The Freaky World of Peoples' Revealed Search Results

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[Dubious Research]
By now most know about AOL's "mistake" of releasing a portion of their search data to the public for research purposes. Even a cursory glance at the so called "anonymous" data (where users were identified with a number), it became obvious people reveal quite a bit about themselves and their social network when using search engines, and this data, in almost any form, could be considered a substantive privacy invasion.

Nonetheless, the data was put online and undoubtedly never to be easily removed, and has prompted many sites to sift through the torrid search queries to reveal a veritable cornucopia of weird and bizarre people... How bizarre? Well, read more if you're brave...

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    The record starts out blandly enough in March. First he's concerned about how long it takes broken legs to heal. Then he investigates human mold. Perhaps staying at home after an accident? Then he peeks into a little dog sex, but the leash isn't very long, the most prurient site he reaches being, a regular ol' newspaper. Later that day he looks up flowers. flowers aster. butterfly orchid. The next day, more flowers, followed by a little forced rape porn, testicle festivals and slow-dancing steps. Must be planning a big night. Fast-forward to May... Queries include: beauty and the beast disney porn, holocaust rape, japanese child slave, molestation and rape porn, virtual children, 3d molestation and rape porn, topped off with a little, "oh i like that baby. i put on my robe and wizards hat." But since he was using AOL he never got to see anything that might have potentially tainted his fragile, mold-ridden mind
  • 5446740 has been labeled a "priest pedophile" with numerous dogmatic references such as "eucharistic prayer" and "papal encyclicals", followed by "gay porno" and "european boys".
  • 17556639 Was highlighted in several blogs as somebody who contemplated to "kill his wife". Later identified as Jason, a car repairman from South Orange, NJ, who wishes to remain anonymous.
    He says that it was all a big hoax to see if the federal government was watching him. "You see, I had a feeling big brother was monitoring me, so I put in all those crazy search items to see if AOL would contact me. Instead, I end up all over the internet." The event has turned into a serious topic of debate, on one side privacy rights activists who say that individuals should have the right to search for whatever they want on the internet, no matter how morbid or illegal, without having the government or corporations monitor them. Others say that this crosses the line, and there are times when one could prevent crimes from happening by screening search engines. When asked about his wife, Jason commented: "sadly she passed away last month in a completely natural and in no way related to the fact that I searched 'how to kill my wife' and 'car crashes' online... car crash." He then returned to munching on his Steak and Cheese sandwich from a shop he found "while searching aimlessly and harmlessly on the internet."
  • 14162375, first identified by Jim Bumgardner, is a user who searched for "kill my wife's mistress" - part of a long series of searches that involve infidelity, alcoholism, erectile dysfunction, the mafia and the St. Petersburg YMCA.
  • 4320454, also found by Bumgardner, appears to be a drug addict on parole in detroit. After searching for such things as "how many days for heroin withdrawals" and "how many days or hours for cocaine to leave the system to be clean for drug urine test for employment," he attempted to clear his search history by searching for "clear all past aol searchs".
  • 4838451, an Ohio user, interrupted a long night of searching for "Fran Drescher Blowjobs" to search for Ohio Senator Mike Dewine, and then attempted to clear his history. Googling himself, perhaps?
  • 20509243 seems to have two primary interests that most of us wouldn't think belong together: ketamine and childbirth!
  • 317966 is trying to deal with an obvious incestual relationship that is equal parts hilarity and weirdness. Hint, this history does include, "i love to look at my mother in law's camel toe".
  • 2281868 might seem like a Richmond, Virginia resident, but he thinks black people are demons, there will be race wars, and he prefers "old russian nuns for sex." And of course, he has more than a passing interest in beastiality.
  • 672368 has a little problem that could resolve itself in nine months, or possibly sooner.
  • 5738294 may have the ultimate answer to the question, "What do grandfather clocks, autoerotica asphyxiation, Nicole Kidman naked, and suicide have in common.
  • 186465 may very well be the next Dr. Frankenstein, but this time he'll be in shape due to his aerobic dance regime.
  • 1283292 seems to miss his ex... ya think?
  • 4320454 may be wondering if he's going to cruise past his next parole meeting.. or not.
  • 1005697's interest in Christianity is perhaps equalled only by his interest in anal intercourse, droopy breasts, and orgies involving the pope.
  • 1879967 is considering an enterprising new venture. But obviously, freshness is key.




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