"Free iPod" Advertising Campaigns

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If you've been surfing around the net, you've probably seen those annoying "click here to win a free iPod" banner ads. It's basically a Ponzi-esque marketing scheme that people fall for. An enterprising site called iMockery.com has put together a very funny collection of new ads for these schemes.



sick ad
Posted by angelwings on 2005-09-14 06:09:24
With the suicides n the world today I fail to c the humor.There needs to be huor in the world thats for sure humor is suposed to make people feel better and help them through bad situations.Help them heal other things.But,now humor is just sick.Not funny at all.Only to those who r so desenatized by other things like drugs and alcohol,or violence, that they have to have this kind of humor to feel anything at all anymore.
And where does it end, When does it get disrespectful enuff to people that someone says enuff. Or does anyone not have the right anymore to say thats disrespectful.
In this world where no one has respect for anybody or anything anymore.
I have no rspect for angelwings
Posted by Puppadupe on 2006-09-14 14:16:00
No respect whatsoever you cockledoo.


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