GOP Debate Reveals Less About Candidates; More Wolfblitzer's Ego

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One thing you might expect, when you watch a presidential debate, is to find out more about the candidates. But when moderator Wolf Blitzer gets the lion's share of the air time, you have to wonder--what kind of circus are you watching?

A good example of Wolf Blitzer wasting air, candidate, and America's time is asking each individual candidate whether they support people being openly gay in the military. Any reasonable person would suggest that a more appropriate, important, and topical question would be whether they support gay marriage. But alas, the Blitzer fired quite a number of softballs and was apparently more charmed by the sound of his own voice.

In fairness, with the exception of Ron Paul, none of them were worth listening to. And we all know Ron Paul probably has a few negro skeletons in his closet just waiting for CNN to burp up faster than Howard Dean can go, "Yeeee Haw!"


I don't think that's fair
Posted by C.S.Strowbridge on 2007-06-07 03:56:35
Of course Wolf talks more, he's got to ask questions of each of the 10 candidates. Even if each question only take a quarter of the time to ask than it does to answer, he will still be talking more than everyone else.

When a few drop out of the race, the numbers show normalize.
CNN,Blitzer &Dr. Ron Paul
Posted by Roger on 2007-06-07 07:03:32
Since Ted Turner left CNN, it's become another tool for the neocons to get their puppet in office. Blitzer is nothing more than an agent for the zionists(I don't mean jews). If Lou Dobbs had moderated the republican debate, it would have been fair for all candidates. It's obvious who cnn, with their dog, Wolf were grooming for the sheeple to elect. Too bad for them, the internet is not yet in their control. People who want the truth, can find it here. On every blog, poll or news item relating to the presidential campaign, Dr. Ron Paul is leaving the rest in the dust. A truly honest man can't be put down. People are waking up. Vote for Ron Paul and tell everyone you can to check this guy out. He's the real deal
Posted by Pile on 2007-06-07 14:57:04
I know the moderator has to talk a lot, but Blitzer rambled on and on, weaving complicated scenarios that apparently only he was interested in.


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