FATHER IS GREATER THAN I AM. JESUS TOLD THE DISCIPLES THAT THEY WERE 'ONE' IN AGREEMENT SO WHEN HE SAID THAT HE AND HIS FATHER WERE ONE, HE WAS CLEARLY SAYING THAT THEY ARE IN AGREEMENT OR UNION WITH ONE ANOTHER. I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO SAY AND TO TEACH. I WELCOME ANY ONE WHO NOT WANTS TO ARGUE, BUT WHO WANTS TO TALK AS INTELLIGENT PEOPLE AS TO WHAT THE BIBLE REALLY TEACHES, I WELCOME ALL TO TELL ME THEIR BELIEFS AND I WILL DO THE SAME, USING THE BIBLE AS THE GUIDE. NO OPINIONS ABOUT WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES, BUT WHAT THE BIBLE ITSELF TEACHES. LETS USE THE SCRIPTURES IN ANYTHING THAT WE ARE BELIEVING OR TEACHING AND I MOST DEFINITLEY DO THE SAME. I AM EAGERLY AWAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU. THANKS BE TO JEHOVAH THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD!
Posted by FITZPATRICK on 2012-06-16 16:24:15
Ask the to explain
Posted by BanzaiMine on 2012-06-16 17:24:44
Genesis 6:2
"2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose."

Who are those "sons of God"? I have found that they don't have a ready answer, so I say, come back when you do and we'll discuss it.

It doesn't hurt that I am Muslim and answer the door in my headscarf, ready to challenge them, not with my book, but with theirs. ;)
Posted by anoymous on 2012-06-21 17:22:15
If everyone asked JW's to leave, then JW's would be out of business.
Posted by on 2012-06-25 23:43:29
Its funny, i dont really threaten or tell the JWs to go away when they come knocking on my door. i just prove their "biblical knowledge" and "doctrine" wrong, and once they feel threatened/defeated, they'll give the classical JW excuse "we haven't studied about this yet, we'll come back at another time" and they never come back again(I was in the mood for a good discussion! It wasn't even 5 min & They didn't even leave me the pamphlet!). They have some faulty teachings; I mean seriously? "inherit the earth"? Only 144k make it to their so called "heaven on earth"? (Im sure their #s have passed well over 144k!) And they even take out passages of the bible at their convenience!
Sure, they read the bible a lot, and have a great biblical knowledge, but their doctrine is just so weak....
This is how I got my JW problem fixed! Been 4 yrs since I've seen one at my door!
Im still waiting for them to come & finish our discussion, I have my shotgun(bible) ready if they ever wanna come back ;)
Posted by Agnostic Chick on 2012-07-07 08:49:16
I don't appreciate people trying to shove their religious beliefs down my throat every second of the day. And why can't any of the freaking JWs on this page write or spell worth a s***?! I know they don't believe in higher education, but it seems that they don't believe in ANY education! I'll probably never answer the door to a JW, but if I do, I'll just tell him/her/them that I can think for myself, unlike YOU.

Your beliefs are absolutely absurd, and I agree with other people on this page who say you will never accomplish
anything in your life as long as you are associated with this cult.

As for getting rid of them, I think I'll invest in some gargoyle statues for my door, as my "no soliciting" sign doesn't seem to work. Which, by the way, some of you seem to think that those signs don't apply to them, because they aren't selling anything. Well I'm telling you it DOES apply. Don't believe me?


-verb (used with object)

1. To seek for (something) by entreaty, earnest or respectful request, formal application, etc.: He solicited aid from the minister.

2. To entreat or petition (someone or some agency): to solicit funds from the community.

3. To seek influence or incite action, especially unlawful or wrong action.

I hope I've enlightened you JOHOs on a new word, one that you SHOULD be able to spell, as you've seen and ignored those signs on everyone's doors. Please stop bothering us; you're not doing yourself or anyone else any good.
Posted by ANGEL IN DISGUISE on 2012-07-10 10:24:02
I just wish ALL these self-proclaimed holier-than-thou FAKES would mind their own business and lock themselves away in their temples and keep their disgusting and abusive controlling attitudes to themselves and leave us and ALL INNOCENT Children OUT OF IT!
Every Religion is a CULT! They ALL attempt to control you by fear,obligation, guilt, punishment and then forced to "repent" by following their orders, spreading the false word (Because NO Religion is the right Religion - they are all man-made controlling CULTS) and often forcing you into a way of life that puts yourself and your family at risk. They rob you of your freedom to think, to rob you of your own self-being, your own mind, your own private thoughts, your right to be yourself and make your own choices without everyone else's influence!





Free will
Posted by Kadius Suidak on 2012-07-12 14:09:36
If you believe in God, then you must also believe in free will, to make a choice, to believe or not believe is a choice and I believing that to be God Given.

The above note is a choice, although I struggle as a believer I made a choice to believe in God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

My life is good and I like going to church, worshiping and believe I am here to help myself and others, keep my nose planted on my face and do as much good as possible while still here...before I die.

I believe in heaven, and in hell, and that too is a choice we will make. I do not believe anyone is born and the end result is hell or heaven without their own will deciding that fate.

I cannot eternally judge anyone but yet can only invoke eternal judgment, the permanent one is above me and I would not want to have that authority. I do believe we will be judged, each one their own and by what life each of us chooses to live.

Christian, yes, the denomination, there is one but that is just an earthly title. There is not a perfect person on this earth, and therefore not a perfect church, no monopoly, sorry.

As for the JW, Mormons and dont throw the stone Catholic's, these all sate you must belong to them in order to make your final destination. Catholic are Christians by doctrine, but the name means universal and the doctrine states they are the "true church", same even say the first church, Some folks with the names Paul, Peter, James, Timothy, Mary and many more disagree and there are many towns that prove this (the seven churches were not Catholic).

Simply put one who is saved must at least:

Jesus Christ is Lord and The Son of God
He died for our sins, please we have all sinned
Confess him as Lord of your life

Optional and added to the above at your will desire and God Will beforehand:

Water Baptism
Being Spirit Filled
Gifted by the Spirit (of God of course)

Things believers will do because of the confession of faith:

Be blessed
Seek his will daily
Live life more fully
And...Be persecuted, cursed, yelled at, made fun of and learn to pray for your enemies, ouch.

have a great day to all, it could be our last or just one of thousands we still have, make the best of it and help others to do the same.

Last, I have a concealed weapons permit and a .40 cal. Glock for those who wish to be outside of Gods will and invoke their will against me and my family, remember it is "thou shalt not murder", only the undereducated still say kill.

Love you all...really I have to, its in the bible.
Oh, Puh-LEEZ!
Posted by Eleanor in TX on 2012-07-12 21:16:37
Who are the JW to tell me that my religion is wrong and there's is right? Who are they to tell us that homosexuality is wrong? I'm Episcopal, and we typically don't have an issue with gays or lesbians; if we are all made in God's image...why would God make something just to hate it?

Do you believe everything that you read in the bible? The bible also condones stoning unruly children to death, so why dosen't anyone do it!...Oh yeah, not everybody in the world is a bible-thumping idiot!

All the JW and the Pro-JW people keep using the excuse that,"Jesus went door to door and preached, so we need to do it also." NO YOU DON'T!!!! I'm sure if they had the Internet back then, Jesus could've made is own little Wikipedia or Facebook page to spread the word. Don't you JW think that if we wanted to join you, we would look there first, then contact YOU? Not the other way around?

People on this page keep saying things like,"How can you hate people that just want to discuss the bible with you?"
What you have to understand is that not everyone in the world follows the bible. Can you comprehend that? Does that just blow your mind? Quit trying to change everyone in the universe to your stupid beliefs.
Posted by RV on 2012-07-17 18:15:12
Out of the blue they will knock on your door and proceed to stand there and talk to you about their beliefs in an attempt to influence you. Like your average salesman they have no problem exploiting your sense of politeness and courtesy, as you stand there, frustrated, searching for a way to refuse them without being offensive. Whether their agenda is right or wrong, good or bad is irrelevant. The point is that Jehovah's Witnesses solicit the time and attention of strangers in a socially unacceptable way, imposing an annoying burden on their community and neighbors.

Make no mistake, it IS RUDE and INCONSIDERATE to knock on stranger's doors, uninvited, disrupting whatever they're doing in order to share biblical information or to ask questions. Period. It is wrong and it is abusive and whoever engages in that kind of behavior is deserving of whatever contempt they get.
Enough of your stupidity
Posted by james on 2012-07-17 18:33:19
Next one of you parasites puts your dogshit bible near me again i'm going to punch you right in the f*cking head! I am tired and i'm fed up with you assholes and your stupidity, bothering me. Stay at home on your knees with Jehovahs dick in your mouth.
holograms that punch you to death
Posted by Scott H Florance on 2012-07-17 22:13:46
Jimmy J farmeth is a good 10 year old boy everliving flesh non robot negress wanta time portal to erase his gentics from hister y all kingds of beam weoponsd a poltergiest that could kill 9 people 9 people, some kind of raybeam that makes everyhting thousends below farwenhite temp used on his matreess white boys are life force not scum. they amade hundred of holograms in his path of strength bot the home and school where he was at to leave his essense without a breaht oxy gen breathers like jimmy J are life force
he only had 5 minute dreams of floating every seven hours eyes closed, everything in this hounting is speedid up so 5 seconds is 20 minutes including the tv and radio
Posted by NO SOLICITING on 2012-07-22 16:07:14
JW are the most selfish self absorbed people who do not care that when they ring your door bell they are waking up your sleeping sick baby, interrupting your work when you work from home, taking you away from company you invited over, and they do not care if you work 3rd shift and need to sleep during the day. I have posted NO SOLICITING/NON TRESPASSING sins and the next time one of these cult members rings my door bell or steps foot on my property the police will be called and harassment and trespassing charges will filed.
Almighty God
Posted by Jehovah on 2012-07-23 08:51:20
Bigots end of!
Almighty God
Posted by Jehovah on 2012-07-23 08:56:14
This means all of you lot here that are complaining about them, this really shows what you are inside.
(Matthew 15:18; But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart).
Almighty God
Posted by Jehovah on 2012-07-23 09:29:35
This forum appears to be a place for cocksucking dick munching faggots, shit stabbers pile pushers ass pounders, I bet every one of you is just a sad little f*cking cock sucking American arsehole.
Almighty windbag jehovah
Posted by marry on 2012-07-23 23:03:30
Almighty god Jehovah, three messages from you that show what an angry shitbag you are not to mention how full of hate you are! Shame on you jehovah you filthy pig for dicriminating against others. Shame on you for your teachings of hate and judgement. Do the world a favour and end it take your little morons and your filthy bible with you. Go blow that hot air somewere else you pig.
what happend?
Posted by belfast on 2012-07-27 19:22:15
Jehovas used 2 come here its benn about 5 yearw
I stand at the door and knock
Posted by Anonymous Person on 2012-07-29 15:24:33
The JW's came to the door and I tried to be polite. And what bothers me is they want me to go to their Church and I told them I believe in Jesus Christ and I know that reading the bible is good and even trying to convert people to Jesus Christ is the right thing to do. But why are they trying to convert people that are already believers and don't need to be converted? I know the words of Jesus Christ in red, and I have been to a Church near where I live, and I read Gods Word in the Bible and on the internet, and I've seen the preachers on TV, and I still can't help but wonder why they don't seem to think that counts and that you have to be one of them. But as annoying as it is, if they save a few people from hell they are doing the right thing-everyone needs to be closer to God and to have a personal relationship with the God that made the Universe, but I can understand why it is annoying to have people who won't stop going to your door, it is a bit pushy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-08-03 03:41:07
They always come to my door. I have little siblings and they always try persuading them into liking them. If they get hold of one of their names then BOOM there's no stopping them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-08-03 13:32:56
Yes I have done a foolish thing of marrying a JW. All i can say is OMG, I truly understand now what the bible says about why we should not be unequally yolked. The whole family is a mess. All they do is talk about people all the time, and laugh at the way that god created them ( apperrance wise)that's sad. They shun me because i attend church, one day i don't even exsist, and the next they are in my face tryna be funny and fake at the same time. The adult children of my spouse do sneaky things on the sly and my spouse refuses to see it, its always me just tryna stir up something, but i know what the holy spirit is showing me, its like they can do no wrong in my spouses eyes, then i will hear they never said they don't like you ( they don't have too, actions show it). They know that if it really came out, that my spouse would go off on them due to embarrassment of the perfect kids, which they are not! All they do is drink and i mean get druck and party.Oh yea, did i mention talk about people (: Jesh!!!! like they are just perfect in image, and no body else is above them. The family is oh so obnoxious. They also say lil things sometimes to talk about you while you are right there, sort of on the sly, what i call hiding behind your words, This is done when there is more than one of them around. Since I'm here already i just continue to attend church, read my bible, pray through my house, and take my children to church with me as well. My spouse does'nt attend the hall to frequently and does'nt bother me about church either. One time the JW came to the door and i told them to wait and went to get my spouse, they were not invited in the house, and probely because being married to a church goer. Another time two women came, and again i answered the door.....I politely said I attend church and Jesus is my lord and savior. She paused looked down and said, well there is nothing else I can say about that, she then said you are not rude, but very polite and christ like. She said sorry to bother you enjoy the rest of your day and left. Even she had enough sense to know the power of Jesus and to back up!
the truth is out there
Posted by brad wheeler on 2012-08-03 13:42:54
invisdibel man disapering with wizard tech is staring at buttocks rump hes an android with 500levels of physics written on life force corana, he snuck into my apt and froze the matress witha freeze ray panting at the next 48 hours of positive expectancy at the warm warm mattres, maybey hospital paitents should swich bed four times instead of two mayonaise and butter and anything that looks like it should be banned nation wide
Beware :Jehovahs Wintesses will spy on others .
Posted by Bonded007 on 2012-08-16 17:26:10
If anyone doesnt know this they should . It is a concientous obligation to root out the bad apples out of the flock if you see someone or " witness " doing something that is spiritually wrong in the eyes of the " Organization " FOR WHICH IT STANDS . Or if you suspect may be doing something that is disfellowship material . This is especially approved for thos who have the rank of Pioneers , Ministerial servants , and Especially ....Especially Elders . For example years ago ex wife was a bank teller , and i know for sure at times she was asked by elders to look into others accounts to verify if they had accounts or if they had funds for upward amounts that would warrant reasons for suspicious behavior in the congregation .And she at times obliged them with informative verbal material... for it was in the name of protecting the flock .

