Rush Limbaugh: Barak The Magic Negro

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Rush Limbaugh is playing a song called, "Barak the magic negro" on air and it's causing a lot of controversy. Considering Imus' fall, you'd think these conservatives would have to be on drugs to play such a racist tune.

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..."That's What The LA Times Called Him"
Posted by Scott on 2007-05-02 08:37:51
"BS Alert" is right -- as anyone who listens to Rush's show knows, "Barack the Magic Negro" was a term first used by the LATimes in an editorial written by a black man about Barack Obama. This piece can easily be found by googling for "obama magic negro". Did you write a post criticizing the Times when that editorial was published?
Little Timmy jumps off a bridge, will you too?
Posted by Pile on 2007-05-02 11:29:14
Just because another media outlet is racially offensive doesn't excuse Rush's behavior. That's the problem with conservatives. They think they can excuse themselves of any transgression if they can show any similar reference. That's the real BS.

Plus, the title of the song isn't nearly as offensive as the lyrics and message, which implies as a black, Obama, like all his other colored brethren are only interested in entitlements and welfare. That's more BS.
At least it wasn't "Barak the Nappy Headed-Ho"
Posted by Chris on 2007-05-04 07:17:57
Once again, Rush has proven he is the show-prep for the rest of the media. The L.A. Times printed an editorial, Rush commented on it in a unusual and funny way, and now the phrase is known 'round the globe... but blamed on Rush. Many question Rush's timing post-Imus, but due credit is given for having the testicular fortitude to play the song anyway. More credit is due Obama for brushing it off and not jumping on the racial bandwagon.
Posted by Pile on 2007-05-04 10:30:49
I don't think Rush has any balls. I hear Oxycotin makes 'em shrink.
you gotta be kidding..
Posted by chris on 2007-05-07 18:24:17
Barak the magic negro WAS NOT post imus. He started running the clip 2 monthes ago, WAY before Imus's incident. Just wondering though. Barak thought the clip was entertaining. Why is it rubbing YOU so raw? Its funny to me that conservatives, most notably Limbaugh, get jumped on by wackos like you only AFTER they repeat something a liberal has already said, but yet the liberal never got a sniff from the lunatic left fringe...just one more attempt of the left trying to spin the entire world upside down..get a life AND a sense of humor and you'll be able to go off the tagamet AND the prozac....
Posted by Pile on 2007-05-07 18:46:52
Like I said before... just because someone else jumps off a bridge little christopher, doesn't mean that you should do it as well.

I'm just reporting it. I think it's in bad taste. Just because communists or muslims or democrats do things in bad taste too doesn't excuse the fact of the matter that it was a stupid, racist thing to play, regardless of post or pre-Imus, but certainly after Imus got in trouble, you'd think Rush might be a little more careful.

Also, it's not my job to point out every stupid thing a republican, democrat or anyone else does. I post stuff that I find relevant. If you want to submit something you can too. There are dozens of news networks that pretty much harass leftists all day so it's not like this article equalizes the media playing field. Stop whining. Usually we ignore Rush altogether because he rarely has anything even remotely insightful to say.
Give me a break.
Posted by Conservative on 2007-05-07 19:08:03
Everything in the song...
was sputtered by liberals. Rush just put it all to music. He does this to point out liberals' hypocriticalness.

Is it in bad taste? Yes. That's the whole point. He's doing stuff like this to force discussion of the fact that liberals get away with saying the stuff they blame conservatives for. Maybe if you didn't ignore Rush you'd understand this. Of course, listening to him might alter your world-view too much.

I guess you didn't find this topic 'relevant' when it was the LA Times or Sharpton that was saying it. Typical liberal BS.
Selective Outrage is always interesting
Posted by Tommy on 2007-05-07 20:36:12
When David Ehrenstein Of the L.A Times Coined the phrase Obama the 'Magic Negro'Not One Lib or Left Wing Socailist even raised an eyebrow.
Now that someone On the Right has Made a parody of the Phrase and out of Legitimate Quotes and statements of the so called "honarable"
Al Sharpton We hear all sorts of crys for "Off With his head" and "racisim."
Obama himself Laughed about the parody.
Once agaon proveing The Folks on the right prefer to deal in facts and the socailists on the left prefer kneejerk emotional Selective Outrage.
Isnt it funny how on the left a free ride is given to insensitive or racist comments however let a spokesman on the right repeat what they said in parody and its becomes huge issue worthy of the hate mongers who pray to get some kind of traction with it even though they don't know the facts behind it.
Don't give Limbaugh too much credit.
Posted by Radio Guy on 2007-05-08 13:01:46
To say that Rush Limbaugh made the parody to expose the hypocracy of liberal America is really looking into this a little too much. Limbaugh is little more than a shock jock that is going to use anything he can to get people up in arms. The guy is a master at what he does, he knows exactly how to throw out these racist ideals and at the same time cover his ass so he can say it "technically" wasn't him that said it and it should be blamed on someone else. That's how he makes a living. I listened to him almost every day for three years, after a while you pick up his patterns(if your not fawning at his every word). I think the guy has a fantastic show, but he has a scary way of making people believe that he's on some riteous crusade for the truth when all he's really doing is spouting out stuff that he knows will make people angry. The guy is a spin machine. He loves this attention, listen to how much he talks about himslef and how much of an influence he has over the media. He's not on some search for the truth, he's out to get noticed and say that he's number one.
Reading comprehension: check it out
Posted by Pile on 2007-05-08 13:12:00
As I said before, just because someone else said it, doesn't make it right. By the way "coining the phrase" and making a song with a bunch of even more racial slurs is much worse. I don't have a problem with the title of the song or calling Barak a "magic negro" - I have a problem with some of the words towards the end of the song that paint Barak as some entitlement-demanding homeboy. I guess this is a window into how all conservatives view people with non-white skin color.

