Yale Student's Video CV A Surprise Hit On Wall Street

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Only the best survive in Wall Street's cut-throat world of investment banking. Alpha males rule the pack and the competitive instinct is essential. A job application to UBS which appears to embrace this philosophy a little too enthusiastically has become a cult hit in the financial world. Purporting to be from a Yale student named Aleksey Vayner, the self-aggrandising document has zipped from bank to bank by e-mail.

See the video everyone is talking about where this guy takes self promotion a little too seriously. But for Aleksey Vayner, impossible is nothing.

Vayner's cover letter informs the bank's human resources department that he thrives in "intense, competitive environments" and trumpets his success in the fields of academia, charity and sports.

Getting into his stride, his letter continues: "As a world-level athlete in several sports, I have developed an insatiable appetite for peak performance and continuous learning. My trainer and world martial arts champion often said, 'Impossible is just someone’s opinion.'"
The letter is accompanied by a link to an online video in which Mr Vayner serves tennis balls at 140mph, lifts a 495-pound weight, and smashes six bricks with a karate chop.

Throughout the film, he expands on his philosophy of success, explaining: "If you're going to work, work. If you're going to train, train. If you're going to dance, then dance--but do it with passion!"

Mr Vayner's CV discloses that he is chief executive of a child empowerment organization (whose site isn't quite operational, but if you give them $50 you can get a t-shirt) and advises on investment through his own firm, Vayner Capital Management. He is also a champion rumba dancer, a member of Yale's ski team, and a part-time model.




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