My experience took place recently with similar circumstances .I havent been accociated with the Witnesses for decades now , yet I have known a particular Person in the faith who has worked for the Post Office for Years in local facilities ( local post offices ) where you do the sorting and the deskwork on different shifts . This Person has worked in at least 4 different facilities over the last 20 years . I have been told this person is an elder now .And this particular Elder is someone i have never liked .
Since i am no longer one associated with them , i recently ( 2 weeks ago ) noticed hes a clerk at my post office now . And for the last 2 weeks every other package i get in the mail from or that has been sent to me parcel post has been partially opened stretched of partially torn just enough for who ever was opening to see what i had in transit sent to me .
Pissed .......yea im pissed. And just complained to the Head Postal Clerk at my office. If it happens any more im moving my address to another part of town under a false name .

Beware :Jehovahs Wintesses are spys on others .
not interested
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-08-20 01:28:32
A JW came to the door ,when i lived in my child hood home...
she knocked on the door,,i answered..before she could say one word...I told her" I'm not interested!"
Then I slammed the dor in her face...
I never saw her again!
It was either that ,or call the cops,and have her arrested for trespassing!
jw's are helping to end the world!
Posted by Jason12 on 2012-08-27 10:44:41
They drive all over the place wasting gas in their pedo mini-vans causing global warming and high gas prices. You jw's say you try to help have a bright future when the world ends. First of all, if the world ends its thanks to you f-ing jw's driving all over the f-ing country wasting gas bothering all of us about your stupid cult that is a big piece of bullshit. LOL @ jw religious freaks who waste their whole lives
Paridise will be a mess for them to clean up.
Posted by Saved christian on 2012-09-04 11:18:39
JW! You are welcome to stay here on earth and I much rather accept Jesus as my Saviour and go heaven when time comes. Millions of us know there is Atomic War coming, the bible warns us that the earth be sevre damaged, millions of bodies be laying around, food be destoried, home be gone, medical care be bad. Jw who says this earth be paridise thus they be the ones clean it up, bury the bodies but there be no equipments to use cause it is destoried by the war. JW will be the ones suffering, while we saved are in heaven, 144,000 sealed witness will come out and ask if JW and unsaved ones wants to repend and join us in heaven. I am sorry that your NWT bible not telling you the truth. There's no paridise here on earth cause we all know there is Atomic War coming. So keep on knocking and it will hit you right in the face when time comes. True Christians, stand your faith and warn the JW that we much rather be in heaven than here on earth. If you read the bible 144,000 is SEALED, NOT SAY WILL GO HEAVEN. I am sorry JW, you need study your true history and dont listen to your elders as truth will hit you right in the face. I would and Jesus would hate to say to you " I told you so". Good Luck.
Religious shitbags all of you.
Posted by Jesus on 2012-09-04 21:11:11
I don't know what is worse the Joho's are the christians. Both idiots can suck jehovahs dick!
The bible has to be the most discusting piece of shit on this planet look what it does to people. Makes one ashamed to be human doesnt it....
Posted by Jules_Lily on 2012-09-09 14:04:33
I would never belong to a "religion" that would not allow their members to stand shoulder to shoulder to defend my home (or my neighbours home) in a time of war. They can suck it!
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-09-21 13:43:40
I totally agree with the FACT that JW are annoying selfish bastards! I am not catholic or cristian or anything I dont Even believe in god I AM ATHIEST! I never judge anyone for their beliefs and absolutely hate it when jw judge me because I am athiest . U believe in what u want I believe in what I want. Sometimes when they come to my door I ask them to prove to me god is real and then I will listen. if you cant prove what ur saying to me with physical evidence dont even bother cuz I wont listen . They get really upset lol
I have even out a sign on my door saying "DO NOT KNOCK VISITORS ARE NOT WELCOME! I DONT CARE WHO U R OR WHAT YOU WANT I WILL NOT OPEN THE DOOR!" My neighbors said I was rude but whatever I dont care. I dont think anyone has the right to just come to ur door to bother u just because their life sux and they have nothing better to do. I have 4 kids to take care of and they dont care if they are sick or crying or hungry they want us to stop whatever were doing just for them! I even had this jw tell me one day that she had been thru everything I was going thru. ( drugs and alcohol) she said the demons in my house were fircing me to do that! And she could do an exorcism in me to make them go away! LOL WTF WAS SHE ON! LOL I HAVE NEVER USED DRUGS OR EVEN TAKEN A DRINK OF ALCOHOL IN MY LIFE! CRAZYYYY BIATCH! LMFAO I LAUGHED IN HER FACE
My mom wrote the comment on top (the athiest)
Posted by Jesus 10 yrs old on 2012-09-21 14:11:55
These jw wont leave my mom alone they just keep on knocking until my mom gets pissed off sometimes she opens the door and just pretends to listen to them when they come back the next day she just ignores them. It seems like they dont know thow to read my moms sign "do not knock" why cant they just leave us alone and find something better to do they are freakin stupid. I am dyslexic and even I can read that sign..
I am not athiest like my mom I go to a baptist church my mom allows me to beieve in what I want. Jw should let everyone believe what we want and not try to force us to be like them.
Posted by Tomi Silky Johnston on 2012-09-21 22:15:06
I am seriously going to lose my mind (even more so than I did earlier) on the next person that rings my doorbell and wakes me out of a finally achieved, and much needed dead slumber, at 9:00 a.m., to attempt to convert me to whatever it is that they believe. How many people really do get converted this way? It's asinine, it's rude. RESPECT MY BELIEFS! I don't invade your life and try and make you believe what I do. I DO NOT APPRECIATE THIS AT ALL. No, better yet I'm just going to answer the door completely naked with clothespins on my nipples, a ball gag in my mouth, a pressure washer in one hand and my stun gun in the other and hose them down! Maybe I'll find out where they live, and ring their bell, at 3.a.m. to tell them about the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, because due to my non-conventional hours, that would be the equivalent. Sanctimonious cockroaches.
Posted by Oh Boy on 2012-09-26 02:30:57
I believe that people should have a freedom of speech, but No still means No. with sex it's considered a crime,if a persons is not in agreement with you, or say No against it. people should respect others peoples wishes and they don't. I made a big mistake and married one, and they are constently depressed,and think of themselves as god. when life is tough they seem to not have anything to hold onto, no spirit, faith, hope, heck quote some of Gods promises back to yourself. The family is always talking about someone, tearing them down, my God says that tongue should be used to esteem others, build them up, not tear them down. All i do is continue to pray for the family, but it is a challenge at times. Im trusting in the almighty God, and jesus is my lord and savior.
Posted by Kristin on 2012-10-13 07:23:40
My MIL is one so unfortunately it is impossible to keep these narrow minded judgemental people away. They preach about having the truth but refuse to put it to the test. Deep down inside they have to know if they looked behind the curtain of the Great Oz in Brooklyn they may find their entire belief system crumble beneath their feet. Pathetic way to live an illusion.
Research your history of JW's
Posted by Stilokay on 2012-10-13 22:04:33
I have been around JW's most of my life since I was 11, got baptized at 14, left the congregation for 20 years, came back in my 30's, and nothing ever changes with the hypocrisy of the JW's. I stayed in it for 6 years, left again then came back in my early 50's which is what I am now... I have tried so many times, and all my life felt very guilty of leaving the organization until I read the book: "30 Years a Watchtower Slave" by William J. Schnell, "Into The Light Of Christianity," and "Crisis of Conscience" by Raymond Franz. I know what some JW's will say, no I am not an Apostate, I am in search of the real truth, and you will be in shock after reading these books, and I guarantee that you will leave the mind controlling Organization. You are not serving God, you are serving a publishing company and that is what is sad about it... I know that most JW's are good people, but they are very misguided, just search, and you will be freed....
May God Bless You, All...
Posted by Paddy on 2012-10-15 14:31:36
Our neighborhood was quiet for 10 years, then the JWs started showing up repeatedly last month, not sure if a new hall opened or what. We have a pretty tight knit street and most know each other, we send out warning text messages when the JWs show up, they are currently batting 0.00 in our neighborhood...
Please Don't Be Mean...
Posted by Jehovah Witness on 2012-10-25 23:15:49
Hi, I'm Only 13. so please don't say anything bad about im about to say, bc right now im already crying from all the rude, and careless comments... Do You Guys Not Think We See These and aren't effected??? I Am A jehovah Witness. I am not the best at it, I may not go to all the meetings or go out to peoples doors preaching, mainly bc i actually like sleeping! But I do know my religion, and I know why we do this.

Have You Lost a Family Member In Your Life Yet?
I stay with my religion bc of what it did for me. My Grandfather was at the hospital on his death bed, even the doctors told us theres no possibility of him living the next day. My WHOLE kingdom hall(or well church to some who dont know what i mean) prayed for him. Everyone was crying in the waiting room and praying. Next thing we knew a doctor walked out, He told us ITS A MIRACLE! my grandmother LIVED. He lived. The doctors could not explain how all they could say is that god was on our side.