We all know that there's a sizeable portion of the conservative movement that exists to continue to perpetrate racism. It's well known -- it's one of those things that's not talked about, but it's well known.

Here's a classic example that is making the news today: Texas Congressman quotes KKK Grand Wizard on the House floor.

Racism is racism. If you are going to promote demeaning stereotypes, that doesn't help improve the situation. It doesn't matter whether it's liberals, conservatives, democrats or republicans. However, it's widely accepted that the left-wingers tend to be a little more racially sensitive. Not that they're perfect, because everybody makes mistakes.

The sad part is some of you right wingers dancing around, changing the subject. That some "liberals" said "Barak was a magic negro" is irrelevant.
Rush Predicts...It Happens!
Posted by Razza on 2007-05-10 15:38:35
Again, Rush Limbaugh predicts that bloggers and the media would attribute the term "magic negro" to him and and call him the racist for using it when it was the LA Times who first used it in a racist manner, and he simply pointed it out. Click the link for his statements that day in March of this year.

Here is the actual LA Times article he is referring to:,0,5335087.story?coll=la-opinion-center
Posted by Pile on 2007-05-10 16:12:46
It's not the term. It's that particular song.

You people are retarded and have the attention span of a gnat.
right on pile
Posted by radio guy on 2007-05-10 17:39:37
Somebody mentioned before that the song was out well before the whole Imus thing. The only reason he played it again is he knew because of the whole Imus thing it would get massive attention (obviously it didn't create the stir that he wanted the first time). This song and the article are two separate things, people aren't talking about the article they are talking about the song. Of course people are attributing it to Limbaugh, he made it, this is a separate event.
I've seen so many comments on this page that obviously came out of Limbaugh's scripted monologues that I feel like I'm reading his transcripts. It's time to come up with some opinions of your own people and stop letting this slobbering pill popper tell you what to think.
and another thing
Posted by radio guy on 2007-05-10 17:52:10
This really isn't that big of a news story anyway. None of my friends have even heard of this and I have not seen it once on any news stations or heard it on any radio reports, and I work in news radio. If you listen to Limbaugh he's going to make you think that this is the biggest thing to happen this year. Once again, Limbaugh tells his listeners to think a certain way and they wag their tails and obediently follow. I honestly admire the guy and the control that he has over his audience, but don't kid yourselves, he's not nearly as influential as he likes to think that he is.
And one more time just for good measure. Stop simply repeating what he says and come up with your own thoughts. Limbaugh's audience has a reputation for it's general IQ level, stop perpetuating that reputation and think for yourselves once in a while.
Liberal Morons
Posted by Rush Baby on 2007-05-18 14:05:25
It's amazing how nobody ever calls out the liberals when they say stupid things, i.e. Obama saying 10,000 people died in the Tornado last week. Rush Limbaugh makes a parody based on some lib, and nobody has a problem with the article, just Rush Limbaugh bringing attention to it.
Your Brain is Malfunctioning!
Posted by Pile on 2007-05-18 15:56:40
Oh yea, liberals/dems "get away with everything..." Oh yea, it's amazing how democratic presidents get away with EVERYTHING. It doesn't matter what they do, they won't get impeached. Clinton lied about a blowjob and got impeached... Bush on the other hand, has committed war crime after war crime, trampled the constitution, ignored warnings of the 911 attack, wasted trillions of dollars on back room deals, tortured and detained people illegally, illegally spied on Americans.... and what? What has happened to him?

