Is Bush wired?

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This is a good example of the types of buzz that starts on (and may be limited to) the Internet. There's a brewing discussion over whether or not Bush was wired with a receiver having dialogue fed to him during the presidential debates. Many more people will be watching this Friday for tell-tale signs that his words may not be his own. Do you think this is a legitimate issue that people need to be made aware of? Should a president in a public debate have hidden assistants feeding him information in real time?

Update: The BBS also has taken an interest in this issue.


Posted by wizeGurl on 2004-10-07 11:21:22
The key word there is "hidden." If either candidate wants to receive coaching during the debate, then he should be free to receive it--as long as people know it's happening. I suspect that the rules of the debates would quickly be rewritten to forbid it. The point of a debate is to see how a candidate thinks and speaks on his feet...not how well he can parrot back lines fed into a hidden earpiece. (Which, note, Bush seemed to have a bit of trouble with, if he had such an earpiece.)
Posted by Pile on 2004-10-10 15:06:55
You gotta love the Brits' propensity for sexual innuendo with headlines like, "Bush's bulge stirs media rumours."


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