Now Can You Understand why we serve god as a jehovah witness?

God Blessed Us. God Saved my sisters life. She was abused by her boyfriend and she couldn't leave him bc he threatened to FIND ME if she did. I didnt hear or see my sister for 3 years. I was 8, it effected me so much. I still have nightmares, but god saved her and he got put in jail. And My dad has done so many bad things, My dad is an acholic and did drugs and went to jail. My mom cries every night and can't leave him, bc she still has faith for him. I have PRAYED for them to get a divorce several times. But now i know why she can't. God is what keeps my mom alive. Have You Ever Seen Every Person You Love In The Hospital at one point??? I n have. I know thye pain. But I still stick with my god.


seeing you people say this breaks my heart bc without Jehovah I would probably be in a foster home or worse be dead. DONT JUDGE OR HATE US, BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW OUR STORIES. most of us have been through hell, and serving god is what keeps us from drowning in sorrow.


people in my religion are abused in some countries and put to death if being a jehovah witness. BUT THEY DIE FOR THERE RELIGION BC THEY KNOW GOD WILL BLESS THEM.


Oh n remember Im only 13, so me saying all this just proves how much care for my religion... and for once, i'd like you to try to get to know my religion before you judge and hate us.

Thank You For Your Time.
Im sorry if i said anything offensive... I just want people to know what we have to go through when you say this...
I know your religion
Posted by Kristina on 2012-10-29 05:21:49
Dear, I will pray for you that you will someday see the sham of the watchtower society and see the real truth.

I do know all about your religion... more than you do. The JW are the hateful judgemental ones.

Because of their mind controlling techniques, you cannot see it.
As for me...
Posted by Firefly on 2012-10-29 11:34:53
I simply slam the door on them. Works wonders.
My JW family
Posted by Jeanette on 2012-11-04 17:31:00
My stepdads mother is a JW, thankfully she isn't my real grandmother. She is the most depressing person to be around. Everyone in our family avoids her because she is all doom and gloom. She is a hypocondriac to the point I wonder if she has munchausen disease. Very psychotic.

Don't just slam the door in their face. Keep your kids and family as far away as possible... send one of their DO NOT CALL forms to your local Kingdum hall. They are available online. Send it certified mail and send a copy to their office in Brooklyn... address also available online.
wheres the love?
Posted by heyheyhey on 2012-11-07 11:15:05
My best friends mother in law, sis in law, and bro in law, are all jws. So basically, the gma, aunt, and uncle, of this child who passed away...they refused to go inside the church for the service or viewing...why even bother showing up???. They just stood outside like a bunch of dummies... come on, its a funeral... also, my friend was disfellowshipped as a teen 4 havin a baby out of wedlock..she was raped and had no control over the situation. None of the jws comforted her, not even her own mother...its really 19yrs later, my friend loses her daughter, and the 3 jws once again show her what a great religion they have, by refusing to go in the church 4 the service...i see many jws come in my store, after a meeting, all dressed up, purchasing wine, beer, and hard liquor...looks like they plan on doin a little more than social drinkin...u feel can we trust anyone tryin to witness, if u have no idea if they had too much to drink the night before? Maybe thats why so many of the jws are so easily angered, they need a drink or maybe have a nasty hangover...ill end now..take care..
don't need one
Posted by committed for life on 2012-11-07 20:30:41
Why are we suprised by all of the opposition, this is Satan's world, no more need to be said.
Come to the dark side we got cookies!!!
Posted by Lesnocker on 2012-11-08 18:59:38
I answer nude. Had one still talking to me even though my ding a ling was hanging out. So I started pissing off my porch. Seems to work? If that wount stop them guess I could go out naked wareing fish nets and holding a weed wacker. then ask if there open minded.
JW's are Satan' Organization, not God's
Posted by Tari on 2012-11-10 04:45:24
They are being severely mislead by the devil. All of the failed prophecies are only some of the evidence.
JWs and paedophiles
Posted by anonymous on 2012-11-16 06:14:20
my brother was abused by our father for about 9 years, it continued for so long partly because my mother was told she could not divorce our father because it was against the bible, she was even put off taking him to court, jws are more concerned about the jw reputation than protecting innocents, and they think they're above the law

how many other disgusting acts are tolerated by these religions, as we have also seen within Christianity as a whole, seems to be paedophile heaven!
f*ckin haters!!!!!!!
Posted by waka-flocka on 2012-11-16 19:42:17
ok listen here little bitches you are piisng me off with you bull shit you f*ckin morons im not a jw im a babtist but still you are f*ckin idoits mostly tari f*ckin dumass you know what thiers over a hundred f*ckin religions all diffrent but beilieve in god.........still you post this little nonsense your all going to hell and not saying im going so dont get all bichty.f*cktards.NOW f*ck OFF YOU GUYS PISS ME OFF SICERLY YOUR f*ckIN FACE!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL... haters?
Posted by Rob on 2012-11-16 20:25:26
hmmmm. seems we have a troll. you are obviously not a baptist waka but a JW. If you were baptist you would not freak out so much over a religion you know nothing about. better research the organization you worship and think is God's before it's too late.
Nice language for a "baptist"
Posted by Kemberli on 2012-11-17 06:40:16
Waku..What kind of Baptist are you that you would condemn another human being to burn in hell? And such anger and language, oh me oh my! Especially disturbing is the fact that you found the comment about JW being Satans organization worse than the accusation of pedophilia. HMMMM me thinks you a JW since they know Baptists believe in a literal burning hell when the JW do not. And not a very good JW. The elders should counsel you on staying off of apostate websites ?
God Botherers Ignore my sign!
Posted by SB_Australia on 2012-11-17 22:46:18
We are a household with two shift workers (DH & 18 year old step-Son). I have a sign on my front door when one or both of them are trying to sleep that says "SHIFT WORKERS SLEEPING. Please DO NOT KNOCK." Sales people read it & move on. Delivery drivers leave a calling card & I call them to reschedule the delivery. Bible bashers completely ignore the sign & knock loudly...some have even called out "Hello! Is anyone home?". When I point to the sign & ask them what the f**k they're playing at they pretend they didn't see it (Ray Charles would have seen it) or they try to tell me that their message is too important.

THIS is why when they knock on my door I tell them to f**k off & leave us alone or I will let the dogs off the chain. I hate them with a passion! I am an atheist & I don't try to convince them that they are too old to have an imaginary friend so why should I be polite when they completely disrespect two very hard working men just so they can cram their sh1t down my throat?
Refuse JW Apostate Literature
Posted by Cathline on 2012-11-18 05:17:48
When they come to my door and try to shove their un-Christian literature in my face, I do not take it. Rather I smile nicely and tell them I do not accept apostate literature.
This is a sick bunch... hide your kids
Posted by lizzyb on 2012-11-25 07:24:37
They have welcomed Rosemary West into their fold. Show's how desperate the WT is to get their numbers up. This is truly an evil organization. Do not let your children near them.

When they come to your door aske them what they think about Candice Conti.
Hey JoHo's
Posted by Santa on 2012-12-24 18:16:30
Merry Christmas to all the Ho's, don't forget to get lots of gifts for the kids! It might be a good idea to get them all gift certificates from your local hospital for a blood transfusion!
One simple fact.
Posted by The Truth on 2013-01-25 13:16:19
There is NO God, deal with it.
Posted by realist on 2013-01-30 17:13:57
I am not anti-religious, but I find that Jehovah's Witnesses can be very overbearing. My mom and I even had one knock on our car door while we were parked at a McDonald's... but I also find that more than just Jehovah's Witnesses will stop at your door. Politicians are the worst. Other religions will also stop by your house.

With all the stops they make, they may not make a note to stop coming to a location if asked, or they do not pass on this information to all other potential unwanted visitors simply because during the course of their knocking they forget as everyone does.

I do not believe in organized religion as I believe that everyone should be left to make their own opinions and own beliefs without the opinions of others being forced down their throats.

If you are a jehova's witness, please, I need no saving. I am happy as I am and I am sure that if my current lifestyle leads me to hell in your opinion, it will be perfectly fine with me as I do not believe as you do.

Please encourage your church to institute a universal list of houses that have expressed to you that they do not want you to visit, that have been "disfellowshipped", have been rude or slamming doors in your faces (one way an annoyed household shows their disapproval of your visit). This will not only make you have a better reputation in your communities, but will save your members from the rude people they will meet.

If you need more members, by all means, procreate. Don't try to make us believe as you do by "trying to save us" if we do not wish to be saved.

I would respect your request to not knock on your door, so please respect mine.
Posted by Edward Jackson on 2013-01-31 03:35:30
I had a friend who saw them coming, and said, watch this! He got all naked, and answered the door and leaned on the frame, of it, and asked, "Can I help you?" They sputtered something and headed off! This was in Salt Lake City! At an apartment complex courtyard facing a playground... This did not work with Mormans!
I chewed them up
Posted by watchdog on 2013-02-20 15:15:53
Good people,
Not to worry, if you accept Jesus for who he is that is all that is needed for salvation. Please don't let anyone keep you from that. After several lengthily discussions with the J.W.s I systematically rebutted every thing they were pushing. Simply do as they claim to do, ask the bible what it says about any issue. If you are using a computer to read this the answers are at your fingertips. You may be surprised at how easy it is to find what you want to know and how twisted some people are. The Good book is a beautiful gentle loving understanding of life and how to navigate through it. Contrary to the common misconceptions there is a wonderful dialogue just waiting for your own travel at your own pace inside the Bible. Worry not at the false prophets only Christ Jesus grants salvation.It is his promise and his word. Amen
You chewed your own ego moron....
Posted by sparky on 2013-02-28 18:59:56
f*ck i'm getting sick of you bible thumping dicks!
Why can't you let other people live thier lives instead of always having to throw that pedophile manual in our faces. If you choose to follow this shit that is fine for you but learn to keep it to yourself instead of trying to get others to follow your stupidity!
Keep on chasing that invisible carrrot on the stick....dick!
A family broken
Posted by Cult of Jehovah on 2013-03-04 10:24:19
My mother was lonely after her second divorce and fell in with the Witnesses. We hardly speak now and she has removed herself from my wife and I completely. We don't speak for months on end and if I do see her all she does is try and load me up on issues of Watchtower and other literature. It's rather sad actually. I explained to her that I am happy she found something that makes her happy but that it was not for me and that I would not be joining. She told me she had met with some "elders" about our discussion. That was it for us. The turning point. She raised me as a single mother and our bond was strong but now she simply shuns me. She still speaks with my brother because he has started to read Watchtower and go to the hall whereas I refuse. They claim not to shun non-believers but that's a load of crap in my opinion as it's going on right now in my family.
Posted by noyiutcezn on 2013-03-14 06:35:25
nenuvctbmfsu, lgrophrqjj
JW's Harrassing me at work
Posted by Lyndzy on 2013-03-16 07:47:47
My JW inlaws send their people to my work to harrass me. They have told my boss lies about me and have jeopardized a career I have worked very hard for. I have kids to support. These people are insane and have too much time on their hands. They are judgemental, narcissistic and rude.
the dude
Posted by Timour Lang on 2013-03-17 02:16:09
to Please Don't Be Mean...

will I be able to say all those horrible things to your face? hell yeah! all those things and more. i do not care what your beliefs are, because i have my own. am i stalking you at your own house while trying to convert you to my beliefs? i don't. so PLEASE do not come to my door. this is the last PLEASE i am saying to a joho. i am really tired of you numbf*cks.
I am king
Posted by Jehovah on 2013-04-08 18:44:35
I am jehovah
I am king of hate
I am king of the pedophiles
I am king of child blood for them hahahahahahahhah!
I tell you who you can gay stuff allowed! Unless of course it is me and young boys!