Some of you people really are RETARDED. Seriously, you need to have a CAT scan or something because YOUR BRAIN IS MALFUNCTIONING!
Posted by Tommy on 2007-05-20 22:25:00
Pile your rant is typical of the current socailist rage thats eating you left wingers up.
Deal with the truth..
Your hero Bill Clinton Got a presidential aide to give him oral sex in the Whitehouse Library.
He was in fact impeached . He was not however criminally charged with Perjury. Aside from the fact he Lied under oath he not once not twice but 3 tmes on national television to the american public about this act.
Where you get your definition of war crime from is still a mystery..I do notice also that in typical socailist fashion you do not hold to the topic at hand but skip from one thing to another ((Mostly because you do not have a factual argument for any position you seem to hold dear.
You have gone from Rush and his funny parody to Bill Clinton to Bush Bashing. Just emotional knee jerk reaction and and a lot of hate for the right who tend to believe in good old American values and that this country is worth fighting for to protect.
Let the left wingers get in power and youll probably be seeing Islamic foot washing bowls in public places while your children cant recite the lords prayer in school/ Get a life and read a bit learn some facts before you begin spouting your socailist left wing babble..Understand what a Socailist (Democrat ) is before you make a bigger fool of yoruself
Posted by Madmando on 2007-05-21 23:07:52
Rush is the drug addicted, racist, radio comic personality you conservatives like to follow and quote? He's had like 3 wives, no kids?? If this is the conservative moral and righteous radio demi-god compass to follow, we are in really serious trouble....
Posted by Pile on 2007-05-21 23:48:02
Socialist Democrat.. that's a riot.

You guys have to compartmentalize everything. This is what's so annoying and childish. You can't look at issues unto themselves. They have to be part of some sort of partisan conspiracy or else they don't make sense to you.

What exactly is this country fighting for in Iraq? Iraq never threatened the U.S. Again, you guys ignore the questions and go for goofy sweeping generalizations.

If you don't think there's a substantive disparity between justice being served between the last two administrations, you are retarded. Calling me a commie is a feeble smokescreen.
Calling you a commie is a feeble smokescreen???
Posted by greg on 2007-07-10 10:11:02
Allow me, you are correct... Calling you a commie was a feeble smokescreen... what he was trying to say is your a commie asshole! someday as you mature in your thinking this will all become clear to you.
Pile Didn't Understand the Song
Posted by Jordan on 2008-06-25 15:06:06
Pile, your complaint about the end of the song "painting Barack as some entitlement demanding homeboy" shows that you are too stupid to understand the plain language in the song.

The portion you refer to was Al Sharpton complaining that IF Obama is elected, Sharpton will no longer have access to his current gievance-mongering gravy train. He is worried that if an African American is elected president, it will make it more difficult for him enrich himself through complaining and thus there will be no more buffets, pocket money, walking around money, folding money?, etc.

In your haste to accuse conservatives of racism, you missed the obvious point of those lines. Congratulations on being the biggest idiot to post a comment.
The morons have landed.
Posted by Pile on 2008-06-25 18:24:02
I'm stupid because you disagree with me? Your highly presumptuous claim "Al Sharpton will not longer have access to his current grievance-mongering gravy train.." -- you call that a definitive fact?

If I'm wrong, I'll admit I'm wrong, but I'm not wrong when a f*cktard of your caliber counters my argument with another ignorant, racist sweeping generalization.

Get a f*cking clue you idiot.
Conservatives Are Not Racist/Pile Is Not Stupid
Posted by Jordan on 2008-06-27 11:08:16
Pile- I should not have called you stupid, sorry for that.

The song implies that Sharpton is worried about losing his status if Obama is elected. It is a "definitive fact" that the song implies this. Listen to it again if you are not sure. Whether or not this would happen in reality if Obama gets elected is open to debate. I personally don't think Al Sharpton will ever stop complaining.

However, if you listen to the song again, you can clearly hear Sharpton say, "So DON'T vote the magic negro in cause' ...then I'll have NOTHING" He goes on to list things that he will no longer have access to such as buffets, money, etc.

In an earlier post, you said,

"I have a problem with some of the words towards the end of the song that paint Barak as some entitlement-demanding homeboy."

I was trying to point out that the words you were refering to had nothing to do with Barack. They were the Sharpton character lamenting all the personal benefits he might lose if Obama were to be elected. If those lyrics were intendted to imply tht all black people are, "entitlement-demanding homeboys", then it would indeed be racist. But all they were was a paradoy of the career complainer, Al Sharpton.

Since it appears as though the section of the song you cited as evidence of racism turned out to be saying something much different than you originally thought, will you retract your accusations of racism?
Posted by Pile on 2008-06-27 11:27:13
Sure, why not, no problem... to be honest I am not a big fan of freaking out about racial issues like this anyway.

I never understood why people were that sensitive to mere words anyway. The underlying intent should be of more concern and if you stifle people from talking about how they feel because it's undiplomatic, you don't address the deeper problem.
Posted by bobarella on 2008-12-28 07:38:07
i like how the comments stop in june of '08, and now this is in the media again. i think someone else said that it didn't get enough attention the first time. well apparently it didn't get enough attention the first two times. and it's back. and obama got elected and hell didn't freeze over. so... get over yourselves. it is a dumb song made by dumber people. so why do we care? because now that a democrat has been elected, mr. limbough is back in business, so if you want to talk about free gravy trains. talk to the man with pounds of illegal prescription drugs in his pocket. ( sorry i had too.) rush... any living human with the first name rush... i don't trust. i don't care what color he is. i mean really, did his momma give him that name. and it is like mr. pile says. he loves talking about himself and hearing other people talk about him. so here is to contributing to the mans already giant sized ego. cheers.... happy new year. and thank god bush can't stay another four years.


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