CNN Panel Makes Egregious Omission

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Let's say you're a major American news organization. You bend over backwards to make yourself "the most trusted name in news" or something like that. And maybe, during a news show, you do a story on discrimination against a minority group. This is serious stuff--people being harassed, forced to leave town, their jobs threatened--all because they don't fit into the majority group.

After a few quotes from the oppressed minority, you have a panel on to discuss the alleged discrimination. Who do you have on the panel? Some civil rights organization, perhaps? A professor who studies marginalized groups? You'd probably want a representative of the minority group, right? And this being a fair representation of a controversial issue, of course you'd have one person to represent those who don't see discrimination in these cases.

Unless you're CNN. And the minority is the most hated one in America. (No, not Islamic terrorists. They're all hunky-dory by comparison.)

First, check out the background story. It's pretty balanced, right? The discriminees tell their story. And expert weighs in on the discrimination. And someone with an opposing view expresses and opinion. We get all sides.

Then, the panel speaks. Who's on it? Do we have representatives from all sides? Do we have ANYONE here speaking for the harassed minority? Or anyone even standing up for basic constitutional rights, like the separation of church and state?

So, when the discussion begins, we're told it's about whether or not atheists are discriminated against. We hear from 3 different theists, two of whom basically argue that atheists deserve harassment for causing "trouble" and discriminating against Christians by, you know, enforcing the Bill of Rights. The only one defending them basically argues that atheists are wrong and offensive, but should be granted basic rights anyway 'cause we give everybody rights, no matter how deluded they are. Gee, thanks. That's like arguing that dark-skinned races are inferior, but they should still be treated like real people because they can't help who their parents were.

Added Bonus While CNN doesn't have the balls to show an articulate atheist, we'll give you a rational reply to their hit-piece: Why Should Atheists Care About Religion:

If you think a news show should perhaps present the views of a group ON A PANEL DISCUSSING THAT GROUP, make your views heard. If you think we only need to hear from people we agree with...there's always Fox News.

And if you're interested in hearing more from that unrepresented voice....


Posted by non theist on 2007-02-07 07:37:55
You know what I find strangely ironic, is that it's a black guy, and two women, one of which is black, and the other Jewish, trying to tell us that this kind of discrimination doesn't exist.
CNN doesn't care
Posted by Marshall on 2007-02-07 12:23:10
CNN does not care what people think you could send in hundreds of thousands of comments to them and all you would be doing is making some intern break a delete key. If you really want to hit them where it hurts then you should be sending complaints to the people that advertise on their programs.
Posted by D. DESSELLE on 2007-02-07 14:12:30
Good try but the fact of the matter is that like it or not this country was founded as a Christian nation and when you try to change the pledge, stop prayer in school, take God off the dollar bill or any other frivilous crap like that then you are not only taking on the religious hardliners but also every decent American who believes in tradition. You just as soon burn a flag in Arlington Cemetary or piss on the Declaration of Independence. Most people believe that it is stupid to have laws against selling items or conducting business on Sunday but they still believe in God and have a strong connection to their triditions and heritage. There is a God, there is a heaven and a hell. If you don't want to believe it then too bad for you, but don't try and change or interfere with our true beliefs. In short, you need to just shut up and stop stirring up things that might come back to hunt you.
Posted by John on 2007-02-07 14:22:17
Nation wasnt founded on anything Christain did you not watch that video and about the treaty?!
Posted by TehMagicPilgrim on 2007-02-07 15:34:51
D. DESSELLE, you really should watch that third video. In it, you'll find clear, historical evidence proving that the nation was not founded as a Christian nation, and that all mentions of God in the pledge and currency were not added until many years after their creation. It is not tradition. Please stop making generalizations about atheists as well. I never have I desecrated a flag nor pissed on the Declaration of Independence, and my fellow agnostic and athieist friends can say the same. As for your proclaimation of the proven existence of heaven and hell, I'd like it if you could give some sort of evidence outside of personal faith. D. DESSELLE, there is a difference between what the atheists and theists are each trying to do. Theists who try to put prayer back in schools, keep "God" in the pledge, etc, are pushing their religion on other people. Atheists who try to remove such things aren't pushing their religion (how can you push what you don't have?); those people are trying to prevent religion from being pushed and unfairly promoted unto them. If you wanted to pray so damn bad, do it at home.
A few points to consider
Posted by D. Other on 2007-02-07 19:20:51
1. "In God We Trust" was added to U.S. currency in the 1950's, to show we were different from "godless communists". STRIKE ONE