If you don't follow me blindly I will destroy you when I destroy the world!


ps: There are still a few seats open for the chosen 144000...maybe it can be you!
Posted by Abe on 2013-04-15 20:37:28
OK i'm translating the last 10 posts. These are from an old dialect that was long forgotten.

JoHo's Die!
JoHo's Die!
JoHo's Die!JoHo's Die!JoHo's Die!
JoHo's Die!JoHo's Die!JoHo's Die!JoHo's Die!
knock knock!
JoHo's Die!
JoHo's Die!
Posted by ETHAN on 2013-04-29 15:37:43


why so much hatred for jw,s
Posted by carly on 2013-05-17 00:43:23
all of you people who are saying such disgusting comments about jehovahs witnesses are disgusting and most of these coments about themm being pedophiles and all are just sick lies yall tell.if yall were so much better than them yall wouldnt be saying such disgusting comments.obviously not all jehovahs witnesses will be good.some are bad influences and some have faults but that does not make them bad as awhole.people are imperfect and so are all of you.its nice to see so many people judging jehovahs witnesses.who the hell do yall think yall are.let he who is without sin be the first to cast the f*cking stone!!!!!!!
Posted by V on 2013-05-23 03:43:40
Just offer them a copy of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. Or invite them to pray with you on your prayer rug and make sure they understand which direction Mecca is.
Posted by Watchtower on 2013-05-23 19:03:58
Charles Stuben: I prayed two years for my wife before she died of cancer, and it didn't seem to help much.
Tom: How do you know it didn't help?
Charles Stuben: Because she's dead in the ground.
Charles Stuben: I generally take that as meaning it didn't help.
Tom: Maybe it did help. Maybe she's in heaven experiencing the love of God's Holy Trinity.
Charles Stuben: So she's in heaven sucking God's cock now? I feel so much better.
Posted by Teraku on 2013-06-11 14:28:44
Thank goodness these people aren't as annoying and persistent in The Netherlands.

I told them I'm an Atheist, and they acted like they didn't care, but I haven't seen them since.
To Carly the Ho
Posted by Jesus on 2013-06-17 18:42:36
The discusting comments about Ho's being pedophiles is highly accurate just google "watchtower"legal and see for yourself. There are court records and sentencing information to back it up. There have been 3 1 hr news specials on Ho's over the last few years they are known to the Authorities as "The pedophile cult" since the watchtower does not report them instead they take care of the the situation themselves...they send them elsewere and to our front doors. They have no concern for the abused child and if the family reports the offense they are disfellowed(a blessing).

If you look at the forum topic "how to keep jehovah witnesses from bothering you" means these are people who are tired and fed up being nagged by you parasites. I live in Vancouver BC you cannot even sit on the beach at English Bay without being bothered by Ho's. If you walk around on the backstreets they are even there bothering you.
It is not judging it is being fed up with being bothered by you f*cktards!

Here you stupid f*cks are crying about being judged but then there you go pointing the finger at the Gay community saying these people are sinners. Who is doing the judging here? Your members can't keep their pants on around young children and you are pointing the finger? Guess what finger i'm pointing at you? Yes Carly you truly are a stupid Ho!
why all the hatred?
Posted by New guy on 2013-06-18 02:26:35
Jw's are some of the most respectful people I have ever seen, once I told them I didn't want to have anything to do with them they just left me alone. Sure they'll come once every year or so but still.
jehovahs whitnesses
Posted by Tiffany on 2013-06-20 01:22:59
I'm sorry a lot of you feel this way. I am a Jehovah's witness and I've read a lot of comments. We don't seek a name for ourselves but for Jehovah. We do have sertian rules about dress and behavior. You don't have to lie to us at the door to get us to leave you alone you simply have to say your not interested. But we go door to door because of what we believe not because we have to. We do get disfelowshipped but we don't shun them. They choose to come back on their own and get reinstated on their own. We can talk to them only if their a family member and its an emergency situation in the family. I'm not baptised yet but I plan to get baptised soon I've experienced real joy in being a Jehovah's witness because there's lots of things we can do. We don't do them for for just ourselves but for Jehovah because all he asks of us is our time. That's it, we understand if you don't want to listen to us but tell us in a nice way because we are taking time out of our schedule to go door to door because we want to not because were forced. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
That's what I'm talkin abouttttt
Posted by Yeah buddy on 2013-06-21 19:43:45
If they had some hot Jehovah's Witness woman with big ol boobs suck me then maybe I would listen but other wise I slap em in the race with my wang and next thing they know they're on a different planet and can't get back
JW Dumbf*cks
Posted by Jayhova on 2013-06-22 15:25:46
You come to my door because you have to it is the service as you morons call it. But if you want to lie about it that is fine to. So you are saying you come to my door, on your own to tell me about that filthy jobag crap ! Well, f*ck you for being so rude as to think that is acceptable behaviour. f*ck you for thinking that since you belive in something that everyone should because shit how could you be wrong!
I believe that i should be able to knock on your door and your wife answers then gets on her knee's servicing me while i tell you about other shit i also believe in. Is that fine with you? It is what i believe and i would love to share it with you.
JW's in my neighbourhood are some of the rudest parasites i have ever had to experience. They do not understand the concept of no i'm not interested! They bother me again the next day so don't give me that 'nice people' shit...
Posted by The Playa on 2013-07-16 01:06:46
Time is precious. We only have 100 years to live in this Earth, I'd rather spend it waist deep in ass and pussy (preferably ass) than door to door spreading the word.

If you know what I mean.
Posted by abel on 2013-08-05 15:30:03
I think the above means f*ck you watchtower, die jehovah's, death to the jehovah's! kill them now!
Posted by Yo on 2013-08-10 22:54:12
No, I think it means "VIRUS"...
Posted by Ho on 2013-08-13 22:23:34
No i think it means:
Die watchtower pedophiles, Die child murdering jehovah's,Die king of hate jehovah! and stop knocking on my door you morons!
WTF: re
Posted by Marty on 2013-08-15 18:58:40
I think the jehovah's are the virus, if you let that shit in your head nothing can save you. Any bible based religion is harmful to the mind it destroys what is human. It frustrates me how people feel it is appropriate behaviour to intrude into my life in their attempts at conversion, f*ck YOU!. How many more lives will be destroyed by religion before we kick that shit off the planet. It is my life my experience stay the f*ck out of it with your stupidity.
Posted by Ebolilickoli on 2013-09-16 04:47:43
Coming to the door naked works for me. They run. Probably laughing, but they run.
Doctor of Theology
Posted by Harold Miller, ThD on 2013-10-12 11:05:51
I see so many angry words in the entries before me. It just shows how deeply the Watchtower Organizaion hurts the lives of those it touches; both directly and indirectly. I lost my maternal JW family when I left the cult 33 years ago. I was never allowed to become close with my non-JW family on my Dad's side. You could not have true friendships with your JW peers because we were all taught to report any transgressions to the Elders - we had to spy on each other. Of course, once I left they officially disfellowshipped me and my peers shunned me as well.
The Organization is one without mercy or Christian love. There is never counsel only punishment or threats of it. Children reared in the cult almost always have significant deficits in social skills. Perhaps this is from fear of constant punishment. My mother would threaten to call the Elders when she wanted to bring in the big guns of discipline. That usually worked because their punishments were quick, severe, and embarrassing. I had seen their effects on others in my Kingdom Hall and others.
The Organization has a specific program to transform the minds of its proselytes from free-thinking questioners to robots spouting canned JW responses to matters of JW beliefs or questions they may be asked by old friends or family. This brainwashing process is effective in altering the mindset and personality of JW students and can take anywhere from a few months to a year or so. The Organization is all about control and its maintenance by fear.
The organization is a cult theologically because it changes the Biblical Christ into a lesser god (see John ch 1 in their NWT) and the Holy Spirit into a non-living entity that, according to JWs is but a mere force like gravity. However it can be proven from even their own twisted bible that the Holy Spirit is one with the Trinity (of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). So as well as theologically being a cult it is sociologically and psychologically damaging.
If you want to learn in depth what the JW organization is really like, I suggest a few books: 1) Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin, edited by Ravi Zacharias; 2) Thirty Years a Watchtower Slave by William J Schnell; 3)Jehovah's Witnesses and the Problem of Mental Health by Jerry Bergman; and 4)Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz, ex-member of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.
May God bless your search for the truth about the "Truth."
I Will Clear It Up
Posted by Another JW on 2013-11-04 19:54:48
First of all we are not a cult...

Second , you all need to calm it down a bit and get some more info about the subject your arguing against
f*ck JWs
Posted by ProudBitch on 2013-12-26 21:51:44
I hate JWs! They came to my house while it was just me and my dad at home. My dad had just had surgery and I was supposed to be keeping an eye on him while my mom picked up his medicine. They knocked on the door and I answered thinking it was my Uncle (he had called and said he was coming over with a pie not too long before). Anyway, I answered the door and it was them and they asked if they could talk to the owner of the house. I told them that my dad was the owner, but he was asleep. I even explained that he had just had surgery and needed rest, but they kept asking me to wake him up. I finally decided I was done being polite and told them to stop wasting my time and get the f*ck off of the property and slammed the door in their face. They still come, just not as often and we are not nice to them when they do come. Hopefully they'll eventually get the idea. JWs DESERVE TO BURN FOREVER!
I have a Question for a JW.
Posted by Nin on 2014-01-21 12:23:05
If a dog needed a blood transfusion would jw allow it??
If not why not??
Im just curious as i know they dont beleive in giving blood to humans.
Thank you
Posted by Shyam on 2014-02-11 10:46:23
Dear Friends,
I suggest all of you to listenJWs first then decide whatever you want? Visit them at
Posted by DragonBack on 2014-02-19 11:56:10
Brother in law is a JW. I am a Goat (non JW). He is an unmotivated person waiting for whatever they wait for. No ambition, no drive. His wife is a lazy, complaining person who never has had a job or any experience in life. She gets preggo, doesn't want to be, hates the whole preggo thing, but has to ride it out based on JW's controlling all your personal thoughts, (ask about blow jobs), so the kid has mental issues right from birth. They home school the kid, only expose him to JW people, functions and friends. A mushroom has a better life than this child. He is now 18, no ambition, no goals. Stays on his room playing with a computer when they are not at the cult hall. They will not participate in family functions as we are all Goats. Quite a religion that makes a practice of ruining family love. That is what God is about?
Take time and really research the bible group that founded this cult. Search for the history that the JW's have not been able to overwrite or white wash. They were business men with a money making, controlling, power agenda.
Look at the where majority of the JW population is, 3rd world countries. People who will worship anything for food. Yes they do good, yes they help, however close minded beliefs and intolerance of others is no word to spread.
Hitler also created a following with people who had nothing. It's easy to convert people who have nothing.
Think I'll go and re-interpet some scripture this afternoon and create a new religion.
He who stands at the edge and watches
Posted by Does it matter? on 2014-02-19 12:15:03
The names change through history, the mechanics of power remain unchanged, the weak, be it in mind or a weakness of situation shall always be the pawns. The only true sin is that man will never co-exist with his fellow man.
need fun
Posted by swoop on 2014-02-20 07:50:36
Next time they come to the door just be totaly naked (preferably with a hard woody)That should get there attention.
Wasting energy.
Posted by Zachary Spence on 2014-03-04 09:11:29
Lighten up people some of you seem so scared by print.I bet most of the haters have not read a magazine, newspaper or book in years. They may be annoying but I see the Jehovah people as providing a public service in literacy. A jw woman at my job explained that each church member is a minister so when you tell them to go away the next visitor, in all probability, is someone else who knows nothing of your previous encounter. If you are that upset write to the local church and ask to be put on their "leave me alone" list.
yes, she says they have one. The Roman Catholics send me requests for donations and catalogues which are promptly put in the garbage. Chill haters!!
My Story
Posted by Fresh Witness on 2014-03-05 01:25:47
A little modified Fresh Prince lyric. Dedicated to all JW's

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the witness of a town called Bel Air

In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of guys
Who were up to no good
Started knocking on doors in my neighborhood
They preached for a while and my mom got scared
And said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air'

I begged and pleaded with her day after day
But she packed my suitcase and send me on my way
She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket.
I got my bible and said, 'I might as well preach it'.

