"Bug" Turns Out To Be Back Door Found In All Versions of Windows

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Renown computer programmer and hacker, Steve Gibson has been analyzing the latest vulnerability for the Windows operating systems and has discovered that what appears to be a "bug" may actually be a secret back-door that someone at Microsoft built into all versions of Windows (for possibly more than a decade) that circumvents almost all known security and antivirus systems. Of course, now that the secret back door is public, it's being called a bug, but Gibson explains this is not the case, and it blows the lid off of the Pandora's Box on Microsoft operating systems, security and privacy.

Details and radio show interview


Posted by Pile on 2006-01-16 15:46:43
Microsoft response:

However, I and others are not convinced that this explanation suffices, and if you hear Gibson's radio show, you know that what Microsoft calls a "critical" vulnerability in no way means that the issue is NOT CRITICAL for Windows 98 users, and they have arbitrarily decided to leave this back door in, even though it is most definitely exploitable.
ahh not really
Posted by Steve on 2006-01-22 23:12:08
You would have to view a picture in order to be vulnerable plus win 98 and nt arent affected. If windows wanted a back door with more reliablity windows update would be the best way. Not only that the goverment already has a back door for windows its called sand storm the FBI developed it is supposed to be very good.
Posted by RantMaster on 2006-01-23 01:57:42
Actually, Win98 and NT are vulnerable. But since it does not seem to be as easy to quickly infect those machines without operator intervention, or at least a way hasn't been discovered yet, and Microsoft isn't particularly interested in providing any more support for older operating systems, they're going to let things slide.

This is fine and dandy if someone can come up with a replacement OS for older machines that are still good, but can't run Windows because it's too buggy.


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