Liberty University, Jerry Falwell, and Bomb-Making 101

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You might think that since Jerry Falwell has shuffled off his pudgy mortal coil and gone to wherever people like him go when they die (I picture the eternal equivalent of Newark, New Jersey at rush hour) that he can no longer cause any more harm. But of course you'd be wrong (it'd be a much shorter article, and perhaps a better world, if that were true). At the funeral a small number of protesters had gathered to signal their disgust with the likes of Falwell, which didn't sit too well with some of his students at Liberty University (sic), so they staged a counter-protest. But that didn't go quite far enough for one young man.

Mark David Uhl, a name which according to his myspace page means "Loyal protector of whom he loves," decided a stronger message of opposition was required to show the legally-gathered protesters that he meant business. So he built some bombs. Virginia State Police arrested Uhl who said he was going to use the bombs to keep protesters from disturbing the funeral service. Apparently Uhl, whose goals included entering the military after graduating, didn't grasp the inherently disruptive nature of BOMBS. The devices, found in Uhl's trunk, were made out of gasoline and detergent and according to authorities would not have been terribly destructive (wait, isn't Shell gasoline made with detergents? I sense collusion). The authorities were alerted to the threat when a relative of Uhl's called police to warn them of the devices in Uhl's trunk. He's currently being held without bond in Virginia, a state that seems to be looking to replace Florida as the nuttiest state in the Union.

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