First class, damn this is good
Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass.
Is this what the people of Bel-Air Living like?
Damn. I am so f*cked.

But wait I hear there're prissy, bourgeois and all that
Is this the type of place that they should send this devout cat?
I think so
I'll preach when I get there
I hope they're prepared for the witness of Bel-Air

Well, the plane landed and when I came out
There was a dude who looked like an Elder standing there with my name out
I ain't trying to get disfellowshipped yet
I just got here
I sprang with the quickness like lightning, disappeared

I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said witness and it had a bible in the mirror
If anything I can say that this cab was awesome
So I thought 'Yeah lets get it' - 'Yo homes to Bel Air'

I pulled up to the hood about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo homes preach ya later'
I looked at the neighbourhood
I was finally there
To preach all my life as the witness of Bel Air
No Thanks, don't need one
Posted by Really? on 2014-05-01 09:47:34
Spammers, telemarketers, junk mail, JW's, irritations on a peaceful day, all.
What an Idiot
Posted by tells it like it is on 2014-05-08 02:47:32
Hey Santo, you are an idiot. A real f*cking idiot.
Buy a Bridge?
Posted by Anonymous on 2014-05-08 02:49:46
Santo, want to buy a bridge?
Posted by Anonymous on 2014-05-08 02:51:29
Gee, I wonder why Santo is single. NOT!
Santo is Clueless
Posted by Chapo Whetto on 2014-05-08 14:41:19
Santo, my man, what the heck does any of that have to do with JW's?
So you are stupid enough to want this cheating woman back?
You ARE an idiot. Best of luck, you are going to need it.
Why are There No Attractive JW Women
Posted by Just Wondering on 2014-05-28 09:13:38
In the 58 years of answering the door to these people I have never seen an attractive JW female. Why is that? I am not talking about runway model gorgeous, I am just talking reasonably attractive.
True, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but how does one religion find all the non-descript women? Do they not send the pretty ones out to bang on doors? Are there pretty ones? Are attractive people banned from joining? I know people who can think for themselves are banned from joining. Just wondering.
Posted by ziddina on 2014-06-04 00:47:42
Challenge their beliefs. This method unfortunately won't work for fervent Christians - unless you really know your bible & want to go toe-to-toe with them about scriptures, but if you're an inactive Christian, agnostic, or atheist, you can get them to run off if you challenge them with something like:

Why do the 'creative days' in Genesis claim that plants were growing before the sun, moon & stars were created? (Genesis 1: 3-5, 1: 11-13, & 1: 14-19.)

Why were the sun, moon & stars placed in the 'expanse of the heavens' BELOW the waters? We now know that the sun is at least 92,900,000 miles from earth; how can the waters ABOVE the 'heavens' as mentioned in Genesis 1: 9-10, have existed over 90 million miles AWAY from the earth?

Why does Genesis 4: 22 mention Tubal-cain only a few generations (if that) away from "Adam & Eve", who was a "forger of bronze & iron"? Why does Genesis ignore both the Stone Age & the Bronze Age?

My favorite doesn't even require bible quotes. Just ask them how old the bible is (around 3,000 to 3,500 years old),then point out that the Egyptian civilization is far older (at least 5,000 years old), Stonehenge is far older (also at least 5,000 years old), the Goddess temples on Malta are far older (at least 7,000 years old), the stone temples of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey are far older (at least 11,500 years old), the cave paintings in France & Spain are far older (from 18,000 years to 30,000 years old), and so on.

How can the bible god[s] be the 'true god', since the bible was written SO late in human history?
Posted by Lived It on 2014-06-09 13:53:12
You really want to experience these bastards,have them build a hall in your neighborhood.It's a non-stop cavalcade of monkeyshines.Trespassing,not following approved building plans,digging up and blocking off County road drainage systems,having to involve local authorities to stop construction noise at all hours.When they build a hall they are the most inconsiderate,obnoxious bunch of a$$holes ever.
You must know Santo
Posted by Really on 2014-06-10 10:01:38
Jennifer you are as brain dead as Santo. WTF does your comment have to do with JW's? Can't wait for your husband to cheat again. He will. What a door mat you are. You will always be a stupid, gullible, lowlife, idiot. It is hard to believe there are people as useless as you in society. THE "SPELL CASTER" saved me, yeah right. Pathetic pos.
raised that way too
Posted by disenchanted on 2014-07-13 04:32:20
I remember the day they knocked on our door, I was in the 3rd grade, my dad let them in and they stayed for an hour or so, then they started coming every week, then all of a sudden no more Christmas, easter, birthdays, I was made to quit girl scouts, I didn't realize it then, but my life was about to turn to pure hell. I am 59 and still so hurt by what they did to our family. my dad changed, he was so loving and warm, and he turned into this controlling monster who made me give up everything I loved. one comment I would like to make is about their hypocracy. they don't vote, they don't salute the flag, they don't join the military, they denounce college, which really broke my heart cause I so wanted to be a school teacher. they say they are separate from all that. but..they go to doctors, dentists,lawyers, accountants, my dad uses his va benefits on a regular basis, they will accept food stamps, anything the government can do for them they will take, but they totally refuse to participate and teach that its evil and corrupt and part of this system of things and it is a life of gloom and doom, a promise of another life, that's what they live for, they don't stop to appreciate the wonderful world they live in now. they condemn it every chance they get, it was an awful life for me, still working on self esteem issues and never from the day they knocked on our door, had a father who put me first. it was always them, and when I became a teen with a mind of my own, it was brutal. I was beaten with a razor strap, I was kicked and slapped and called names and I feel like that's the day I lost my family
raised that way too
Posted by disenchanted on 2014-07-13 04:36:47
let me change that from the day I lost my family to the day I lost my life
Posted by zippy on 2014-07-19 01:55:14
it's very simple, you open a window hold up the weapon(not pointed at them) and say,"get the Hell off my property or you might meet your maker real quick"...they can't move fast enough.
Sign on door
Posted by bite me on 2014-07-19 09:39:47
No Solicitions" won't work. That's for sellers.

Use a "NO PROSELITYZING" sign. It means don't preach your beliefs. Works well for any group most of the time and IF it doesn't Call the Cops and press charges for trespass and harassment. I have do so in the past.

Also teach your slow learner kids NOT to answer the door.
Posted by Reality on 2014-07-27 13:48:10
Let us just pretend that the whole nation embraces and converts to JW beliefs: i.e. no firearms, no armed forces, etc. how would we defend our country? These parasites on society are willing to live under the protection of the armed services and enjoy the benefits of freedom provided by these forces as in their right to their religion, yet they will support NOTHING to do with the mechanics of these rights. They drive on our roads, attend our schools, hold their hands out for government benefits, yet have no allegiance for the country that provides all this for them. Can they be anymore hypocritical?
Come to my door and answer these questions for me.
the witnesses lie
Posted by Jesse Lopez on 2014-07-28 17:28:31 or
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Posted by OK on 2014-08-09 12:27:53
I rest my case.
I never had it in mind that thing were ever going to come back t
Posted by Frank Silver on 2014-08-18 01:18:01
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suck dick jehovah
Posted by human one on 2014-08-26 19:30:36
Spell casters and love potion number 9! typical stupidity of the jehova's child molesters. The only good jehova is a dead one!Please continue refusing blood transfusions at some point we will be rid of you pedophiles!
Cowards scare easy
Posted by Better Monster on 2014-12-13 14:37:21
And JWs are cowards in a big way. So why bother being nice or clever? You can't get through to them, they are committed to being hopelessly ignorant cultists, so go ahead and threaten, insult or assault them if you can get away with it. You americans, I'm surprised you don't just shoot them and call it self defense. Maybe that only works when white people shoot black people though.
Don't tolerate the assholes for the sake of politeness or freedom of speech or whatever bullshit. Cultists forfeit all the good things of the nation they reject.
Whatever you can do to hurt them, do it. If they touch you at all use that as justification to bite or punch or anything, say you were threatened. If you are elderly or disabled or vulnerable in any way you can sell that to authorities. They should beleive the quiet old man or woman over some asshole cultists. If you live someplace isolated, use that. Sick a bunch of farm dogs on them, or stealthily slash their tires so they get stranded out in the countryside. If you can block cell phone reception even better. Keep them out there all night.
If you have a pig farm then you should already know how to make most of a corpse disappear.

