Natalee Holloway vs. Reyna Gabriela Alvarado-Carrera

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Does the name "Natalee Holloway" ring a bell? If your butt has been in front of any news channel in the last month, it probably has been subjected to this latest crime-story-pundit-fest. This is the 18-year-old Alabama girl who vanished while on a school trip to Aruba and has fueled a media frenzy. The guys over at kuro5hin have a brilliant op-ed piece entitled, "f*ck Natalee Holloway", which outlines the insane disparity between select white people who poof and the large number of other young women and children who go missing each year and whom the media doesn't give a damn about. And when you have things like Holland sending three F-16 warplanes to assist in the search for Natalee, the disgusting circus and the amount of money pissed into a singular case expands to epic preportions of superficiality and sensationalism. Read on for the whole story... and about Reyna Gabriela Alvarado-Carrera, pictured here, who disappeared about the same time, nobody seems to give a damn about.

Dawn Turner Trice writes, If we took all of our cues from the media, we'd be forced to conclude that the only people who come up missing in this country are young girls and women who are white. Who are middle- to upper-middle-class. Who are cute as a button.

Let's not forget blonde.

Details that are not missing

Additional story from the Chicago Tribune on selective racism in distressful events


Posted by Schade on 2005-07-04 23:28:39
Did you really expect anything different? But I completely agree, it's a f*cked up situation. It's also really sad in relation to this is that children go missing all the time. But the Feds are busy raiding medical marijuana clubs in the bay area.

