Atheists In Small Towns.. At What Price?

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What happens when an atheist family moves into a small Oklahoma town? Check out this video segment.


intrigue and atheism
Posted by Torrens on 2007-07-10 12:35:54
true enough as i was verbally disowned by my sibling for having a lack of belief in any faith. namely god n the whole jesus thing.

i periodically have to defend my lack of belief to people who were brainwashed or trained from, quite literally, birth to believe in the fiction of faith. the debate is always moot and typically leaves the other individual mystified as to why i would want to go to hell. thats the extent of their ignorance. pretty amazing.

i suppose i could use the adage "try to put yourself in the others shoes". as i have already been in those shoes and logically thought my way out of them, it would be nice if the nazi's of faith would try the same.

Posted by Pile on 2007-07-10 14:07:03
The thing people don't point out is that typical non-believers aren't running around trying to de-convert others. This girl certainly wasn't. She just didn't want to participate in those goofy rituals that she didn't believe in. But even if she wanted to promote her non-belief, doing so would doubtfully be as invasive as the way christianity imposes itself among young people in small communities like this.
Right to an opinion
Posted by TEd on 2007-07-17 12:12:17
Belief is a matter of Philosophy and she has an opinion of whether to believe this way or not. It is her right and a priveledge for living in the USA. We have to support her right to believe or not as she sees fit, without pregidice.
link down
Posted by Werewere on 2007-08-19 23:30:41
can someone get a new link, like in a comment because the vid is mnot availible


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