"Vulva": Authentically Natural Vaginal Flavour

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It's what we all have, no doubt, been waiting for: a cologne with the real scent of a woman. Literally.

Yes, simply shake the vial to activate the scent, and put a little on the back of your hand. Or maybe your fingers. You are a man, right? Because if you're a woman, you really don't need the artificial stuff. You've got the real thing well within reach.

Made in Germany, this exciting new scent--well, new cologne, anyway--is available over the internet. Make sure to check the exchange rate before ordering, though; it's priced in Euros. The marketing is interesting, particularly their choice of the word "flavour" to translate the German word for "scent." Check it out:

VULVA Original beguiles the senses with the scent of a real vagina, thus opening up completely new vistas for enhancing your sex life. VULVA Original lets you enjoy the scent of a woman anytime you want. It's easy to use; shake the VULVA vial well, and the fluid is also transformed to optically resemble the object of every man's desire. Then apply it to the back of your hand and sniff. Your libido will take care of the rest all by itself. Extensive series of tests prior to product launch prove that the flavour is convincing. Test sniffers were just as excited about VULVA Original as the visitors to the 8th International Erotic Trade Fair Venus in Berlin.

From the FAQs:

Is it possible to swallow VO?
No! Do not swallow and keep away from children!

If that's not enough to give you the idea, their web address translates to "smell me and...."

Where to buy (warning, this site is NOT safe for work!)


Healthy smells good
Posted by The Nose Knows on 2006-07-07 15:33:40
Smart women understand that unmodified (no deodorant or douche) _healthy_ vagina/vulva scent is a big aphrodisiac. Overuse of douches is what screws up the internal health, ends up smelling/tasting bad. Feminine deodorant is just a way to cover up poor internal health.
Another Idea
Posted by joshr987 on 2006-12-16 03:33:34
Why not capture the smell of the feet, pack them into little bottles and sell them for feet-fetish people.
Posted by The Snazolla on 2008-09-07 20:45:08
The beauty of it all. What great imagination!!!! The thought of it brings a smile to my face. My hair folicles in my snaze are reaching out on their tippy toes wanting some.There is a God......


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