Seems like our priorities are kinda jacked
Reyna vs Natalee
Posted by Georgia on 2005-07-20 08:04:22
Please don't blame Natalee Holloway for those searching so dilligently for her. She cannot help what is going on. The poor girl is probably dead and you are acting as if its her fault that so many people care to look for her.
This is very sad
Posted by Disappointed on 2005-07-20 21:22:17
I agree Georgia. There should never be anguish against those that have been ripped from their families. You know you have to really look at this case. It's not only about Natalee but her accussed abducter is the son of a high profile man. Let's be honest here, Natalee didn't asked to abducted or murdered, whatever the case may be.
Posted by Satan on 2005-07-21 01:31:00
Disappointed and Georgia: Eat shit. One white woman does not demand the attention of international authorities when millions of people disappear each year. It's f*cking abysmal.
Posted by clive on 2005-07-21 16:05:22
why does race alway have to be brought foward...i bet you that it must be a coloured person that has said that... good god...can't u people see that it was because of Natalee parents that the media has been so great....tell me....why hasn't Reyna parents done the same...because they can't be bothered and want to play the victim.... so they scream racist.... i get so sick of all this crap... i will support Natalee parents and family and because i have read all this shit about Natelee..... Tough shit for any one else..... God be with Natelee and her parents and may the devil take the rest of you.....even u satan wannabe...................................................................................................................................................
its just weird
Posted by georgia peach on 2005-07-24 18:14:56
All I want to know is why have'nt they found a body yet?Is Aruba that big?I mean this needs to be on an episode of unsolved mystery or something.The real messed up part is I nver did hearanything about that spanish girl until now and I LIVE IN GA!!!!DAMN!!!!
Posted by Kevin on 2005-07-25 12:35:49
F*ck Natalee? What did she do? Don't get mad at her, it's no her fault she's getting attention...although Reyna's case should be released to the public, the only people you should be blaming is the damn media!
Natalee case so retarded.
Posted by Samuel(LA) on 2005-07-25 17:09:28
YES. F*** Natalee. HELLO??? ARUBA??? What were the parents and school thinking??? Yeah right...lets have a fun schooltrip to Aruba (one of the cruisiest partyspots around the world). I remember my high school days, then the big schooltrips were, and had to be cultural. Such as a visit to Rome or Athens. Tsss...sometime ppl just look for trouble, or are ignorant instead. I went to high school in europe. I can imagine how fun a trip to Ibiza would have been. But so such thing was not even considered by the school board and parents. Safety, safety, safety, and some intelligence. I would definitely not send my 18 yr old to a party spot.
Race is an issue
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-07-26 20:31:19
I believe race is an issue. Sorry for Natalee it is a sad situation, however Reyna's parents probably couldnt do the same. Do you think reyna's parents could find the money for a one million dollar award? Probably not. Reyna's parents probably won't even make a million dollars in their lifetime. Over one million people go reported missing each year, many of these being minorities. How many stories to you hear of a missing black or latino child? Zero. The Media never covers these stories. This is the medias problem...not Natalee's. And this is not a coloured person clive...Open your eyes and see the real issues
Posted by Sophia Almejo on 2005-07-27 14:05:36
I would like everyone to understand that it is very tragic for all parties involved with someone who is missing. I don't believe that people should be hostle about Natalee or anyone else who comes up missing, it mostly likely was tragic and we can only imagine. I don' feel that race is an issue, (me being hispanic). I think that we get media coverage depending on how people work together. I think when you push the media and are constantly on them to air your story, they do so. If you contiue to push them and follow up with them they, then they continue to talk about it. I seen this happen for my firend who lost her baby, a year later they still run her daughters story,(she is also hispanic). I feel that parents and family should rant and rave about their child if they are missing the more you talk, the more people are gonna want to know. I would like to say that I'm am very sorry to all families that have to go through this. I have a daughter, and I would die if this happened. I would go to every news station personally and put my daughter out there to be found and I would also probably get the air force and search teams to look for her also. My family and I would pay for it if we had to. I think it all comes down to money to be quite honest. If you have it then people will definitely be more willing to help.
This is sad
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-07-27 21:52:25
This shouldnt be missing girl v.s missing girl. I agree that this is an incrediby sad situation for both families. Reyna should def. be treated with more respect, I think this is def. based on race, features, and money. But people shouldnt be saying 'f*ck Natalee' it should be more like 'f*ck the Media', all Natalee's parents are trying to do is figure out if they have a dead daughter or not, how many of you would want to go on for months not knowing if your daughter was dead or not, if she is at least they will have the 'comfort' of being able to burry their dead daughters remains. This shouldnt be about who is on the news more, or who is 'cared' about more. The only importance in BOTH of these cases is that the families have the safe return of their daughters, or at least recieve the 'comfort' of being able to give their daughters a proper burial.
Missing Persons
Posted by Erin on 2005-07-28 10:23:47
No missing persons case should be treated any differently than another. Race should not be a factor. Wealth should not be a factor. Family influence should not be a factor. You think the publicity is big with the Natalee Holloway case? What do you think would happen if one of the Hilton kids were abducted? I don't think Reyna's case has escaped the media's attention because of race. I think it probably has more to do with the case not being sensational enough. It's sad, but it's likely true. There are thousands of people who go missing around the world every year and we the public only hear about a small fraction of them. It is truly amazing that Shasta Groene was reunited with her remaining family. The reason, the public was informed. That and the fact that the idiot who took her stayed in the same area (thank God). We need to improve the media coverage for ALL our missing and increase the prison sentences given to those who commit these crimes. Slapping people on the wrist just doesn't quite cut it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-07-29 21:08:04
Just imagine would could be done with the money that was spent on that one girl missing in Aruba? Don't you think that they could have found several other missing children, who need the press. People in Aruba aren't watching American tv, but if some of the kids who dissapeared in the states got that kind of press coverage, I'm sure some of them would be found. I think that's what the story is about. A disparity between how much of OUR taxpayer dollars are spent disproportionately to help some rich white girl get found while others are ignored.
The situation is wacked...
Posted by Cambo on 2005-07-30 17:07:11
You know the situation is wacked and no way to go back like that Jack. But you know coming from the Bronx this situation is just another examples of the disparity of the people. Those that do not have nothing...nothing to use to help help the people who have nothing. People that are missing are not going to be found because they are related to people who have nothing and that is wacked. I mean those people that have something should help the bastards that have nothing and even help the people who are helping people who have nothing. It is just wacked. I mean in the community of the people we need to stop hjelping those that have something and think about the people's that have nothing. If we all had something then the people that have nothing would not be lost and have nothing. Just sit back, relax with jack that is wacked and do not worry about nothing even if you have something.
She is human!
Posted by Ga. Mom on 2005-07-30 23:06:27
Let's not forget that she is a human being! I feel bad for anyone that has a missing friend or family member.I do agree that its always about the pretty white blonde girl.It's sad that so many people are missing and they are never metioned on t.v.Life sucks sometimes!
Posted by scooter on 2005-07-30 23:37:30
I do think there has been to much about the holloway case.The girl Reyna is very important and needs to be addressed too.I am a white woman and I don't think it been fare to REYNA ( God bless her )
Posted by Me on 2005-08-01 13:58:47
I read the article about F**k Natalee H., I never had heard of Reyna either. So I set out to find information about her situation too and all I get is people arguing over who's case is more important!!! What planet are you people living on? These two girls are missing and possibly the worst has happened(let's pray not) and instead of trying to get the info. out there you complain about the news coverage. I agree with everyone that it's not right for one person's case to get more coverage than anothers, but what the media is doing is in no way Natalee's fault. I think to say F**k her like you don't care is wrong and I personally wouldn't be able to live with myself if I said that! Her life is no more important or less imoportant than Reyna's. Let's work on getting her story out there and making people aware rather than placing blame on the media and Natalee! We have to work together to make a difference.
Posted by ?? on 2005-08-01 14:09:39
Reyna Gabriella Alvarado-Carrera