2. At about the same time, "under God" was added to the Pledge of Allegiance. The original form of the Pledge, meant to be usable in ANY nation, was:
"I pledge allegiance to my Flag and (to*) the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." 1954, you can look it up. STRIKE TWO

3. "Founded as a Christian Nation." The writers of the Constitution knew exactly how dangerous a State-supported church was (Anglicans drove the Pilgrims out, among others, and the King could claim a divine right to rule with the church supporting him) and set about to ensure that NEVER HAPPENED in the government they designed. Faith was considered a personal matter, not to be enforced by laws. The only time religion and secular law would agree was in the area of ethics where certain rules had proven to be good for society, whether or not they were attributed to some god or other. STRIKE THREE, YOU'RE OUT

(oh, and you're an intellectually lazy pinhead, too, with delusions of adequacy ["stop stirring up things that might come back to hunt you"] Even if that word should be 'haunt' instead, you're a mental midget whose only chance to believe you're better than others rests in an unsupported belief that you're 'saved' and others are 'damned' for your unthinking acceptance of a fairy tale backed up by a religious order.)
Posted by Hateful Harry on 2007-02-08 04:11:44
An/and are two different words. I hate you.
Posted by ProudAtheist on 2007-02-08 11:00:43
I was gonna let the religious nut have it, but D. other did it first. Thank you D. other you kick ass.
Posted by Stan A on 2007-02-08 11:51:05
What do you expect? Religious people don't let facts get in the way of their beliefs.
Posted by HAHA on 2007-02-08 13:53:41
Im just suprised it wasnt news about some celebrity doing something that doesnt affect me in any way whatsoever.
Posted by dogonlivedon on 2007-02-08 15:40:44
does anyone out there just believe in people at all? i don't care about religion or atheism. The fun part: you can't make me 'believe'. The more fun part: you all look like idiots for caring more for these two words than for fellow people. The more more fun part: no matter which way the shit is flung, you are all still just flinging shit. None of it matters, god or no god, NONE of it will fix the global issues which will destroy humanity. Want to talk about were those issues originally came from: imaginary devine entitlement passed down through generations of fools playing the telephone game. Evolutionarily, the believer's and the atheist's are all going to fall by the wayside; that's called entropy. So go ahead and fling shit at each other while the house burns down around you. In other words, get over your ego (which is what drives you to spiritual oasis) and your pathetic systems of control. Try being human first and thinking about the survival of the race, if one wipes away all the antagonism created by these debates over imaginary whims and wishes (or the lack thereof) one might be able to actually contribute to real human progress.
Treaty facts
Posted by Radioactiveboyscout on 2007-02-08 19:08:35
It might be interesting to readers to know that the United States Supreme court has upheld that treaties abrogate any federal or state statutes in conflict with them. This means that treaties exist right up there with the US Constitution. So the fact that the Treaty of Tripoli states matter-of-factly in no uncertain terms that the United States was not founded upon Christianity is just as good as the US Constitution saying it.
I applaud the atheists of this posting. Keep standing strong my atheist and freethinking brothers and sisters. We will one day see our wonderful nation restored to its original roots of separation of church and state. Keep up the good work by keeping the ad hominem attacks down and through educating the theists with facts about your beliefs in a friendly way. The best way to conquer those under the veil of religion is to help them think and not through anonymous confrontation. By being more upstanding than the religious peoples themselves we're sure to go further. Remember too that many of us have family that are religious. I care very much about my Catholic mother even though she is intolerant of others beliefs and lifestyles.

On a last note do me a favor the next time someone asks you how you can not believe in God. Respond by saying, "You gotta have feith. Feith is kinda like your faith but it involves scientific reasoning and deduction about the things we believe."
Posted by Josh Wilson on 2007-02-10 21:32:07
Looks like all of the comments are from farkers?

Anyway, the 3rd video was very well done as well as informative. Also, how the f' did Steven A Smith get to be a talking head about atheism? He was the only one that didn't look like a moran.
Posted by luca on 2007-02-12 16:06:39
is there any place where you can download these videos to a drive?
Posted by Pile on 2007-06-29 19:26:43
Just bookmark this page. We will keep this content up.


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