State Senator's Wife Hiding To Avoid Deportation

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If you're a state senator and you're an outspoken proponent of immigration issues, one thing you might want to do is check to make sure your wife isn't an illegal alien. Georgia's State Senator Curt Thompson has found himself in an uncomfortable situation now that the authorities, in what looks more like a witch hunt, are going after his wife trying to have her deported.

State Sen. Curt Thompson has been a strong advocate of immigration rights, once speaking in Spanish from the steps of the Georgia Capitol against the adoption of some of the nation's strictest immigration controls.

Now Thompson's Colombian-born wife is in hiding as federal immigration officials try to deport her.

Sascha Herrera, 28, has been in hiding since Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrived at her home November 28 with an order to remove her from the U.S. She was not home at the time.

Her attorney, Charles Kuck, claims she was duped by a man handling her immigration requests and that she never received the immigration notices that triggered her deportation order. While Kuck says neither he nor her husband know where Herrera is, he said that she will turn herself in Tuesday.

"It's the right thing to do. She needs to get the law to work for her," Kuck said.

Kuck filed a petition Monday to halt her deportation order and reopen her case, arguing that a man filed an asylum petition on her behalf without her knowledge and before her husband sponsored her green card application based on their April marriage.

The deportation order stems from Herrera's repeated failure to appear before a judge on the asylum application, which Kuck said she did not know had been filed.

The case hinges on whether Herrera received a notice to appear in court, and whether the asylum application could have been filed without her knowledge, said Victor Cerda, former general counsel for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.





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