Case Type: Non Family Abduction

DOB: Jan 6, 1992
Sex: Female
Missing Date: May 6, 2005
Race: White/Hisp
Age Now: 13
Height: 5'4" (163 cm)
Missing City: NORCROSS
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Missing State : GA
Hair Color: Black
Missing Country: United States
Eye Color: Brown
Case Number: NCMC1014174
Circumstances: Reyna was last seen on May 6, 2005 at her home in Norcross, Georgia. She may be in the company of an adult male. They may still be in the local area, or they may have traveled to Phoenix, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; or Mexico. Reyna's nickname is Gaby.
Follow the money.
Posted by FrankA on 2005-08-02 21:29:12
It's not race so much as it is money. If a rich kid goes missing, the media is all over it. In the USA much of the money is in the hands of white folks, and is slowly seeping its way across the racial boundaries so the high-profile cases are usually (not always) missing white kids.

Add to that the media doing anything for ratings and you get the female and most photogenic on top because they pull more heart strings than missing boys or less-than-appealing kids.

The moral of the story is to abduct fat, ugly poor kids and you'll get away with it.
24 hour coverage for all missing children
Posted by Gina on 2005-08-07 14:32:30
At xmas time the cable company's will dedicate a channel to a fireplace so people without a real fire can have one on TV. On some cable networks they have 24 hour fish tanks...and of course they have 24 hour sex channels too (and I'm not opposed to that!!:-) But for the amount of coverage that one person got we could have a cable channel dedicated to ALL missing children in the US, Canada and Mexico. 24 hours a day....MORE children would be found. Where's are priorities? Fish tanks and fireplaces? Or on finding our kids?
Posted by Pile on 2005-08-07 21:44:08
Wow, that's a great point.
Posted by Britan on 2005-08-09 12:51:20
gina made a good piont. what is wrong with this world? a fireplace and fishtank to entertaine. or the well being of our children our mind and soul.
State laws
Posted by shawn on 2005-08-19 11:33:50
We should attempt passing a law where the state votes yey or ney on funding to find missing children. EXAMPLE: with the funds..."X" amount of people (everyday citizens) could voluntarily search for "the missing" for "X" amount of time; (paid thru the funds) also permissable as if summond by the courts (like a juror) to leave workplace at the time. This would ensure variety of expertice (everyone has a special talent) and more community involvement. Not just the city but a state search...people tackeling different aspects of the case.
Posted by Rae on 2005-08-28 13:10:57
I think in the case of N. Holloway the big interest is because they do have 3 boys who know the answers and the Aurban authorities have dropped the ball. Could this because of Vander Slot is from a privileged family too. But I do agree, what is so special about Natalie? Is she more important because her family has a higher economic standard? I'm sure her mother
(Smiley Face)
Posted by Elephant on 2005-09-24 22:26:06
God this site kicks ass. it oozes liberal arrogancy. and so do i.
Posted by worried on 2005-09-27 18:03:00
I agree that, there is always media attention when it comes to certain people, but Laci Peterson wasnt white? Natalie is most likely dead, and its not only her fault but also the person responsible. If you read the article about this girl Reyna, she is the company of an adult male, that is really common with hispanics they runaway to be with thier boyfriend in mexico. I dont have any problem with any race, I am also hispanic,and a mom, I think that us mothers should be more aware od whom our daughter's are spending time with? So enough with the race issue, Find it in your heart to pray for these girls, and hope its never you on the other side, and seeing a website that says f ck your missing daughter.
missing kids
Posted by Diane R on 2005-09-27 18:18:45
to the people who made this page, your website is good it makes people mad and at the same time makes people react, make a page for missing kids and missing people, take out the race issues/ comments, you might do some good in this corrupted world, If you are a parent this message makes sense and If you are not, well you might be one day, and believe me the thought of not seeing your child for one second, makes your life not worth living, be kind and make genuine comments pray for all these people no matter the color, god bless you.
dirt dog
Posted by travis dustin on 2005-09-30 19:16:11
I do think it's rediculous that some rich entitled white chick who probably got killed after whoring all night drunk in Aruba is given more attention that some 13 year old who certainly wasn't out drinking and whoring.
Posted by WHAT EVER on 2005-10-07 23:24:13
white power?
Posted by dorkster on 2005-10-08 20:19:55
its all about having money and power! But i hope we find all of them
Posted by urdaddy on 2005-10-15 21:54:13
well guys the piece of shit MEDIA system that we have now will not be around much longer, at least not in the way it is all about the internet and the people and forums like this.....the days when rich people feed the masses with their bullshit "news" aka crap aka misinformation are over. with the intermet the power comes to the people. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease
Posted by Hello Dolly on 2005-11-10 09:43:58
It doesn't matter what color you are and quit cring racism. The minority in the USA is the white guy. Give me a break! One of the reasons Holloway gets so much media is because her mother won't let it go. She continues to stir up the media. There's a hint there.
Personally I don't believe Holloway will ever be found. The only way were going to know what happened to this girl is if they put a loaded gun to to the head of those three boys. pull the trigger on the first one and Im sure the other two would have something to tell us.
Posted by Give me a break on 2005-12-30 23:11:54
Who would watch a channel about missing people when you can have quality tv like a fireplace and a fish tank. Me I want the 24 hour porn channel.
Posted by pattiemac719 on 2006-02-24 20:35:01
if that were my kid any means would be used to find my child. i honestly think that if reyna's parents cared enough they would have brought her missing story to the attention of the media. race, class, or financial standing has no bearing. if you had no money i am sure someone would back their family. there is no excuse for not getting there childs face in the media. considering the media loves a good story.
reyna vs. natalee
Posted by tsk tsk on 2006-04-17 19:52:27
reyna was kidnapped by her MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND.. the mother would not give his full name because she DID NOT WANT HIM TO GET ARRESTED. No racism here, BUT YOU ALL SEEM TO WISH THERE WAS. WHO CARES ABOUT GETTING THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT, ANYWAY??!