Never fear idiot cultists of any kind. Make them fear you.
Posted by brian on 2015-01-14 16:45:52
I am an ex jw and I would advise to never take any of the watchtower literature just to get rid of the jw's, because that won't work. Here is why, becauce if anyone takes their literature they will write down your name (if they have it) and your address and will return offten. They call it a return visit and will be usually twice a month because the watchtower and awake come out twice a month each. That is 4 magazines a month so they may show up 4 times a month. Then if you keep taking the magazines next thing they want is to have a "bible study" which is really a book study and the book is put out by watchtower and twists what the bible says. Then after study they want you to come to there kingdom hall, especially the memorial where almost nobody partakes and thus they reject Jesus by rejecting memorial emblems.
So don't take watchtower literature and don't give them any money because the money will go to print more watchtower literature.
"anonymous" is full of it
Posted by SallyMae49418 on 2015-01-23 11:17:28
"anonymous" above who claims all you have to do is request to be on their "do not call list" is full of it. I used to be a Jehovah's Witness and when I had people ask to be put on the "do not call" list I passed it on the brothers holding the territory card and they refused to write the address on the do not call. I heard everything from "they may just be in a bad mood and didn't really mean it" to "That means there is a sheep somewhere in that house because Satan is roaring". Asking to be put on the "do not call list" or telling them "never to come back" does NOT work with these people. I had them back at my door doing the doofus routine of "my husband has the territory card and he didn't tell us". I finally had to tell them that if one of them showed up again, I'd beat the crap out of them. These people are thoroughly ingrained to believe they are there to save your life because Armageddon is coming and if you aren't one of Jehovah's Witnesses you will die when it comes. Because of that their skulls are thoroughly thickened to anything but the most hostile NO one can give them. They have absolutely, positively ZERO sense of proper boundaries. Also, check out for over 5000 pages of court files where they are being sued left and write for hiding child molesters in their midst. Stay the hell away from these people. and are also excellent sights telling the truth about these people.
Nutters of the world unite
Posted by Roqmama on 2015-01-24 05:20:29
Been having my own experiences with pushy, aggressive witnesses coming to my door despite being told NOT INTERESTED. They usually come around on a monthly basis and always at bad times. They must walk past two large signs on my driveway that SPECIFICALLY read "NO JEHOVAHS WITNESSES" and have, on one occasion when I wouldn't go to the door, actually opened the door and entered my foyer before I confronted them and told them to leave. On that occasion I rang the police. Breaking into my home is UNACCEPTABLE. THey are lucky they weren't shot. I have requested to be left alone, written letters, rung their church, to no avail. Somehow they got my home number and began calling me! I have come to the conclusion that these people don't like to take no for an answer. I researched some of the beliefs and the absurdity of it just astounds me. Now, reading some of the Pro-Jo-Ho responses on here I am inclined to think that each and every single one of the JWs are nuts and it really re-enforces what I have always believed...that people who need to believe in such rubbish are mentally disturbed. Not only that, but believing that your God is the ONLY thing worth believing in, whilst belittling everyone else's beliefs? Ramming your beliefs down peoples throats in their own homes s just beyond deluded. Breaking up families, turning your backs on loved ones, refusing medical treatment to children...that's just the start. So heres some advice to all the JWs out there. If there really is a God up there, and if he's actually listening, I can guarantee you that he's sick and tired of being used as an excuse to behave like assholes.
Dear Little Miss J Witness
Posted by Roqmama on 2015-01-24 05:28:01
And all the other 12, 14, (teenagers) who are posting on here defending your hype.
IN regards to your comment.
YOU are 16 (12 14 etc). You have barely grown hair on your pits. You know jack shit about real life.
Until you grow up and learn to think for yourself, just keep your opinions away from my door.
PS: can you say BRAIN WASHED?
I wonder.....?
Posted by Juan Motime on 2015-02-20 22:30:08
I wonder if you put salt on them would they melt away just like the smaller slugs?
Where is Raptor Jesus?
Posted by Anonymous on 2015-02-20 22:47:20
JoHos, where is Raptor Jesus in your teachings? It is sad enough that you have reduced Jesus to an errand boy, but to omit Raptor Jesus who went extinct to save us all from Satanasaurus is blasphemy. I can't even imagine what JoHos have to say OR not say about Allahsaurus Rex and his teachings!
Consult the bible, not an elder
Posted by Christian on 2015-03-14 01:21:57
JW is a cult- they interpret (misinterpret/skew) the bible. The followers don't have a direct relationship with God, they have it with the church. JWs have to 'ask' elders when they don't know if their children can participate in activities (might go against church rules). If they truly want to know what Jesus would do, they should consult the bible themselves. God is a much more loving, joyous God than they are led to believe. He would never encourage turning his back on his family as JWs do when they have disfellowshipped a member. They are obviously lost and looking for someone to control them. It's heartbreaking to see folks so misled.
Just to inform you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2015-03-15 13:29:51
Reason for no blood transfusion.
Act 15:28, 29- That ye ABSTAIN from meats offered to idols, and from BLOOD, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well.

If you have pancreatic cancer and the doctor orders you to abstain from drinking alcoholic beverage is it ok for you to injected thought your veins?... no it would still be a form of consumption. therefore thats why they abstain from all forms of blood.

in the old testament you see examples of when god ordered the Israelites to get rid of bad influences therefore thats why they disfellowship. One most break the bible principles before this actions are taken.
Deuteronomy 21:21-And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear.
Deuteronomy 22:22- If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, then they shall both of them die, both the man that lay with the woman, and the woman: so shalt thou put away evil from Israel.
However before being disfellowshipped the person has the right to appeal if he feels a wrong doing and its given the change to come back if desired.

For those who are non JWs and have married a JW don't expect really good thing about it. They follow the word of 1 Corinthians 7:39- The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord.
When it says only in the lord it means to them that they should not marry someone out of their religion based on Deuteronomy 7:3,4- Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son. For they will turn away thy son from following me, that they may serve other gods: so will the anger of the Lord be kindled against you, and destroy thee suddenly.

So a JW who is marrying someone out of they religion is breaking their bible principles and could be considered a bad apple someone who has no love or fear for god which will lead him to do just about anything even horrible thing because he has no respect for the bible or god or anyone.

Also any child one he turns 18 is allowed to make its on decisions and therefore can decide to leave the parents religion.

Just wanted for all of you to be informed before anyone else decides to call you ignorant.

Bible verses taken from
a non JW bible or website.
People will be people
Posted by anonymous on 2015-06-08 10:13:08
Interesting read : had to laugh at some of the 'my sky daddy is better than your sky daddy' remarks, newsflash: ALL religion is a retarded system of hierarchy and mass control! In hundreds of years, historians will look back in disbelief at people walking door-to-door, in order to push daft agendas onto others.
Resources after the Revolution
Posted by Cover your bases on 2015-07-21 12:22:51
The best thing anyone can do is to obtain a list of JoHos living in your area. Look upon the list as "resources" for after the shit hits the fan. Joho's have no guns, no guts and no brains to think for themselves without an Elder being present to ask things of. Where better for one to "gather" needed items after a disaster, revolution, riot, etc ?
The end is coming regardless!
Posted by Deana on 2015-10-12 20:32:22
The end is coming. Jehovah's day will come as as a thief in the night. Even if it takes us years, God's word will come true. It will not be late! The day we stop knocking on your doors is the day you will worry. Then you'll come running to us begging and pleading for a bible study. It'll be too late for you folks! Like obstinate pharoah being drowned at the Red Sea, then you will indeed know that Jehovah is the only true God!
Deana is an Idiot
Posted by Yeah, Right on 2015-10-13 10:26:39
Hey Deana, go smoke another bowl you brainwashed loser. Your founder Charles Taze Russell was nothing but a businessman with an agenda. Gotta love a cult that suppresses women and divides family. Get a real life and do some good. I hope you need a blood transfusion one day. Maybe that will wake you up. Go back to sleep you robot and remember, don't do anything without asking an elder. snicker snicker.
Posted by Cindy on 2015-10-14 09:53:04
They just came here, saw all my Halloween decorations outside and didn't even knock, they just got back in their car and left. First time ever!
Deana Post
Posted by Logical Thinker on 2015-10-16 22:13:56
The end is coming. LIKE WE ALL HAVE NOT HEARD THAT BEFORE Jehovah's day will come as as a thief in the night. FANTASTIC WHEN YOU EQUATE YOUR CULT TO A THIEF. Even if it takes us years, God's word will come true. It will not be late! The day we stop knocking on your doors is the day you will worry. THE DAY YOU STOP KNOCKING ON MY DOOR WILL BE A PEACEFUL SATURDAY FOR ONCE. Then you'll come running to us begging and pleading for a bible study. I AND OTHERS WOULD MORE THAN LIKELY SEEK A TRUE RELIGION, NOT ONE FOUNDED BY A BUSNISSMAN WITH A CRIMINAL RECORD STARTED 150 YEARS AGO.It'll be too late for you folks! Like obstinate pharoah being drowned at the Red Sea, then you will indeed know that Jehovah is the only true God! AT THIS POINT YOU WILL REALIZE YOU BELIEVED IN NOTHING MORE THAN A MAN WHO WANTED TO CONTROL OTHERS NAMED CHARLES RUSSEL.
Posted by cocoa puffs on 2015-11-14 18:28:01
JW's are people like you and I, we all make mistakes just like you and I, there are some bad apples in every religion lol just like you and I, I have met several JW in my short time learning but since my mother is a JW they come here often to study and im always listening to the conversation and i have never heard anything faulty. Everything i hear is sincere and sometimes opens my eyes to new things or just leaves me shocked to questions ive held for so long. like for ex, i always thought hell was down below in the fire pit of laval when in reality hell is already on earth and around us.ALso thought heaven was in the sky where the clouds are and in reality there's nothing up there but clouds and past it--the universe and that heaven is not here but int he afterlife. I have asked several questions that have been answered leaving me wide-eyed and nodding.I must admit though that i don't answer the door sometimes knowing it's them just because i notice they are dressed well. I sometimes cut the meetng at the door short after i realize how improperly im dressed.

I used to participate in their study by going to their classes, but decided i did not want to go anymore... why?
because i chose the ways of the world but i do hope someday i will continue studying.

I have several family members who once studied but left after a while and have come back because they know what they were studying feels right and there is tons of really nice people.

Im afraid of the thought of becoming a JW because then i would have to leave all of my obsessions behind(ways of the world).

All religions have bad people in them, another ex.

my mother used to go to normal churches and the priest would wink his eye at her and not in a good way.

Recently there has been this man preaching outside of a store i walk by to to go to my sisters house, he stops me and begins preaching to me and after he would finish talking i would tell him stuff about what i have learned while i was studying, he would say stuff liek how its all lies and they are liars when to me it feels right.
He keeps on trying to take me to his house after making it clear i didnt want to.
Did i mention he tried to kiss me?

Those people who say they are JW but do bad things are obviousy posing as one OR have READ the bible but did not STUDY it.

other than that I really dont see why anybody would be so afraid of them when they are just trying to help. They have never done anything bad to me in any way or form.

I'm not saying they are ALL nice.
I guess it depends on attitude lol.

You should give it a try. Ask them something and listen and im sure you will have even more questions(please no funny business, that would be mean lol). If you allow different couples to study with you you, might be open to it.
Posted by alan on 2015-11-27 17:54:32
all idiots of that joke of a cult religion need to be rounded up for brain surgery. I feel so bad for 2 of my younger cousins. my uncle who married one of those cult bitches.........their 2 young kids dont get to go out on halloween, get christmas presents, or go to friends birthday parties, or attend school parties, so just being the weird kids.....funny how they will celebrate thanksgiving tho, a day based from white people coming to the usa and killing indians by the thousands.....but even for christmas 9/10 americans dont celebrate the birth of christ, it is a nice time to see family and give some gifts, i feel so bad for JW they are so lost and f*cked up in the head
JWs are human filth
Posted by JWhater on 2015-11-30 16:53:11
It should be legal to kill JWs for ANY reason IF they enter your property uninvited. They are SCUM. They are TRASH. I actually love it when they come by my house, just so I can see the terror in their eyes when I tell them that their god is sucking dick in hell, and they will be too if they ever step foot on my land again!
Spread the Cheer
Posted by Xmas Spirit on 2015-12-08 12:16:55
My wife and I saw them coming up the walk, so we answered the door together and started singing Jingle Bells. The looks on their faces was priceless. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!
Posted by Pollution on 2015-12-10 01:08:13
Like all the other commenters said(except jehovas themselves who are brainwashed), JW should be banned for unexpected house visits with the highest fine possibly. If someone break in to your place threatening peace in your own home or in your own neighborhood, whats the different what they are doing and the terrorists doing?
Really Disgusted
Posted by Disgusted on 2016-01-11 18:05:39
My co-worker is a real asshole and spends all her time trying to make my life miserable. She tried to convert me but I told her that I have made of my mind but she continues to do things just to harasse me. She does it in a way were Id seem paranoid if complain to the supervisors. It disgusts me how when I do get defensive she says "I like it that way." Only when she leaves does my spirit feel much much better. Shes evil. Shes always talking about how Ill be forgotten by Jehovah. I tell her to forget me too. Just pretend I dont exist. Then she said she hopes I die. Later, I reading about someone going blind and she said I hope you go blind.

Jehovahs witnesses in my area claim that I could be the antichrist. My cousin, a jw, even said why does something like this have to be in my family. I dont care about that and I expect that.

