Bush Suspends Environmental Regulations; Cites High Prices

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As if we're living in some kind of bizarro world, GW Bush today announced that he is suspending environmental regulations regarding air standards and pollution as some sort of means to address increasing fuel prices.

So now we get more pollution, and the claim is this will reduce gas prices? Anyone actually believe this??

DailyKOS says, "Is anyone else detecting a pattern here?

In the wake of Katrina, Bush suspends prevailing wage laws.

In the aftermath of 9/11, Bush basically suspends the Fourth Amendment and, at Gitmo, the right to a fair trial.

There is no tragedy, crisis or concern in this country that will go unmet by this administration ... with a boon to cronies or a bolstering of executive power."

President George W. Bush, in trouble over soaring gasoline prices, ordered a probe on Tuesday into any price gouging, called for an end to tax breaks for Big Oil and suspended oil deposits into the U.S. emergency stockpile.

As a short-term measure, Bush also gave the Environmental Protection Agency authority to suspend federal clean-burning gasoline rules this summer that are forcing consumers to buy expensive new gasoline blends.





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