Posted by Bevo on 2006-04-19 10:33:59
If Natalee were not HOT, I wouldn
Think positive!
Posted by Shopcat on 2006-04-24 14:25:14
Ya gotta look at it in a positive light!
Maybe, while they're searching for this Stepford daughter, they'll find some other missing kids.
Posted by Mountain Brook on 2006-05-30 22:10:28
When your older sister's best friend disappears- and you hear your older sister crying- you'll know what it feels like. you'll understand why she deserves it.
You naysayers are either racist or naive!
Posted by Bryan on 2006-06-07 15:56:18
Okay. black people and other ethnic races have become de-humanized as a result of stereotypes. The news stations are owned and operated by whites and they tend to care more about their own people than others and rightfully so. They also identify more with a white girl going missing too, because they are white and are related to someone who may resemble the missing chick. Back to the dehumanized point above, minorities have fallen into and played into every stereotype we've been labeled with. So, after a while once people know what to expect from you, it takes away your humanity and you're basically a walking cliche. Anyone who believes racism is not a factor should hurry on back to Disneyland, cuz you're not ready to live in the real world. White chicks get more ratings cuz, after all what's a white chick doing missing anywayz. Black and Latino women go missing everyday and it's their own damn faults cuz they steel and make bastard babies everyday, and they use and sell drugs and sometimes they f*ck for money. This is what America thinks of ethnic women people. it's a double standard of course becuz white chicks f*ck guys they hardly know just becuz they were drunk or cuz the guy was in a certain frat. Did anybody catch on to the fact that the story of the suburban white chicks prostituting themselves at the malls never got national attention? What if they had been black,latin or asian?
Pray for Natalee, Hate the media!
Posted by Bryan on 2006-06-07 16:05:41
Now, Natalee did make some typical stupid white chick decisions, but she didin't deserve to be kidnapped or worse murdered. I think she was sold into slavery, cuz being an attractive,blonde haired, blue eyed American white girl is basically like painting a bullseye on your back in some of these 2nd to 3rd world countries.I think i'd be doing exactly what beth twitty is doing. The only villains here are the media and RACISM. I know that if my niece or sister went missing there would be no jets scrambled, 24/7 coverage, follow up stories when ever they found out some irrelavent dumb shit, or there would be no whole f*cking country pausing to look for her.
Natalee's Sex Appeal
Posted by thedog on 2006-12-02 15:55:52
Thats right, if Natalee were not hot and had Beth not provided the media with home video and pictures of her little darling in provactive poses like cheerleading and in bikinis the media woun't care, and i wouldn't care.