But then when she gets lonely and everything boils over because no one wants to deal with her drama then she proclaims that she is the victim. I just hate it.
Toke a bowl of Sacrament
Posted by Cali Grower on 2016-01-13 12:16:17
We always ask them if they would like to smoke a bowl of Sacrament with us. Talk about freakin out, especially when its the whole family. They seem to be very uptight. Cannabis is the one true God.
Posted by nancy on 2016-01-31 13:05:20
Ive read all these posts and want to remind everyone this is not about religion and there is no need for everyone to be so nasty. This is about the LAW. When JW or anyone comes to your house uninvited they are TRESPASSING on your property. They are clearly harrassing people and they are infringing on my freedom of religion. They are violating my first amendment rights. Why cant we have them arrested for trespassing and harrasment? It is also dangerous for single women to have strange men at her door. We dont know who these men are and I can bet their Kingdom Hall doesnt do a criminal background check on people before they send them out ! I think its time to write our Congressman and Senators and ask for a FEDERAL law prohibiting this. Especially when people clearly have no trespassing signs on their property.
Posted by Jack Olantern on 2016-02-19 13:34:10
When they come to my house or business, I tell them me and everyone else there are alien clones, and that the real people have already gone to heaven.
Posted by Flo on 2016-03-08 15:39:16
After reading these posts it is clear there are many feelings about this "organization." I have a sister who has been brain washed by these people. I also know a family who has a son with Downs Syndrome and this group came to their door and got their hooks into the son. The son was specifically told to not tell his parents about their visits. This "organization" has consistently cherry picked what they want out of the bible. They can have an organ transplant but cannot take blood unless the blood is broken down into "factions." What sense does that make? They have given up their right to think for themselves and allow a group of men decide how to live.
the neighbour
Posted by lucifer morning star on 2016-03-11 09:06:41
we have a jh neighbour too. at first we thought he was nice so we tried to be nice to him as well. he kept on asking about religions and he was shocked that my wife and i have different religions and he asked how does that work. i answered its not a matter of religion but your faith in God. i didnt realise or even had a tiny hint that he is a joho. my wife is catholic and i never had any problems with their belief nor any other christians. so one day he came around again and was talking about God and i said look, religion and politics is the worst topic to start with, you can talk to me about anything but not religion. and he insisted and asked if i have a strong faith so i answered yes i do but he still kept on asking about the bible etc. that time i havent got any clue at all since he said he was christian and ive got lots of friends and colleagues with different beliefs and never once bother to ask about my belief as we think its intrusive. so next day i got pissed off while we were talking as he mentioned religion again blah blah so it started to get to my nerve and he walked away. next day i got a brochure/invitation and leaflets on my mailbox. what a f*cking nutcase dont they understand shit? anyway, like others who had experience johos craziness, i would suggest that be true to yourself. i tried to be nice but this just doest work with them. im glad this happened to me too. made me realise that its okay to say No or speak your mind even if it hurts others. i never hated any religion since now.
Jehovah Witness are the True meaning of Pharisees
Posted by Tete on 2016-03-13 20:21:28
I have a sister jenny who is JW. She became a compulsive liar rewriting her past once she became a Jehovah Witness. All of a sudden she was a virgin until she got married when she was the complete opposite before ( Kim K had fewer men than her). Her husband divorced her and she claims because he was possessed by demons, not the fact that she became a manipulative conniving witch the moment she turned. I have never met such a bunch of self-righteous, self-absorbed, liars, whores and just satan filled people in my life. I lived with 3 members of the JW when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (one being my sister) invited me to live with her. I paid her in advance but after she got the money she wouldnt give me the keys I eventually had to just pop up with my things one day and move in. When I left the house to go to Doctors appointments My own sister and her JW friends would rifle through my belongings and steal books, clothing, pictures and anything else they wanted. Claiming the items were demonic and God led them to take them. Yea right towels are demonic all 6 matching set?!?(btw she never returned what she stole). I watched them set each other up to get in trouble with the elders, gossip behind each others back and even plant lottery tickets on each other. One girl who was especially evil who was getting married to some loser who she completely pulled the wool over his eyes would play innocent when everyone was around and then when the house was empty with just me in it ( they referred to me as the sinner because I watched them lie to each other daily and refused their teachings). She would prance around outside in a string bikini trying to get the attention of the neighbourhood men. The whole religion needs an overhaul I would have bible discussions with them and they didnt even know scriptures or who was who in the bible. They just clung to some belief that they were the chosen ones and I was going to burn in hell. My suggestion please return the things you stole from me before I go there it may help me find some comfort. After What Ive seen living with those bunch of Pharisees, they are all frauds!! Stay away from my door!!!

Posted by Marc "The Goat" Castillo on 2016-04-05 13:26:19
First I politely inform them that Im not interested. When they persist I elaborate and explain that I am an not a Christian and dont believe the bible. When they continue (and they almost always do) I tell them to have a nice day and shut my door and go back to sleep. Because sleeping is what youre supposed to be doing at 7am on a Saturday.
Posted by ahah i got one on 2016-04-05 19:43:19
got my gf whos family are freaks in the jw away from that shit.. literally read the bible to show he what shit it was then got her so frustrated she exclaimed why shouldnt they be punished when I blasted on about them being disfellowed and shit. she hates them now knows what shit it is but sticks with it while she lives with her family.. she gets kicked out of so many meetings shes dragged too its hilarious. she hates them now but believes oin god which I dont give a shit for since she hates them too
Just stare
Posted by Dont Blink on 2016-04-06 13:58:56
I answer the door and just stare. When they try to hand me literature, I just stare at the hand but dont take the pamphlet. I just keep staring at them till they leave, usually looking very uncomfortable.
I dont need church, I got God..
Posted by A Christian Guy.. on 2016-05-23 01:25:46
These JWs are useless people.. They just want your money, and time.. You dont need them, or their watchtower, which talks down to you like a child.. You just need Jesus.. Read the bible folks, and get the gospel, and know that God sent his son to be with you and save you.. You dont need anything else.. You dont need a building made by man to know God.. Amen!
Posted by sean on 2016-06-24 19:53:14
The Day I Met two Jehovah Witnesses
Posted by A nudist... on 2016-09-22 15:44:55
I have been a nudist all my life and in the early years I didnt know what a nudist was, I never liked to wear clothes. My mother would get me dressed and shortly afterwards I would be naked again. When I was younger, she would get exasperated and after awhile she would dress me one time and then when I took my clothes off, she would let me run around naked.

As I got older, my parents tried to convince me to wear clothes and theyve even gone as far as to punish me but, to no avail. I would walk around completely nude or some days I would put on panties to appease my parents. My brothers never minded the way I dressed or undressed. I have two brothers, one older and one younger and anytime someone said anything bad about me, they would defend my honor.

Now that I live in my own apartment, I can stay naked all the time unless I have to go out. I dont mind people seeing me naked or nude, whichever way you want to say it.

I love it when I catch someone staring as my pussy. I have always kept it bald because it is easier to keep clean and far better for my personal hygiene. (girls you know what I mean) I also love to embarrass people by doing whatever comes up at the spur of the moment.

Anyway, recently I had an experience that is worth telling you about. Like, it was mid Saturday morning and I was going about my normal business getting my house cleaned and when I finished I took a shower and got all cleaned up.

Just as I was drying my body, I heard my door bell ring. I was expecting my friend Darien to come over, so I wiped my feet off on the rug in front of my shower, I held my towel in my hand because I wasnt dry yet, I went to the door. I unlocked the door and pulled it open expecting to see Darien standing there however much to my surprise there stood two young men dressed in white shirts and black slacks holding some books. After a brief speechless period they told me they were Jehovah Witnesses. I stood naked in front of my door, holding my towel and both of them looking up and down my naked body and both sets of eyes stopped and stared at my pussy.

I asked, "Is there something I can do for you guys?"

Realizing they had both been caught staring at my pussy, both of them turned red and finally one stuttered nervously, "Do you know Jesus? We would love to show you what He has to offer."

I wasnt really in the mood to learn about Jesus but I was immediately interested in having some fun at their expense. So I stepped back and said, "Please come in and we can talk."

Both of them timidly stepped up into my house and when they were past the door I glanced around outside and then closed it. I offered them to come and sit in the living room which was only a few steps from my front door.

I asked them, "Do you want something to drink?"

At first they said they didnt want anything but when I offered them some iced tea, they accepted. I poured three glasses of iced tea and took them into the living room and set them on the coffee table.

By now I had dropped my towel in the kitchen so I stood before them completely naked. I told them I would be right back and disappeared to go to the bathroom to brush my hair. Once that was done, I walked back into the living room fluffing my hair and the hushed mumblings stopped immediately and both sets of eyes got big again when they saw I was still naked.

The older looking fellow finally said, "We thought you were going to go put some clothes on."

I looked at them and said, "No, I am a nudist and Im always naked when Im at home also any other time I can be naked."

Both of them visibly gulped and then the older looking fellow said, "Maybe we should go and come back another time."

I was still standing right in front of them where they were seated on the couch and I intentionally moved my feet apart so they would be able to see my pussy better and said, "It doesnt matter to me if we talk now or later but if you come back another time, I will be just as naked then as I am now. I dont wear any clothes when I am at home."

Again both of them were staring at my bald pussy and I could feel the moisture building up inside my pussy working towards the opening. I was getting very excited letting these two guys stare at my naked body but mostly my pussy.

With a red face the older fellow opened his Bible and started to talk. I picked up my iced tea and walked across the room and sat down in a large armed chair. Once I was seated I took a sip of my iced tea and set it on the stand beside me.

I wasnt about to let these guys off easy so I turned slightly so my pussy would be turned towards them and threw my leg over the arm of the chair which successfully spread my pussy wide open for their viewing.

Both of the guys just stared at my pussy and it wasnt until I asked, "Is everything ok?" They looked up at my face and again both of them blushed a very deep red, from embarrassment.

Then I asked, "Havent you guys seen a naked female before?"

They shook their heads side to side and then I asked, "So are both of you virgins?" They again sat there and without saying anything, they shook their heads up and down and I could tell both of them were staring at my pussy again.

I could see both of them forming tents in the front of their slacks so I told them, "You can take off your clothes if you want to, I wont care because this house is for naked people."

Both of them mumbled at the same time, "No maam we cant do that, it isnt right."

Being bold I said, "I can see that both of you have a hardon, so I guess being religious doesnt stop you from being a normal red blooded male."

Again both of them blushed deeply (if that is possible) and the older one said, "We are servants of our Lord and we have to do what He wants us to do."

I decided to turn up the heat on these two guys so I dropped my hand down to my waist and extended my middle finger downward until I touched my clit. This sent tiny electric shocks throughout my body. Being spread wide and totally displayed in front of these two guys excited me and I was soaking wet and I could see and feel my feminine fluids on my finger after I dipped it into my pussy.

The older fellow started to talk while staring at my finger as I massaged my clit and when I began to move my hips in unison with the stimulations cause by my finger. The other guy blatantly stared at my pussy and watched me masturbate in front of them.

The moment was broken when there was a knock on my door and then it opened and Darien walked in. Both guys turned their heads and saw Darien as came through the door. I saw both of them become nervous immediately and got a worried look on their faces.

I didnt want them to jump and run so I told them, "Darien is my good friend. I knew he was coming over today and I thought it was him when you two were at my door."

I looked at Darien without moving and said, "Darien these two fellows are Jehovah Witnesses and they are here trying to tell me about Jesus."

Darien smiled as he walked into the living room which is really an open space not far from the front door. Darien stopped and shook hands with both or the other guys and then excused himself and went to the back bedroom.

When Darien returned completely naked and his hard cock leading the way, I saw the guys look at him and then at me. Before they could say anything I said, "My home is a nudist home and when any of my friends come to visit me, they go to the back bedroom and take off their clothes and join me in my nudist lifestyle."

I went on to say, "I offered you a chance to join me and be nude but neither of you wanted to do that. Since you are both strangers in my home, I will accept that from you, but my friends know I prefer them to be nude after they arrive."

Darien stood there with his hard cock bobbing up and down and I saw both of them look at it more than a few times. Finally Darien walked over to me and kissed me and he reached out and cupped my pussy with his right hand. Then he inserted his middle finger into my drenched pussy and used the palm of his hand to rub my clit. I humped up towards his hand to show him my appreciation for him rubbing my clit.

