Microsoft Is Secretly Updating PCs Without Permission

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Even if you have Windows Updates turned off, people are discovering that their operating system is still contacting Microsoft and downloading and installing software on the system behind your back. And nobody really knows what's going on...

Steven Nichols at eWeek writes, "Listen carefully. They're my computers. They're not your computers. I choose to put Windows on some of them. I choose what applications go on them. I choose when, and how, to upgrade them. Is that clear? Well, none of that is clear to Microsoft. We now know— we don't suspect— we know that Microsoft automatically updates Windows XP SP 2 systems without your knowledge or permission.

Thanks to Windows Secrets, we also know that Microsoft is playing the same trick on Vista systems. We've also found that even if you have Windows Update turned off, Microsoft will sneak these stealth "updates" onto your PC.

Mind you this is not updating your system with a Patch Tuesday patch that Microsoft believes to be so vitally necessary; this is Microsoft putting God knows what on your systems.

Since Microsoft isn't telling us that they're sneaking software onto our machines, I guess they also felt they didn't need to tell what these updates are doing."





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