We only care because Natalees cute and the video of her is cute.
Posted by Natalie on 2006-12-15 16:43:33
I think its great that Natalee had so many people out looking for her! Does everyone expect her family to forget and move on without doing what they can? Maybe instead of bashing the media for not paying as much attention to Reyna you could do something to help. Resources are there you just have to use them. Everyone thinks racism when they hear this but that can be used to her advantage!!!!!!! Her parents could have gone to the media, published on the internet, whatever the means. If they didnt have money.....find some! Its really sad to hear so many negetive comments about Natalee's search... we should be wishing them all the best and our support!
anybody can be rich.
Posted by hmmmm on 2006-12-21 17:33:18
so what if shes rich, if people work hard, they can be rich too, some may have to work harder than others, you only blame wealth because you crave for it. it says nothing about reyna being kidnapped, it hints toward her leaveing town with her boyfriend, natalles case hints at murder and coverup. i pray for natalee and hope reynas loving her new boyfriend. p.s. im mexican american, dont call me racist.
Re: Natalee's Sex Appeal
Posted by Jerry on 2007-03-07 22:28:56
So what if Natalee has sex appeal. We live in an unfair world... get used to it.
natalie vs bush
Posted by Natalie reject on 2007-04-18 15:18:02
Hey everyone all you guys need to hear this because most of you morons don't know and other way to be so dumbass. Does anyone not remember that vander slush had been gambling in the casino and to some he had lost a lot on betting! Now if I knew selling her off would make my paymnets to the casino cleaned up???? Yeah and then she is in some other country crying cause now instead of being a doctor or a lawyer or a house wife she is strung out so much on crack and coke and haveing her crack filled alot.. if she gets free I bet she wont go to aruba!
White yes but pretty? Please!!!
Posted by D in Dallas on 2007-05-06 00:41:47
Natalee is as ugly as they come. Big nose, puffy heavy-lidded eyes. Blonde does not equal pretty. Granted, it's sad what happened to her but come one guys, was she not ever told by her parents not to go with strangers? Especially in a country where the law can be bought! Unfortunately, this rich white chick was asking for trouble. She found it.
D in Dallas U R SICK
Posted by Michelle Says So on 2007-05-25 21:18:06
It's unfortunate that ignorant people like you spread misinformation and hatred. Race has nothing to do with this. This happened in another country whose government doesn't care if you are American or not. You are comparing apples to oranges and obviously know nothing about the nuts and bolts of the real case going on.

Second, it's also unfortunate that you have to defame Natalee by calling her names that only a 3rd grader would come up with. Grow up, get a life and pray that you get into heaven...because it sounds like you are on a different path than the rest of us.
Posted by Beatris on 2007-09-27 01:00:33
Hi friends!
Posted by SJ Barry on 2007-11-23 21:54:05
Natalee is ugly. She is no Heather Graham. She's just white and wealthy. And blonde. They just say it to be nice. Either that or they have no taste. She looks just like her dad.
Natalee is VERY pretty
Posted by MrMouse on 2008-03-01 06:19:25
I think Natalee is very pretty and I love seeing the video of her cheerleading, wearing bikinis, and short shorts because it gives us more context to the story. This absolutely beautiful young girl was taken before her time. Its so sad. The video her is very eye-catching and appealing... so obviously the media is going to run it. And they should, because it advances the story.
Re: Natalee is VERY pretty
Posted by Alton on 2008-03-01 22:05:30
I agree, I think all the critics are just jealous that Natalee looks good in a bikini and they don't. I feel so bad for this family. And I absolutely want to see any pictures of Natalee that are revealing. I've seen many and all I can say is this was a VERY beautiful girl which just makes it more sad that shes not here with us anymore. I think the media should go in search of pictures and video of Natalee where shes wearing something revealing because the public deserves to see it!
natalee holloway
Posted by Who The Fuck Cares? on 2008-12-15 23:22:32
There is nothing pretty about Natalee Holloway, in my opinion.

"Blonde" is not synonymous with "beautiful". She's nothing special. Just your average white blonde who immediately is considered better than everyone else by default.

wake up
Posted by jessica on 2011-07-14 22:46:13
for all you ignorant idiots, HISPANIC IS NOT A RACE, it's a culture!!!! God damm it, wisen up!!!!!

And btw the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD IS MEXICAN..that is right, a HISPANIC.. natalee's parents wont compete with just goes to show how ignorant and uneducated, YES UNEDUCATED you morons did you manage to get through school with your closed minds? WHY cant it be a white person complaining of natalee's media whore atten getting? why must it be a "colored person"? MORONS!!


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