Did We Say Cell Phones Are Safe? Do They Cause Cancer?

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In the on-again, off-again debate over whether or not having a high power radio transmitter constantly near your head may cause brain tumors, the current status is ON-AGAIN.

A new Swedish study may have found a link between long-term, heavy cell phone use and the risk of brain tumors.

A new study from the Swedish National Institute for Working Life published in the International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health examined mobile phone user among 2,200 cancer patients between 20 and 80 years of age, and an identical number of control cases. Among the cancer patients, 905 were diagnosed with malignant brain tumors, and about a tenth of those patients were heavy mobile phone users. "Heavy" mobile phone use was defined as 2,000 or more hours of mobile phone use, which the study says approximates using a mobile phone for an hour a day for ten years.

The study also found an increase in cancer risk on the side of the head where the telephone was typically used: according the Kjell Mild, the research leader, the results indicate heavy phone users have a 240 percent increased risk of a malignant brain tumor on the side the head where they most often use their phone.

The Swedish study is the largest to date to study the long-term effects of mobile phones on the incidence of cancer. Mobile phones first went to market in Sweden in 1984, earlier than many other countries, so the population of heavy mobile phone users is proportionately larger than many other nations.


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