Pelosi Responds To Presidential Veto Of Troop Funding Bill

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After Congress had the audacity to suggest to the President that he didn't have a blank check in Iraq and must "support the troops" by something other than making them targets, Bush vetoes the spending/withdrawal bill. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi speaks before Congress and gives quite a poignant outline of what's going on.. check out the video.


It is About time....
Posted by Lisa Leeds on 2007-05-05 08:32:55
This war in Iraq is all over money and Oil and it is about time that someone stood up and said no more and Speaker Nancy Pelosi said just that and I am also tired of the killing and our troops dieing when does it end it need to end now.. They need to tell BUSH pull the troops out now .... But they will not do that.... There more pressing things to spend the US tax dollars on....

Lisa Leeds


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