Election's Over--Gas Prices Rise Again

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It seems that BSalert wasn't the only one who noticed that the president's approval rating rises when gas prices fall. Starting in August...about the time the Republicans began to get an inkling that they might not be greeted with chocolates and flowers at the polls this time...gas prices had conveniently been dropping to less insane levels. This gave the Democrats one less sore spot to poke in voters who needed a little reminder why they didn't like the status quo. But even cheap(er) gas wasn't enough to buy off the voters this time. And now that the election's over, have you noticed any changes at the pump?

If you haven't, you will soon. Gas prices dropped steadily from August to early November, but in the two weeks since the election, they've already risen a nickel a gallon. We would say that this is how the Powers That Be react when we vote the "wrong" way, but let's face it...this would have happened regardless of which way the elections went. After all, there has to be some way to pay back the oil companies' generous campaign contributions, win or no win, especially if you hinted that lower prices for a few months might make voters a little less rabid. Now that the votes are in, there's no reason not to do a bit of wintertime fleecing to help keep the oil barons cozy and warm.

Details about price fluctuations.


Posted by Pile on 2006-11-21 22:13:17
Boy did I see this coming... It makes you want to bury a few tanker trucks in your backyard.


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