Karl Rove Outed As Treasonous Exposer of CIA Agent?

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In another Friday-news-dump-to-keep-it-from-going big, Time Magazine is turning over documents supposedly exposing Bush's brain and PR mastermind, Karl Rove as the person who leaked the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame to reporters Robert Novak, Judith Miller and Matt Cooper.

It will be interesting to see if Karl Rove is punished for this overtly illegal and treasonous activity.

After Joseph Wilson dbunked the administration's claim that enriched uranium was sold to Iraq through Niger, wilson's wife, Valeri Plame, was outed by Bob Novak as a covert CIA operative. The identity of the source, (originally it was Time reporter Cooper who got the scoop) was not known.

After the Supreme Court decision this week refusing to take the journalistic immunity case, Time said it would reveal Cooper's notes. If Rove is the person who leaked this, it would amount to treason and perjury, since he claimed under oath it wasn't him.

The Plame Affair began back in July, when columnist Robert Novak incidentally noted that Wilson's wife Valerie Plame was a CIA agent, not the private energy consultant she pretended to be. Wilson went ballistic, claiming that an official in the Bush White House was behind the revelation that she is an undercover CIA agent and had possibly put her life and the lives of her foreign contacts at risk. It has happened in the past. CIA Athens station chief Richard Welch was killed by Greek terrorists in 1975 after former CIA agent Philip Agee revealed that Welch worked for the agency. Subsequent to Welch's murder, it was made illegal to knowingly reveal the identity of an under cover CIA agent.

The law is in the form of the Intelligence Identity Protection Act of 1982:




Sec. 421. Protection of identities of certain United States undercover intelligence officers, agents, informants, and sources

(a) Disclosure of information by persons having or having had access to classified information that identifies covert agent Whoever, having or having had authorized access to classified information that identifies a covert agent, intentionally discloses any information identifying such covert agent to any individual not authorized to receive classified information, knowing that the information disclosed so identifies such covert agent and that the United States is taking affirmative measures to conceal such covert agent's intelligence relationship to the United States, shall be fined not more than $50,000 or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.



Posted by compiled on 2005-07-02 11:12:22
To clarify why it is Treasonous: Plame was a NOC--Non-Official-Cover agent...kind of like in the beginning of each episode of Mission: Impossible, where they tell Jim that, as always, if he or any member of his team is captured or killed, the US disavows any knowledge of them. By outing her, the administration effectively killed an ongoing operation in which she worked for a front corporation, and subsequently put anyone who did "business" with her in danger. The sequence for this was simple: Her husband, Joseph Wilson, was an ex-ambassador who was sent to Africa by Cheney's office to check on (and provide verification of) British Intelligence reports that Saddam Hussein was trying to buy yellowcake as part of a nuclear weapons program. Now, many reports state that she recommended her husband for the job, but so what? Those who bring that up are just trying to get away from the real issue, which was this: Wilson came back and made his report, but it stated that the rumours of Iraq trying to buy yellowcake were bogus; however, Bush made the infamous "16 word" statement in the State of the Union address alleging that the story was true. Consequently, Wilson wrote an Op-Ed piece in one of the papers (the NY Times, I believe) that gave the true version of what he found out. Because of the need for public backing of the upcoming war, [begin speculation]The White House needed to discredit Wilson's Op-Ed, so an in-depth investigation is done on him and VOILA, they realize his wife is a NOC whose specialty is WMD.[/end speculation] they outed her not only to discredit him by saying that she lobbied to have him sent to Africa, but to teach a lesson to others that nobody was to come down on the opposite side of the administration on any issue.
How far up does it go?
Posted by compiled from fark comments on 2005-07-02 11:38:32
The big question no one is asking is who told Rove? Names of undercover CIA agents just aren't common knowledge.
So someone leaked from one of the intelligence divisions.
The rumor is it came from someone in the Energy dept.

Here's the angle everyone is missing. It's the tie-in to the Downing street memos and all the other evidence we have against Bushco wanting Iraq from the get-go and using 9-11 and manipulated intelligence to do it.

Plame was a part of the CIA who knew Saddam was no threat. She was "on the other side" as far as Bushco was concerned.
They created the "Office of Special Plans" within the pentagon to stovepipe bad intel up to the top. They used unconfirmed infor from drunken ,criminal Iraqi exiles. While
trying to get something for nothing out of some forged Niger documents. They got caught. That wasn't enough. The president went on the air with his state of the union and used this already disproven "evidence" even though he knew it was a lie.
Wilson blew the whistle on him. and a political hit was made. Plame's cover was blown making her and the peoplle she worked with vulnerable. This should not just stop at Rove. This needs to be part of a case to impeach Bush for lying to the American people and falsifying evidence to start a war.
This is treason people. In every sense of the word. The Iraq war is based on lies.


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