At Least Senator Vitter Picked An Honest Hooker

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For a hooker, Wendy Yow Ellis (her middle name is actually 'Yow'), does not like her integrity to be impugned. When Senator David Vitter called her a liar for alleging that they had a four month-long sexual affair the year he took Congressional office, she took some offense and was looking for a way to clear her name. Fortunately Larry Flynt, the wheeled rooter-out of both unclothed women AND hypocrisy, was happy to assist.

Larry Flynt flew Ms. Ellis out to California so she could be given a polygraph test by the past president of the American Polygraph Association, Mr. Edward Gelb. It turns out Ms. Ellis was telling the truth about sexing up the senator and it was Sen. Vitter who was telling lies (a venal sin, surely not one of the "serious sins" he admitted to committing in past press conferences). Vitter, who pushed hard this year for the reauthorization of the Abstinence Education Program, could use a little abstinence education of his own. Ms. Ellis and the naughty Senator had sex for $300 a pop in a French Quarter apartment for four months in 1999. The year before, when David Vitter was a mere State Representative, he blasted then President Clinton over the Lewinsky affair, saying that if no "meaningful action" were to be taken against Clinton, "his leadership will only further drain any sense of values left to our political culture." It would seem the Senator has actually been guilty of doing some draining of his own.




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