The two guys sat on the couch and watched for a few minutes and the older one started to talk about Jesus again. Meanwhile Darien sat down in front of my chair and with my legs spread wide he had full access to my pussy. He leaned forward and when his tongue made contact with my clit, I moaned.

The guys on the couch could see the back of Dariens head in front of my spread legs but with both of them being a virgin, I am sure they didnt know what Darien was doing to me. It took only a couple of minutes before I climaxed with louder moaning and Darien had a hard time keeping contact with my clit because I was bucking my hips wildly.

Both guys sat there watching me as I experienced my climax and all the aftershocks as Darien continued to lick my clit.

I told Darien to stand up and he looked up at me with a broad smile and all my pussy juices on his face because he knew what I was going to do. Slowly he got to his feet and I pulled him by his hips until he was standing with a side profile to the guys on the couch. I reached out and gently grasped his cock and pulled it a few times before leaning forward and kissed the head of it. Then opening my mouth, I stuck out my tongue and licked the underside of his cock while pulling him into my mouth and closing my lips around his wonderful cock. I was concentrating on sucking Dariens cock and completely forgot about the two guys on the couch. Dariens cock felt so good and hard yet soft as I pumped my face back and forth on his shaft. I love to suck cock and Darien knew that because this wasnt the first time I had sucked him without any fanfare.

Breaking the mood, I heard someone clear his throat and stopped sucking Dariens cock and looked towards the guys on the couch. The older one said, "Maybe we should come back another time when you arent so busy."

I looked at them and said, "It doesnt matter when you come back, I will still be naked, you will still see my pussy and my tits and if someone comes over, you are going to see them naked as well. So you can leave if you want or you can sit there until I am done and then you can talk."

I could see that both guys had large bulges in their slacks but they stood up anyway and I could tell both of them were embarrassed and sexually turned on watching me suck Dariens cock.

I asked to them before they turned to leave, "Have you ever seen anyone f*ck?"

They again shook their head side to side so I got up and turned around and bent over and put my hands on the cushion of my chair. I parted my legs and asked Darien, "Please f*ck me hard!"

Darien stepped up behind me and still standing in profile to the two guys, he held his cock and aimed it at my pussy. I felt him as the head of his cock started to sink into me and I looked over at the guys.

While staring at them I said, "OH GOD, Darien your cock feels so good sliding into my cunt!"

Darien always loves it when I talk dirty during sex and I felt his cock twitch when I said cunt.

Darien grasped my hips and pulled me back impaling me on his cock as deep as he could possibly get. I involuntarily moaned from the sensations surging through my body as Dariens cock filled me.

Again, I looked at the guys and they were staring at Darien as he pumped his cock into my sopping wet cunt. God I loved being f*cked when someone was watching. I found out a long time ago being a nudist is basically the same as being an exhibitionist because in both lifestyles we dont mind who sees us naked. I dont want anyone to get the wrong idea I dont f*ck in the open when I am at a nudist resort or campground. I can wait until I am in my private quarters. But having someone watching me have sex has always served as a special treat for me.

I watched as the two Jehovah Witnesses turned and walked towards the door. I couldnt resist saying, "Hey, if you ever want to lose your virginity, come back and I will consider f*cking both of you at the same time." I followed that with a laugh and then a moan because Darien buried his cock in me and pulled my hips trying to get into me further.

I heard the door close and Darien f*cked me until both of us were completely spent. When we had our final orgasms, we collapsed on the floor and held each other. We drifted off to sleep for about a half an hour and then we got up and showered together.

Darien and I hung out for the rest of the day and towards evening, a few of our other friends came over and we all hung out naked. I told everyone the story about the Jehovah Witnesses coming earlier and what I did to tease them and then Darien told everyone what he did when he arrived and saw me spread out in front of them. We laughed our asses off but deep down I really hope they could come back some day and instead of teasing them, I would f*ck them.

I hope you enjoyed this story and I do have many more to tell.
Posted by enjoyed on 2016-11-10 02:49:55
I hope you enjoyed this story and I do have many more to tell.
JW - dark energy individuals seeking to destroy
Posted by Anon on 2016-11-15 18:08:04
There is a woman who stands on the landing between a narrow set of stairs leading to the subway in Brooklyn.
She has a dark energy though one could say I wasnt objective since I first gained awareness of her after falling on the steps after she stuck her arm out to shove a flier at someone and inadvertently pushed me. I regret that I did not file a police report at that time. She blocks a critical space not allowing older women or parents with children / strollers to easily descend. Even on a day when the floors are soaked with water and even in this dangerous condition she stands and backs up the crowds rushing to work. On occasion she will descend to the platform and preach, preaching bizarre, negative things. Ive watched small children, previously happy, look up in fright.
Ive asked her to move and for a brief period of time, the transit police kept a presence that encouraged her and her brethren to stay with their propaganda outside of the turnstiles. Unfortunately, that was only for a brief time.
The subway is in a low-income area of Brooklyn, sadly people are so used to being at a disadvantage. Her defiant and ignorant manner allows her to delay the routine of hundreds of commuters is infuriating. I spoke to the regular police today who said there was nothing they could do.
Posted by Fes Tiv on 2016-12-22 14:22:15
Hey, I just want to do a Great Big Christmas Shout Out to all my Jo-Ho friends out there:
MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. May the peace and joy of the birth Jesus bring you peace and wisdom... Oh yeah, thats right, never mind.
To the nudist
Posted by Beyond fed up w JW lies on 2017-01-19 01:32:27
Thank you for that most entertaining story, truly priceless! Id like to say as well to the ignorant teenagers or young people involved with this organization, please observe and witness your own lies. I have spent 10 years telling my in laws to stop pushing their religion on my child, their grandchild, whose father they shun. I have tried kindness, I have tried bluntness, and now that they have told my son I live in "Satans system of things" they will get what they so crave-persecution. I have tried to encourage a relationship between them and my son and it has only ever brought me grief. No matter how many times they claim they will respect my wishes, they do not. Whomever of you JWs claiming that politely asking you to leave the door will work must not be the truly zealous of the flock, or you smugly smile and think how much nicer the paradise will be without all of the non JWs. Whatever will you do with your free time in the paradise since no one there will have any preaching left to do? Oh, thats right, youll have pet tigers to tame!
Had 2 come today
Posted by Celticgirl on 2017-02-22 17:30:56
So I had 2 come over today for the 5th time onto our property. I got sick and tired of both myself and my husband telling them to we are not interested, please stop coming to our door. So this time I told them plain out That they are on private property and if I see them step a foot onto my property again, I will call the cops.
Lets hope they listen, because if they dont the next person they see will be the cops.
This finally worked
Posted by Nurse in MT on 2017-04-13 13:09:39
Here is the letter I sent with delivery confirmation to the local Kingdom Hall. JWs are a pestilence, and they try to wiggle out of every attempt to stop them from calling, so you have to be very direct and detailed in your directive to send and keep them away.

*Name Address of Local JW Hall*

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to notify the presiding overseer and body of elders in charge of the local Jehovahs Witnesses congregation in my area of the following:

I do not want any representatives, members or affiliates of your organization to call or contact me by telephone, mailing or in person at my address, or to enter onto my property for any reason, at any time, now or in the future.

This also means that I do not want you to contact me under the pretense of me possibly having moved from this address, to inquire if I have changed my mind, or for any other reason. No member, representative or affiliate of your organization is to contact me, leave any publications or flyers, or enter onto my property without prior express written permission to do so. Any violation of this request will be considered an act of trespass upon my private property subject to criminal and civil action, and pursued to the full extent of the law. My property has many hazards, and I will not be liable for the safety of any person or property damage incurred by anyone affiliated with your organization that commits such trespass on my property.

This mailing, sent with delivery confirmation as proof of receipt, will serve as legal evidence in any action I may be required to take. Any request or inquiry you may have in regards to this notice must be made in writing within 30 days.

Yours Resolutely,

*1st initial, last name, address*

If you have a telephone list, remove my number.
*telephone number*

You are prohibited under penalty of law from using any of my personal information contained in this correspondence for any purpose not stated above without my written permission.

I also have a sign on my door that reads:
NO Religious Solicitation
or Proselytizing on this Property
Posted by Bothered no more on 2017-04-28 21:57:02
I had a close friend who lived in the mountains and was harassed all the time by JWs. One Saturday morning he opened the door buck naked and said "Cmon in"! They ran like deer and he was never bothered again. im not that bold, but sure wish I could be.
Dont Answer
Posted by LittleG6 on 2017-04-29 10:28:10
Just dont answer the door! They come to my home, and know Im there. Might even see me through the window, but I just dont answer the door! I think they will tire of it soon enough.
Master Pope of California
Posted by CalifornDrifter on 2017-06-22 18:17:58
Why put so much work into it ?, Just buy a flag pole and mount it in front near the drive way, run up an American Flag and a POW / MIA Flag, they do not like an American Flag and will not cross your drive way, if no drive way, plant it in the front yard. I use to have em at the door all the time until I put up the flag and now they come no where even close to my yard. Besides having the Flag up is just being a good American.************ Mormons came to the door one day and ask to speak about the Lord and we havent even got out of bed yet. The boy says " May we speak to you about the Lord ? I responded with , would you like to meet him ? They turned, left and have NEVER been back LMAO ".
Posted by Paul Hannah on 2017-10-29 22:36:46
I told one couple that the only reason I was speaking to them was to waste their time so they wouldnt be able to convert more vulnerable people in the street.
I told another I was a long distance bus driver and they just woke me up and that afternoon I was to drive a bus full of school girls and if I fell asleep at the wheel, it would be their fault.
Posted by Jack Sprout on 2018-04-24 02:56:11
I live next door to JWs. They are the worst neighbors. They have crossed my property line, they park 5 cars in their front yard, they dont teach their children to be respectful and the male in the household is a bully and I am saying a big stupid bully. He dug holes in my yard and when I told him he was not above the law and I would turn him in to police... he filled in the holes. He rides lawn mower on my property and thinks that is ok. time I will call the police. I hope you never have to live next to a JWs. They are the meanest people in the world. As far as I am concerned they can go straight to Hell with their 144 thousand.
Posted by Anonymous on 2018-05-11 01:34:37
They come to my door Ill shoot first and ask questions later. The constitution protects you from the government not me, you enter my lawn you die plain and simple. In my house you will be a Christian or you wont be in my house. Im not bound or obligated to let you practice freedom of religion in my home.
You have a problem
Posted by Pile on 2018-07-12 21:14:50
^^^^ serious dude, I hope you're a troll because that's completely inappropriate.
Posted by Ricardo on 2019-06-22 13:28:31
Just had to chase these crazy cultists away from my door again today. Their do-not-call list either does not exist or is ignored. For over 15 years Ive been telling them to stay away from my house. Each time Im assured Ill be put on the list. And every time they come back. Ive personally gone to two of the Kingdom Halls near me with photos of the members who came to my door after being assured I wouldnt be bothered again. And every time I hear the same lie about the list. I asked the delusional idiots today to show me the list and guess what, they didnt have one. Ive looked into having them arrested for trespassing but according to the cops it has to be the same individual I told to stay away and theyre shrewd enough to keep sending different people. JWs have no respect for peoples wishes or privacy. I really dont know how to stop them at this point. But what can you expect from a cult who had to rewrite parts of the Bible to suit their needs and believe the male dominated Watchtower Society literally speaks for god. And thats not even getting into their whole pedophilia thing. I think Jesus said something about the self righteous hypocrites who would use his name.


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